COME FOLLOW ME – The creepy story of the haunted Pokemon game (Part 2)

COME FOLLOW ME – The creepy story of the haunted Pokemon game (Part 2)


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A mysterious but equally fascinating story revolves around the game Pokemon Red was released in 1996.

Luckily smiled at the investigating team when they learned that the game’s programming team was divided in pairs – that is, the two would form a team to work together. Chiro is no exception. He collaborates with another programmer, named Sousuke Tamada.

If a second person knows about Chiro’s secret, it could only be Sousuke. This is the last hope for the police force to reveal this mysterious event.

The investigation team learned that Tamada is a sociable and responsible person at work. When asked, he was also happy to cooperate with the police force. Sousuke invites everyone into the living room. In his cramped apartment, Sousuke walked over to the window, looked toward the flow of people on the street, and gave a smile. Except for Sousuke and the members of the investigation team, no one was aware of the conversation. The only thing that was found was a tapes placed on the table while two investigators were talking to Sousuke. The content of the tape is as follows:

“Sousuke Tamada, what is your role in the Pokemon Red project?” Asked the first policeman.

“I am a programmer” – Sousuke said in a low and slow voice. “That’s it”

“Is it true that the members of the programming team work in pairs?” – The policeman continued to ask

“That’s right” – Sousuke replied after a moment of thoughtfulness.

“So your partner, what’s his name?”

“Chiro Miura… That’s his name. Chiro Miura. ” Sousuke cut off the policeman in a horrible voice.

A moment of silence came from both sides. It seems that the two policemen are annoyed with Sousuke. “Do you see any expression on Chiro? Any specific behavior while doing that? “

Sousuke replied, “I’m not that close to him either. We just met to talk once in a while. Or when the group has a meeting, he will show up. As far as I can see, Chiro behaves very normally. He’s not that tall, I think this somehow affected Chiro. He seems weaker than the others in the company. Because of that, Chiro often puts in a lot of effort while working to gain recognition. This I see clearly. I think…”

Continue is silence. “What do you think about Chiro?” – urged the officer.

“I think he’s a very weak person. I think he hates to admit this… I think he wants everyone to know it as something special that can make people forget that small appearance. Unfortunately, he has yet to prove his worth. “

“Why do you think so” – the police continued to ask.

“Well, it’s that simple. Sousuke quickly answered. Footsteps could be heard in the room. “He doesn’t have anything special, even though Chiro really wants to believe it. You can’t be special or great just because you think you’re special or great. It’s impossible… I think Chiro knows this, but he tries to hide it in his heart. ”

The policeman hesitated for a moment, then continued, “Can you tell us about Chiro’s business? For example, what part of the work does he do? ”

Sousuke replied very quickly, “Nothing… I mean, he does unimportant things. Chiro is in charge of the first few parts of the game. ” Sousuke paused for a moment, then continued, “Exactly the part about Dr. Oak. Yes, he participated in the programming for Dr. Oak. ”

“Anything else?” – urged the officer. It seemed the policeman noticed that Tamada knew something. “We know you’ve heard about suicides. We further learned that Chiro was the culprit. He added mysterious lines of code in the source code. “

“What do you mean by that?” Sousuke asked again. An instability could be seen in his voice.

“We mean because you are Chiro’s partner, so if you are trying to hide something, you will be responsible for the mass suicides yourself.”

“You guys have nothing to prove” – ​​Sousuke shouted.

“What did Chiro do with the game, say it!” The policeman snapped


Silent. A moment of creepy silence.

Pokemon Creepypasta 13

“You want to know, huh?” Sousuke finally opened his mouth, breaking the tense atmosphere in the room. “You want to know what happened, don’t you? Chiro is an idiot. He would do anything to get attention, everything. He couldn’t even write a few lines of command. The only thing he can do? It is becoming a puppet in the hands of others. You can tell him to do anything, he will just do it. No questions, no complaints, nothing. He just wants his contributions to be recognized when this project ends. That’s it. That is what he wanted.

Clack. Two policemen stood up and pulled out their guns.

“If I could control Chiro, then he wouldn’t be any different from Takenori… Of course you don’t know this, but it was I who came up with the idea of ​​this game, the idea of ​​the whole this project set. The butchered Takenori doesn’t know anything, just like Chiro. He just obeyed my instructions. “

Suddenly there was a sound of windows opening. Followed by the voices of the policemen.

“Stand still, otherwise we will open fire”.

“Let me tell you about the mechanics of the game.” Sousoke calmly continued. “Take this as a hint, okay? If you move around in the grass, Pokemon will appear, and you will have a chance to confront them. This is the main mechanism of the game, do you understand? “

“Get away from the windows! This is the last time we have warned you.

“In the opening scene of the game, you will have to walk through small grass to reach Professor Oak’s location. That was when you got your first Pokemon, okay? If according to the scenario, no Pokemon would appear in these bushes… I changed this. I ordered Chiro to change the game’s source code. That’s why when you step into the grass, although very rare, a Pokemon will appear… ”.

“Sousuke, we don’t want to shoot.”

“Shoot me?” Sousuke asked again. “Shoot me? You guys are just as stupid as that Chiro guy. All are his bugs. He ended his own life because of it. If you want to end this case and find out the truth, please play my game. Who knows, you will know the secret hidden in it. ”

DAO !!! A gunshot sound was heard, loud enough to interrupt the recording device. Screams and murmurs were heard. The sound of the table in the living room being knocked over. Silent. Completely silent. Then there was a laugh. Sousuke’s laughter, along with the continuous whispers: “Follow me, follow me”. Nothing after a whisper.

