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The Dark Queen Syndra in League of Legends shows off her beauty

Syndra is this sexy and sexy do you like the eyes? In League of Legends, Syndra can be considered one of the mid-lane mages with the most overwhelming and fearsome powers. Below is a beautiful cosplay of female champion Syndra performed by female coser 草莓 焦糖 _. The set of...

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The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay

Bring in your bloodstream category warship shot, but Azur Lane to build character path towards anime beautiful and HMS Illustrious (μ) is 1 sister should ask in the title game this. Azur Lane is considered to be a mobile game that brings a new wind to the gaming village...

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Female coser become the “guilty princess” in Genshin Impact

Title Game World opens Genshin Impact owns a character extremely worthy love design style ” moe kawaii ” of Japan, has been asked for by the vast majority of game players and those cosplayers. Launched last month 9/2020, Genshin Impact quickly earned many successes brilliant. With more than 20 million...

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Cosplay Hane Ame “burned” the eyes of viewers as she transformed into a beauty in Azur Lane

Hane Ame has long been famous in the cosplay world for her charming photo shoots. Azur Lane is a Japanese mobile game with content revolving around … beautiful female characters. Sea battle game Azur Lane offers a different character development system, each warship will have 5 equipment styles, players can...

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The evil girl wore a maid outfit in My Hero Academia

In My Hero Academia, Himiko Toga wears a Japanese schoolgirl uniform with a large sweater covering most of her skirt so I don’t think she’s that hot! Academy superhero ( My Hero Academia ) is a superhero manga Japanese is written and illustrated by Horikoshi Kōhei and has been adapted...

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