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Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – “The reunion at hand may bring joy. It may bring fear. But let us embrace whatever it brings”

That’s a sentence from the first trailer of Final Fantasy VII Remake. It is understandable that this is Sephiroth’s words about Reunion, but it could also be the words of… Square Enix Tell fans that: Final Fantasy VII Remake can bring happiness or fear.

Indeed, after Final Fantasy VII Remake In the ending, despite being praised wholeheartedly and achieving high scores, many people are still quite confused with the new directions in gameplay and storyline.

The writer himself, too, is happy that Final Fantasy VII finally remade in a decent way, while feeling… fear of the possibilities that will come. Maybe Square Enix will ruin Final Fantasy VII by some kind of granny stew in later sections? If the game loses all “game”, but is just a long movie and maybe, there is an ending… Bad compared to the original?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Is it fun or will be the fear of fans after 4 years of waiting since Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Let’s MarkGame learn the game through the following review.


The Unknown Journey Continues

“The Unknown Journey Continues…”

– Final Fantasy VII Remake

Those are the last inscriptions of Final Fantasy VII Remake. If you’ve played through this part — and really you should—before you dive in— Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – in the end, Cloud and his gang defeat the keeper of fate, and somehow miraculously, we see Zack alive and guide Cloud to a completely different Midgar.

Finish Final Fantasy VII Remake, the writer, and surely many other readers, will wonder what the hell is going on? How did it turn out like this? Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It’s the answer, it’s the next piece of the new story, but this game also raises more new questions than it answers.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Start right at the time of publication Remake finishing, following Cloud and his gang as they escape from Midgar and prepare to make their way to Kalm, a small town near Midgar. Throughout Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, for those who have played Final Fantasy VII, they will meet familiar characters, familiar places, and the plot at first glance seems to follow very closely Final Fantasy VII... until events happen, and everything is turned upside down!!

Indeed, the writer desperately wants to describe the plot to readers, but to keep the level of “spoiler” to a minimum, the writer will only summarize that: even if you are walking on familiar roads, witnessing the “heart” storylines, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Include a few scenes that seem to shatter your understanding of your world. Final Fantasy VII, and makes it impossible to leave the screen, longing to see the next scene.

At first glance, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Sticking pretty closely to the original storyline, but at the same time, the game insists this is not a one-to-one copy remake, but full of unexpected “steering wheels”, opening up completely new possibilities.

When Remake In fact, many people have complained that there are too many unnecessarily stretched plots, given the fact that Midgar in Final Fantasy VII The root lasts only a few hours. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth There are no such problems (although there are other problems that the writer will discuss later), with an even-handed, concise pace, without absurd stretches, “buying time”, and can make the writer sit for hours watching the storyline nonstop.

Not only that, thanks to the state-of-the-art graphics, the classic scenes of Final Fantasy VII has been reproduced in the second version perfectly, and still causes chaotic emotions in the hearts of players as ever.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Sticking pretty closely to the original storyline, but at the same time, the game insists this isn’t the case.Ah a one-to-one copy remake, which is full of unexpected “steering wheels”, opening up entirely new possibilities

One aspect that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Did a great job, which was the development of character routes. Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barrett, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Cid, each person’s personality is sharply embellished in this remake, and the interaction between our team is very natural.

Even little Yuffie, who was only an “optional” character in the original, became full of personality and depicted in detail. Almost every chapter has new moments between the characters to emphasize the personalities and relationships between the characters, making the cast more vivid and soulful than ever.

Thanks to that, during his more than 80 hours of playtime, the writer many times laughed at the extremely funny moments of the characters, and also many times hurt because of the unexpected and heavy developments of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

In short, the appeal of the storyline Final Fantasy VII Rebirth guaranteed to satisfy both new players and veteran players who have played Final Fantasy VII – anyway Final Fantasy VII The original has a classic storyline in the game industry already.

Of course, the writer must insist on “charisma”, since in fact there will inevitably be many people who are dissatisfied with the directions that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is aiming. The writer sees this new direction as not bad, and now he is looking forward to the end of this reprinted trilogy more than ever.

An enchanting vast world!

27 years ago, Square Enix, then Squaresoft, didn’t have much technology. There was no Unreal Engine, no super-powerful computer, no 4K display, but they made a revolutionary game by turning 2D characters into 3D.

When we look back at the Cloud Strife of 27 years ago with modern eyes, we may laugh at the angular shapes, but I remember when I first got my hands Final Fantasy VII nearly 20 years ago, the writer’s brain automatically “filled in the blanks,” imagining a Cloud Strife guy from a rough draft on screen, imagining action sequences like realistic footage, even though they were all rough polygonal blocks.

