Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Game Review


Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – It can be seen that the attraction of superhero cinematic universes on the big screen has recently been decreasing.

Since the “hit” of the film Avengers: Endgame word In 2019, a series of “bombs” came from all three big guys Marvel, DC and Sony, which in turn brought in disastrous revenue at the box office and many negative comments on social networks, to mention some typical names such as Morbius, The Marvels or Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

Even at the time of this writing, the title of the film Madame Web Just released in Vietnam, it is also labeled by film enthusiasts: “superhero movie … worst of all time.”

In other aspects, games exploiting this topic also have an equally long fate with many “calamities” constantly coming in a short time. In addition to the guy “Spider Point” in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 As for maintaining the performance, publications about other popular superhero teams such as Marvel’s Avengers or Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy all failed “te tua” to the point of having to… closure (the case of Marvel’s Avengers).

At this time, fans are really looking forward to the “lifesaving hand” of the development company Rocksteady Studios, the father of the once illustrious “monument” game series Batman: Arkham with their next production of the “Suicide Squad” entitled Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Of course, this is no small challenge when the parent company Warner Bros. Games of this company has also just stuck the “seal” of 2022 with “sledgebomb” Gotham Knights and himself Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League period also… “Bad omen” when just announcing the first gameplay trailer, it received a “hail of bricks” from the online community and had to… moved the long-term release date for “overhaul”.

So let’s MarkGame follow the four members of Task Force X to see if they really have “superpowers” to dispel all doubts, revive fans’ faith in Warner Bros. Games in particular and the superhero game series in general.


“Sassy” Squad

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League set in the city of Metropolis devastated by an alien invasion led by the boss Brainiac. At this time, except for the female warrior Wonder Woman, all the superheroes in the Justice League are brainwashed, subdued by Brainiac and become effective henchmen for him.

In a critical moment, A.R.G.U.S. head of government organization A.R.G.U.S. has made an unprecedented decision: to release four villains imprisoned in Arkham prison, assembled into a detachment called Task Force X to rekindle a ray of hope for humanity’s rescue.

The four names that Amanda “chose to send gold” are Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Boomerang and King Shark, “eccentric” supervillains with forte, personality and ability. Getting along now suddenly plays the hero and is on the same page!

This seemingly “out of phase” bond is the spice that creates attraction and highlight throughout the course of the game, with the climax being the tough confrontation sequences between Task Force X and Justice League.

Although the script is full of parody, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Still scoring points from the top quality of acting (animation) and voice action, from charisma, expression to mouth, each character is cared for, reproduced in the most natural and realistic way.

Many times the writer has “laughed off the chair” after Boomerang’s sarcastic “comedy”, the times when Amanda had to get angry because the whole group “trolled” in the style of “mouth faster than brain” or the silly but funny and witty lines of King Shark.

Rocksteady’s model design also deserves praise for their eye-catching, impressive “dual” main cast appearance and portrayal of their “sassy” nature in comic books.

Although the script is full of parody, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League still scoring points from the top quality of acting (animation) and voice action (voice action)

“Bombardment” is relatively fine!

Please thIt’s true that the writer himself was skeptical of Rocksteady’s decision to build the gameplay Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League into a third-person shooter, featuring a similar “loot” map (shooter looter) system The Division of Ubisoft instead of applying and developing Batman’s “happy, eye-catching” melee fighting mechanics in the series Batman: Arkham before.

Imagine Boomerang with a King Shark holding … Rifles with shotguns to fight, you obviously don’t sound “ear-catching” at all, right!

But if we… Putting that “logical” flaw aside is at its core Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League There is a fun and unique combat system!

Swinging a “smashing” stick with Harley Quinn, “scratching, biting” with King Shark or sniping targets from the sky with Deadshot, there really are not many games that are unleashed “naughty” when playing the role of villains, anti-heroes (anti-hero) from the beginning to the end.

Players will control a character and can flexibly choose to switch through the remaining members that are handled by the machine’s AI if single-playing, this form reminds the writer of Japanese action role-playing games such as Final Fantasy VII Remake or Tales of Arise, only I replace shields and swords with… guns and grenades only.

Another correlation point is that weapons are also paired with elemental attributes called Affliction, although there is no correlation with each other, but they will be used to easily harass the majority of enemy troops and cause “debuff” states such as ice, poisoning, electric shock or burning.

In particular, the game does not have the concept of hiding (covering) behind obstacles like regular shooters, but instead offers up to four separate movement (traversal) mechanisms corresponding to each Task Force X member such as Deadshot has a jetpack, King Shark flies like King Kong, Harley Quinn was acrobatic and swinging and Boomerang was of course launching… Boomerang to speed, flattening back and forth with the target, in the right way to be a “hero”, must have its own paths.

to the core Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League There is a fun and unique combat system!

Combine climbing, flying “four around” with unique skills such as shooting counter-shots “Counter-shot” at the moment of the enemy’s attack, attacking “Shield-Harvest” armor with melee attacks, instant reloading “Critical Reload” (like in the Gears Of War) or the heavenly moves “Suicide Strike” help the rhythm of boring touches in the game always keep a fast pace, break and not cause boredom.

