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Men of War II – In the past few years, World War, after a long period of “cooling off”, has returned to being one of the most used topics in video games, especially games from major developers. both small.

Some recent examples include Call of Duty: Vanguard from Activision Blizzard nice Partisans 1941 developed by Alter Gameswhere players will directly control guerrilla soldiers in the fight against Nazi Germany.

Among them, there is a rather special name that has recently appeared Men of War IIa direct sequel to the successful strategy game of the same name developed by Best Way in 2008. A special feature of this game series is that it has similar gameplay to the series. Commandos: Control a small, battle-hardened army but with a more detailed and… complex simulation of character behavior.

Are these elements built well enough after all these years? Men of War II continues to attract the attention of today's players?

Let's explore with MarkGame through the following review!



Campaign section of Men of War II introduces players to World War II settings with quite a few levels to choose from, from large-scale battles like the Belarusian attack or Normandy in the “Historical” section, or smaller battles in “Story” game.

Overall, the “Story” gameplay of Men of War II quite diverse, with many contexts and situations for players to experience.

For example, in the large-scale battle in the mission “The Storm Begins”, the player will have to defend the base against the onslaught of Nazi attacks by constantly ordering soldiers to build trenches. , guarding the checkpoints. The game also continuously provides aid, so players do not need to worry too much about coordinating troops.

However, some other levels are more stealthy. A typical Overcoming Difficulties screen, where your army consists of only… a few lowly soldiers, equipped only with handguns for self-defense, forces the player to always scout ahead, pick up weapons and apply pressure. Kill enemies when assassinating, to ensure you don't lose any characters in the squad. Because the amount of aid in this level is very scarce while the difficulty gradually increases through the missions.

Men of War II

One point that players quite like in the “Story” game is that in the main missions there are always a number of side goals for players to complete to help reduce the difficulty, such as breaking bridges to block the attacker's path. Enemies or capture bases, rescue hostages to get more aid.

A prime example, also in the Overcoming Difficulties level, where the player has to destroy a checkpoint full of enemies, you will have the option to find missile systems hidden on the map to “wear down” the enemy’s defenses, or to ambush enemy reinforcements to capture their artillery. These options make exploring the level very interesting and diverse, instead of just being stuck in the melee gameplay.

Men of War II

In contrast to “Story”, the “Historical”, “Conquest”, and “Raid” sections mainly focus on large-area management gameplay, players will have to control many squads, capturing many bases at the same time. .

The strengths of these games are the large amount of levels and dense upgrade branches so that players can continuously “unlock” new soldiers and military equipment, thanks to that, Men of War II Continuously bringing new things for you to experience, helping to increase the replay value of the levels.

Men of War II Continuously bringing new things for you to experience, helping to increase the replay value of the levels

Men of War II


Men of War II is an experience filled with details, accompanied by quite complex and confusing mechanisms that force players to get used to, but the advantage is that once you gradually get used to them, Men of War II quickly becomes a lively and equally “addictive” game.

In general, Men of War II is a fairly simple game, your task is just to control groups of troops and point out the locations they need to go to, the game's artificial intelligence (AI) will handle most of the rest. problems, from firing bullets at surrounding enemies or throwing grenades when detecting approaching armored vehicles. Your heavy weapons like armored vehicles or missiles can do the same without too much intervention from the player.

However, if it were as simple as that, the player's resources would quickly be swept away by enemy missiles or tanks. So instead, players will often do all the work such as arranging formations, finding key points for defense or finding and destroying cannons hiding in the enemy's “blind spots”, even also providing fuel and ammunition to soldiers when necessary. And Men of War II Completely provides enough tools for you to solve all of the above problems.

The game offers a dense mechanism system, allowing players to control almost everything, for example, soldiers, you can ask them to build trenches to protect from bullets from rifles, build walls. sand or occupy houses to avoid artillery fire from the enemy.

If the player captures vehicles or cannons, they can flexibly use them, or repair them when damaged. Or when you want to experience the game in a stealth-like style Commandos The game also allows players to choose scout soldiers to be able to break into enemy bases and “take care” of them.

In addition, Men of War II It also allows players to directly control a soldier or vehicle in the “Twin-stick shooter” shooting style, very convenient when you want to show off your tank driving skills alone to sweep enemy bases, or aim and shoot. Enemies on the other side of the map that the game's AI normally won't see.

Next, the game also offers a quite detailed resource management system, allowing characters to exchange equipment with each other or collect from enemy corpses or vehicles on the battlefield, quite convenient when players Players need to proactively change equipment or add ammunition to units.

General, Men of War II is trying to do a lot of things, with a bunch of add-ons and features added to increase the variety of the game. And Best Way has really done this part quite well to bring a vivid and attractive battlefield simulation experience to players.

However, along with the above advantages, a series of problems arise that greatly affect the player's experience.

Overall Men of War II is trying to do a lot of things, with a bunch of add-ons and features added to increase the variety of the game



Men of War II Possessing a quite diverse and specific mechanism system, this makes the game quite difficult to access, especially for players who are not too familiar with the real-time strategy (RTS) model. suitable for group control (squad-based).

First, there are too many mechanisms for players to learn in the game, from moving the screen, changing the rotation angle, to dozens of keyboard shortcuts that you have to get used to in order to be able to control soldiers and vehicles. or even the artillery. The writer himself had to spend nearly 4 hours in the tutorial just to… get a rough grasp of the game's controls.

Not to mention, these mechanisms are sometimes not really well refined, making the control quite difficult, and the layout is also somewhat confusing for players. For example, when wanting to pick up equipment, the player must always press E to control the soldier to separate from his platoon, because if they stand too close to each other, it will be almost impossible to choose the right soldier. to control.

Or another case is when the writer wants to order the soldiers to get out of the vehicle, they can only see the option to press L twice. In the Option-Control section of the game there is also a line describing “Exit Vehicle”, but This is essentially a key combination to self-destruct the vehicle. Only after a period of groping did we realize that the “order to get off” button was another button combination, displayed on the left corner of the player's screen.

Not to mention, sometimes these shortcuts do not function properly. There are cases where the writer orders the soldiers to put away their weapons (Holster), but when the enemy approaches, they all pull out their guns and shoot.

Mass control of troops is also not well designed, because they always tend to walk parallel to each other and line up in a long horizontal line, making it easy for enemies to shoot while moving.

Finally, in the process of entering the stage of Men of War IIeven when playing the campaign, the game always tries to connect to the network, making the game loading process very slow and there are many cases where the game cannot enter the entire match.

Men of War II Possessing a system of quite diverse and specific mechanisms, this makes the game quite difficult to access

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