The writer remembers forever when Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced at E3 2015, there was a reaction video by the GameTrailers channel that impressed global gamers. In the video, journalist Kyle Bosman, upon seeing the first images of Midgar, exclaims: “These crazy people! Midgar looks exactly like this!” and climbed into his chair like an excited child — and that’s the mood of the writer, and certainly of generations that have played Final Fantasy VII.

And what is more wonderful when those childhood images have been thoroughly and honestly realized in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth – Each scene, each city, small town, every detail in the plot is recreated as from the fragile imagination of each player.

Kalm – small, peaceful town but full of life.

Junon – the city with the magnificent gun.

Costa del Sol – seaside resort.

Nibelheim – with the heartfelt waterfall of Tifa and Cloud.

Even Chocobo Farm is reproduced vividly, in detail and beautifully, all of which cannot help but make the writer “oh” excited every time he visits a place deep in memory.

Not just cities, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also expands the lands on each region – making the game “almost” an open-world game. In the past, with limited technology, when moving from one city to another, players could only walk on the tasteless flat green grass, occasionally encountering some monsters that beat a few times for fun.

Now, each region of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Each has its own ecosystem, full of locations, activities, side quests that players can do, and exploring these lands can take dozens of hours of gameplay. More specifically, players can search for information towers scattered everywhere, protorelic treasure hunts, lifestream wells, special monsters, Moogle’s mushroom house, even … catch Chocobo, etc.

Soaring mountains, amazing caves, majestic waterfalls are allReproduced in a majestic and beautiful way, evoking a joy of discovery, playfulness, and visit of each player.

each region of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Each has its own ecosystem, full of locations, activities, side quests that players can do, and exploring these lands can take dozens of hours of gameplay

The writer remembered for… 9 hours of wandering around the Nibelheim region just to discover the weird exclamation points on the map before continuing the plot, just because flying Chocobo rides are already incredibly addictive!

The cities of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also full of fascinating side quests. These missions are relatively diverse in both storyline and gameplay, but most importantly, these missions will give us a deeper understanding of the inner cast of characters Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

All in all, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Bringing us fully reproduced childhood places, along with a large, lively world, full of activities for us to freely explore and immerse.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has the same basic combat mechanism as Final Fantasy VII Remake. Players control the character in real time, dodging attacks and attacks to fill the ATB bar. Players can then use this ATB bar to perform specific actions.

These actions can be skills that come with weapons, or magic, or use items, etc.

As well as Final Fantasy VII Remake, although obviously real-time action combat, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gives us a very clear tactical feel. When to use items? When to use Infinity’s End? When must Assess? When can I dodge a blow? What are the weaknesses of the opponent?

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth also brings many exciting new innovations such as the Synergy Ability system and Synergy Skill, both “unlocked” through Folio, a system that looks like the Sphere Grid’s Final Fantasy X.

Synergy Skills are skills that combine when players defend, if timed correctly, can fill ATB bars quickly. Then, when the player performs actions using ATB, it increases Synergy Ability points by one, and when two characters have enough Synergy Ability points can combine to “discharge” a slapping attack on the enemy.

Synergy Abilities not only deal damage, but they make combat more variable and diverse. For example, United Refocus will cause two characters to redivide the ATB bar, the length remains the same but cuts into three segments, making it possible to perform more action. Meanwhile, Firework Blade (Cloud and Aerith’s synergy) gives their Limit Break an extra level of power.

With the enhancement of playable characters from 4 to 7 people, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Bringing a huge transformation to each battle, helping players freely customize the team, folio, materia accordingly. Combined with high tactical elements, making the combat of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth becomes extremely engaging and engaging – and also relatively challenging.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Bringing a huge transformation to each battle, helping players freely customize the team, folio, materia suitable

Worth mentioning, for those who have experienced it Final Fantasy VII root Final Fantasy VII Rebirth does a great job of translating old mechanisms into new ones. For example, Terror of the Deep, a water monster in Junon, in the original also has the skill of “trapping” the character into water balloons that requires the player to break water balloons with magic.

Although it may be trivial, these details make veteran fans of Final Fantasy VII as the writer must be admiring!

“Overwhelmed” with the minigame!

When it launched last year, one of the biggest complaints about Final Fantasy XVI is the absence of minigames. It would be quite sad if Final Fantasy VII Rebirth According to this “trend”, because Final Fantasy VII The original had so many minigames that many people thought that the game cost 3 discs because… minigames.

Thankfully, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Better than that, even the writer feels… too much! The familiar minigames associated with the plot are fully recreated with modern and modern mechanics: the parade in Junon, the tracks in Mount Corel, etc. almost every protorelic is associated with a certain minigame, and – the most glorious place, the capital of the minigame – Gold Saucer, is also “reborn” in the most complete way.