The writer also spends most of the game experimenting and exploring “build” lines through filling each character’s separate Gears equipment tiles, or “playing around” customizing skill boards which is quite fun! For example, the game contains very unique and strange items or skills such as a Legendary rank grenade with the attribute of only being carried on a single fruit and the player’s self-made decreases the energy shield continuously, but just throwing it out, it will cause increased damage up to … 1000% of the usual level.


Annoying “Live service” model

Job Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Applying “live service” is like going into the footsteps of many big game studios that have ventured to test this model like BioWare with Anthem what year, or most recently Babylon’s Fall and Marvel’s Avengers of Square Enix, they all share the same fate of being … Died after only a short debut.

The problem with this model lies in the fact that what players can experience at the time of the game’s launch is only a small part of the developer’s intention, which is destined to pave the way for further seasons, like a novel that is cropped out in a few chapters.

This is evident when Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has a modest total plot length (about 12 hours) and a very limited, if not too small, number of costumes (cosmetics) to customize characters compared to the general level of open world games today.

Just compare that to another “live service” game that the writer recently completed: Diablo 4 then overview of content categories of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League completely underdog, even though they both share the same starting price.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Applying “Live Service” is like going into the footsteps of many big game companies

Not to mention, the “always online” factor (always have to connect to the network) of the game leads to many situations to “go crazy” if the player’s transmission quality is unstable or the game company’s server suddenly … maintenance or bad proof!

Such as self-error… When the game was released and now (after the February 21 patch), the writer and many other players on the social network reddit are often “stuck” at the Metropolis Loading screen after completing some tasks. The only treatment option can only be… restart the game, likely this is a problem from Rocksteady’s server system.

Suicide Squad

Monotonous and outdated gameplay

To be fair, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Having a “bombardment” combat platform is quite good, but unfortunately cannot be promoted on a limited map, always giving the writer a feeling of cramped, secretive and rutted in screen design thinking.

Basically, due to the lack of hiding mechanisms, the game design team was forced to encourage players to constantly use traversal skills, resulting in most of the combat taking place… right in mid-air, or on the tiny area of… rooftops and terraces are scattered throughout Metropolis.

Suicide Squad

The entire map tends to develop and navigate vertically, that is, instead of flat streets or small street corners like Arkham City, you will always see bumpy, rugged buildings or soaring buildings that are decorated to make the most of the ability to fly, Swing and climb each character.

More tellingly, the number of enemy troops was so poor in terms of type and approach.

Imagine the scenario of walking a little way to see a handful of “soldiers” appear to “germinate” and they are always waiting to disintegrate quickly… Escape to higher terrain like “cat and mouse” and want to test your skills… Hide and seek with players. More annoying is that snipers (Sniper) always teleport when approached and only using long-range weapons combined with counterattacks can defeat them.

Suicide Squad

Sometimes the writer has to abandon the encounters and move on because he is tired of the scene of having to rummage and search each building just to deal with one or two “hugging” soldiers who are constantly hiding in a nuisance way!

Not to mention the interface and user experience (UI / UX) of the game is also confusing and quite outdated, if not refined to a minimalist level, the player’s visible viewing area is always obscured by dozens of damage numbers, flashy animated explosive effects or a tangle of health bar icons, Bullets, flying shields, jumping, falling from enemies confuse the whole screen!

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Having a good “bombardment” combat platform, but unfortunately cannot be promoted on a limited map, always giving the writer a feeling of cramped and mysterious

Suicide Squad

Stereotyped and bland mission

The biggest minus of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League lies in the fact that all missions from the main plot (Campaign) to the side are just rotation and “rumination” of common tasks, which most shooter genre players have developed such as hunting and destroying, rescuing hostages, protecting fixed targets, There are absolutely no breakthroughs or even specialized battle zones, throughout from the beginning to the end of the game, every battle largely takes place on the main map of Metropolis.

The most annoying thing is that the number of support squad missions is already limited but also comes with very… Shh For example, the Toyman character’s quest sequence requires players to only deal damage when delivering a critical hit (Critical Hit) while in Rick Flagg’s mission, it is only allowed to use … grenade.

Suicide Squad

These missions bring more annoyance and “torture” to the player than the challenge, for example, when you use all the grenades but Rick Flagg’s level is not exhausted, you cannot switch characters but can only “spam” a single melee attack in the hope that the target will drop a grenade to pick up and throw into them to death, so on and on, repeating tastelessly.

The boss fights are also not quite goodExcept that the battle with Batman near the end of the game has a bit of an element of surprise (which the writer begs not to “spoil” for readers to experience for themselves), the rest are mostly just the same motif: shoot, shoot, and counterattack until the end!

The fact that the characters often dialogue continuously in real time also requires players to turn on subtitles and pay attention regularly so as not to miss many details.

The biggest minus of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League lies in the fact that all missions from the main plot (Campaign) to the side are just rotation and “rumination” of common tasks

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