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Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother – In the past 10 years, the phrase “Rogue-like” must no longer be strange to the majority of gamers in the world.

In essence, “Rogue-like” is not a “game genre” (genre), but more precisely, it is an innovative and creative game design style. While traditional games usually have a clear character development route, a coherent storyline, everything is carefully designed and arranged – then Rogue-like does it almost… 180 degrees in reverse, when All elements in games of this type (especially level design) are highly random.

Rogue-likes often emphasize aspects of enhancing the player's experience with each replay. It could be the same character but with a different skill build, a different level layout, or a different choice from the previous play – the experience and outcome could be completely different.

Rogue-likes can be incorporated into many different game genres and surprisingly often with very positive results. For example, the form of turn-based deck building we have Slay the Spireslashing action is there Hand of Fatethe strategy on the box is there Days of Doomor action role-playing, yes Hades.

Mentioned Hades It's almost impossible to ignore flashy compliments like “fast-paced action game”, “diverse combat system”, “highly challenging but not boring”… That's why there are many Other game companies want to follow this success, whether they are European, Japanese game companies or even “Chinese magicians” who are already famous for their amazing “clone-jutsu” skills.

Comes from the company Unstable Games, Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother is a specific example where just at first glance we can clearly see his appearance Hades in that, although the game tries to do things differently in many aspects. However, myself Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother also possesses many very interesting differences, showing a certain investment by the company, not necessarily “copying with your brain off”.

Then Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother What's good, similar and different? Hades at what point? We invite readers to join MarkGame to find out through the following review.

(**) The writer actively translated some character names and concepts into Sino-Vietnamese for ease of understanding and association.


Plot – interesting background!

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother takes the setting and plot from the television series Bao Lien Dang quite popular in Vietnam in the 2000s. The plot revolves around Tram Huong, the son of Long Nu and a mortal – this is inherently taboo in Heaven, so even if he doesn't want to, Long Nu's brother is Nhi. Lang Than Duong Tien still has to imprison his sister on the top of Hoa Son.

Slightly different from the original plot, in Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Agarwood was rescued by the Eight Immortals, and then accepted as a disciple by Sun Wukong (now the Great Saint Dou Chien Thang Buddha). Cultivating under the guidance of a top demon, when she grew up, Tram Huong had enough strength and the intention to rescue her mother.

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother

With the treasure Bao Lien Dang in hand, Tram Huong went through an arduous journey when having to face the obstacles of both the demons and the Heavenly Court. Still slightly different from the original, in Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Tram Huong received a lot of support from the Eight Immortals such as Ha Tien Co, Lu Dong Tan…

With a familiar plot, Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother cleverly added many new “spices”, and also diligently dubbed (Chinese) into most of the conversations in the game, making it easy for players to perceive the unique context of the game.a Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother.

Similar to Hadesright from the beginning, players clearly understand the journey and outcome Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother – the difference is just how to get from A to B, and what encounters will appear along the way.

With a familiar plot, Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother has cleverly added many new “spices”.

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother

Experience quality Rogue-like!

Similar to HadesTram Huong's journey in Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Always start from Sun Wukong's palace and go through a series of levels with different contexts such as the edge of the forest, the demon palace, the thousand-island lake, the heavenly world…

However, due to Rogue-like characteristics, each time you play again, the layout of the levels will be slightly different – and the main thing is still choosing what the “next room” will contain. That could be a secret to enhancing the type of martial arts Tram Huong is using, adding new magic weapons, or adding elemental properties to attacks…

At the beginning of each turn, the player can choose to use a martial art that will follow throughout that turn. Initially, Tram Huong could only choose Van Kiem Quy Tong with a melee hack and slash style of play (with dozens of swords flying around) or Aquarius An with a long-range combat style that controlled magic balls. Later, players will be able to unlock many new types of martial arts, diversify their experience and choose the most suitable fighting style for themselves.

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother

Because of such high randomness and diversity, almost every time you play with a player again it is a new experience.

In addition to martial arts, Tram Huong can also choose to carry a type of magic weapon from a fairly long list. Magic weapons not only provide useful passives (reduce cooldown time, increase damage…), but can also activate special functions (deal damage, increase speed…), so which magic weapon should you choose? Matching the martial arts form is also a knowledge that must be cultivated.