Indeed, the writer felt overwhelmed when he set foot in Gold Saucer in Final Fantasy VII Originally, and felt even more overwhelmed when he set foot in this “no night” amusement park in the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. All the best minigames of Final Fantasy VII all gathered: Chocobo racing, racing, Battle Square … and more. The Ferris date scene also makes up — and you certainly don’t want to miss it with the girl you’re interested in (or Red XIII, in which case… Your taste sucks!)

In fact, not all minigames are good (Fort Condor! – NV) or any plot piece stuffed into minigames is as good (like the one where you hold Cait Sith), but this massive amount of minigames will please many gamers and sweep away hours of your gaming without your knowledge.

Through a huge amount of minigames alone, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has established himself as the worthy heir of Final Fantasy VII

And finally, you must remember the word “Triple Triad” Final Fantasy VIII certainly? Forget “Triple Triad,” “Queen’s Blood.” Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Now will be the future of card minigames Final Fantasy!! Indeed, playing “Queen’s Blood” is so engrossing that the first thing the writer does when he arrives in new cities is to hunt down the “players” for new cards.

The rules of “Queen’s Blood” are quite simple: players face each other on a 5×3 board, alternately placing cards in these boxes. However, each card has a requirement for “rank”, the cell must be enough “rank” to place the card.

Each card has a different number of points and effects, which can be increasing the rank of adjacent tiles, possibly destroying an opponent card. When two players cannot place any more cards, the score will be calculated on 3 lanes, if the side with the higher score on 1 lane will take the full score of that lane, the total of 3 lanes on the higher side will win.

At first, the game is quite simple, but later when cards with extremely “monster” effects are introduced, the battles become much more fierce, and players can completely form their own gameplay through cards.

For example, the writer originally devised the “power mid” tactic, that is, attacking the middle lane quickly, not giving the enemy space to deploy troops through cards capable of expanding the 3-direction area. However, later the game introduced the mechanism of “crushing” cards, some cards can be directly pressed on other cards, not the area anymore, so the “power mid” strategy failed miserably, the writer had to change to a new strategy.

Honestly, Square Enix should make a game Queen’s Blood Independent as Gwent (CD Projekt RED), which will definitely outsell the “cursed” game Forspoken.

In short, through the “huge” amount of minigames alone, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has established himself as the worthy heir of Final Fantasy VII.

“No Promises To Keep”

🎵 I won’t say that it was fate! I won’t say that it was destiny! 🎵

– Aerith Gainsborough

It’s hard to talk about one Final Fantasy without mentioning the music, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, in short, does not disappoint!

The legendary music of composer Nobuo Uematsu returns, with new sounds, accompanied by brand new music quite diverse, from J-pop, to melodic symphonies.

The writer notices that there is even specific music for side quests, such as dog walking missions, there is music… beard, and the quest to turn into a frog will have music… blistering, bringing extremely refreshing moments.

It’s hard to talk about a Final Fantasy without refers to the music, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, in short, does not disappoint!

Another innovation in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Battle music on open lands is “dynamic”, meaning that the music in the battle state will resemble the music when not in combat, just “cooler”. This creates a sense of fluidity and smoothness when exploring the world, instead of having to listen to “atrophy atrophy” every 10 seconds, which is easy to cause boredom and interruption.

And like most games Final Fantasy different Final Fantasy VII Rebirth There is also a song “Township” – No Promises To Keep – a song that expresses all the essence of Nobuo Uematsu, evoking abundant emotions in the hearts of each player.

In addition, the quality of voice acting (Japanese) is also relatively good, expressing the character’s emotions clearly.


A few image issues

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth There are two modes: Performance mode, which is aimed at a 60 FPS experience, and Graphics mode, which is aimed at a 4K 30 FPS experience. The writer uses a 2K screen to evaluate, and selects Performance mode to experience the game at 60 FPS.

The game is still very beautiful, but the graphics quality has decreased significantly, with many very blurry object ridges, and especially when climbing to the top of the mountain and looking away, everything is like going through a blur filter of the photo glass.

There are very clear low-quality ridges that “hit” players in the face when passing through crowded areas like Kalm, which can offend many players. At least the game keeps a very stable 60 FPS, making combat very good!

When the writer switches to Graphics mode to experience, perhaps due to unfamiliarity or small screen, the game feels very jerky, slow, and a bit difficult to play. For those who fancy fast action and speed without a 4K monitor, perhaps Performance mode is best suited.

In terms of lighting, in general, the game is quite good quality, but in some places it is quite strange and … scary, especially in places with light coming from above, or dimly lit places like mines or caves. These passages do not appear too much, but may cause discomfort for many people.

In terms of lighting, in general, the game is quite good quality, but in some places it is quite strange and … scary, especially in places with light coming from above, or places with low light

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