Because of such high randomness and diversity, almost every time a player plays again is a new experience. In addition to the temporary resources that will be lost when “GAME OVER”, Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother There are also fixed resources that can be brought back. They are mainly gems or auras used to upgrade permanent supplements (increase stats, reduce damage taken…) in Bao Lien Dang, or unlock new magical weapons and martial arts.

Attractive fighting pace!

Similar to Hades, Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Also try to condense your control into normal attacks (left mouse), use the special move of the martial art you are choosing (right mouse), activate magical weapons (1, 2, 3, 4) and surf (Spacebar).

Depending on the type of martial arts you choose, whether it's ranged combat or close combat, whether the speed is fast or slow, whether you have to “spam the mouse” or aim carefully… the player Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother must adapt accordingly. Although the difficulty level is Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother not as high Hades Due to the lack of environmental damage such as lava seas or traps, it is clear that the game is still not for lazy gamers with slow reflexes.

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Emphasizes its heroic element by using many eye-catching combat effects, such as each slash creating a sword of air that flies and attacks the enemy. When the number of swords reaches a certain density, the player can “bend the swords” and control them to focus on flying at a designated enemy, or scatter in all directions very beautifully.

The enemy within Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother is also quite diverse, from monsters that are slow and clumsy but hurt every time you punch them, to agile little monsters that run and throw extremely annoying bombs. Bosses like Demon Rabbit or Tiger King are also very carefully designed, both suitable for the characteristics of that type of monster, while also creating many challenges that make players have to focus on learning their attack methods. .

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother emphasizes its element of fighting by using many eye-catching combat effects


Difficulty level is not high

Although it sounds a bit “wrong”, the difficulty level is average Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother It's really not that high. A “hard-hitting” player can easily pass the first stage (Yeu Tho) in just one play – this may not sound like a big deal, but considering the inherent characteristics of the Rogue-like format: designed to make players have to lose at least three times to pass the first stage; then this is not good at all.

The enemy within Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother Although diverse, it generally only revolves around two types of ranged combat and close combat. They also don't have many significant tricks, so just need to pay attention to avoiding the first attack and the player can leisurely “weed” the whole group without having to take a single attack.

The lack of traps or dangerous environments, as well as the rather empty structure of the level, are also factors that make the game difficult. Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother decline. Players almost always have a lot of space to move and dodge – this makes ranged martial arts especially effective when players always have a safe distance and can freely “release moves” without thinking. think.

Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother There aren't many “increase difficulty, increase reward” challenges as in Hades. This makes choosing the next room not very important, because players almost never have to regret choosing the wrong path.

The lack of traps or dangerous environments, as well as the rather empty structure of the level, are also factors that make the game difficult. Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother decline

Lots of annoying grit!

An eternal problem with games made by Chinese companies is that when translating into English, they almost never re-adjust the layout and framing. Because the size of Chinese characters is often very small, sometimes a very short sentence of theirs when translated into Alphabet format becomes 2 or 3 times longer.

This is shown very clearly in Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother, especially in frames that display the names of objects or skills. Bao Lien Dang in Chinese characters only has three square characters, but translated into English as Lotus Lantern, the size will double. This causes text to overflow out of the frame or conversations that do not display all the text as “everyday”. Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother.

Graphics in Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother is also a bit “out of phase”, while the 2D parts such as character images are very elaborate and meticulous (the female characters are especially “mlem”), the 3D part, especially the game screen and buildings, are not. … strangely primitive and poor. In many places, the pillars or boulders look like they just “threw” a basic block straight into the curtain without bothering to attach any surface texture or detailed carving.

In addition, the environment and scenery are clear Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother It's also quite boring, when all around are peach gardens, waterfalls, lakes, mountain caves… with a lot of reuse density.

It can be said that they are mostly only valuable for building levels and paths, but absolutely no one cares about recreating the scene or designing an aesthetically pleasing or artistic landscape.

environment and interior scenery Lotus Lantern: Rescue Mother It's also quite boring, when all around are peach gardens, waterfalls, lakes, mountain caves… with a lot of reuse density.

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