The IC recorder continues to operate until the recording ends. Police then stormed the scene. In that chaotic scene, they found 3 corpses sprawled on the ground. Sosouke was lying there, next to it two policemen. The autopsy revealed many bullet marks were found on the police officers. At least ten shots. The last bullet was lodged in the center of their forehead. And Sosouke died after receiving 2 shots in the chest, of which 1 was pierced through the heart.

This game has caused a series of tragic murders. At least 100 children were found dead. Chiro and his friend Nisino are both dead. The two policemen and the person behind all this heartbreaking incident – Sousuke is no longer in the world. Far from its original intention of bringing joy to the children, this game becomes a tool to kill anyone involved.

Pokemon Creepypasta 14

Ten years after this incident, the then captain of the investigation team is now withdrawn from the police force. However, he still has access to the record of any year. Something urged him to look again at the full details of the case.

He reviewed those crumpled notes and letters. At this point, he suddenly remembered the woman who had handed the letter to the police force. He wondered who this mysterious person was, where she came from, and why she got the letter from Chiro. Could this be Chiro’s mother, or could it be Sosouke’s mother too? But no matter what, it’s too late now.

While sealing the folder, he suddenly found another crate behind it. The above clearly states: Basic evidence 2104A. He proceeded to open it and look inside. It turns out, this is the place where the video games of the ill-fated victims are kept. They have been preserved in perfect, intact condition since they were introduced 10 years ago.

He pulled out a video tape and studied it for a while. Pokemon Red – He hasn’t seen this game in a while. Shortly thereafter, the retired policeman walked over to his desk and took out his Gameboy. This is a gift he gave to his son many years ago. The baby has been dead for several years. So was his wife. In the midst of being lost in flashbacks of the past, he inserted the video tape into his computer and turned it on.

The screen of the game appears. “Tanaka” – that is the name of the deceased left child. This is most likely the cause of the boy’s death. He decided to start a new game. After moving through a few blocks and talking to the characters in the game, he steers his character through small grass bushes to Dr. Oak’s house.

The whispers that Sousuke said before he died suddenly echoed in his mind. Although at that time he was not present at the scene, despite the fact that he had never met the young Sousuke even once in his life. He could still see him, still feel him, and clearly heard every whisper coming from his mouth: “Follow me, follow me”.

He continued to move his character toward the bushes. At that moment, the Gameboy’s screen stopped. The policeman froze, staring intently at the game screen. Everything around was terribly silent. It seemed that the time wheel now had frozen. The game screen turns off and then illuminates again shortly thereafter.

His eyes widened, staring intently at the screen. He struggled to see the words appearing on it.

“Follow me, follow me, follow me. I miss you so much, dad. I miss you, my husband, I miss you so much. “

Pokemon Creepypasta 15

Tears began to curl and flow down his cheeks. The words continued to appear on the screen. That is his son. That is his wife. They were communicating with him, talking to him, and crying with him. They wanted to see him, they wanted to see him because they still loved him so much.

“I love you too” – the police choked out a few words.

“Follow your mother and child, we will also build a new home. I want to see you again, I want to hug you tightly, and be by your side forever, forever, forever. “

“Don’t leave. You can see your mother and baby again. We miss you. Please follow me. I love you very much”.

The game screen dimmed again. The policeman’s eyes widened, his mouth gaped, looking very odd. Right after that, the screen flashed again. “Follow me” – Dr. Oak said to the game’s character.

“NO” – the man shouted and threw the machine on the floor. The policeman immediately regretted it and picked up the Gameboy machine. He stared at the black screen, mouth continuously exhausted. “Bring them back, bring them back here!”. The monitor lights up again and the game resumes. But this time, no words appeared. “My wife, my children, give them back, give them back.” – the man shouted at the screen.

Whispers… whispers suddenly surrounded him. Looking around the room, he saw that beside him there were many children. All are heading towards him. Their eye sockets were gouged out by someone, leaving a terrifying looking black space.

“Give it back to me, give back to my mother” – the children cried out in unison. Their mouths opened wide, looking terrifying. They came forward and tried to take the Gameboy from him. “Give back my father, give back to my mother, give it back, give it back.”

Pokemon Creepypasta 16

“NO” – shouted the officer. “This is my family, don’t try to win it.” – The policeman’s face was strangely gray.

“Follow me, follow me …” – a voice whispered. The policeman looked in the distance. Next to a wooden table, Sousuke was standing there. A distorted smile stretched to her ears. “Follow me, follow me”.

The old policeman stepped back and held up the Gameboy, trying to keep it from the hands of the children crawling on him to steal it. “W-what’s going on, where is my family?”

Sousuke lets out a big smile. “Let me show you. I’ll help you get rid of these kids, okay? Just follow me ”. Then he leaned down and pulled out the drawer of the desk. The policeman tried to slip away from the children and reach out to look inside.

Lying neatly inside, is the same gun he used when he was still on the investigation team. A thin layer of gray dust remained on the body of the gun. After withdrawing from the force, he kept it here so that he can forget what he used to do with the gun. But curiously, the gun did not bring him the obsession of sin or pain. Instead, he saw liberation lying neatly before his eyes.

Pokemon Creepypasta 17

“Just follow me” – Sousuke whispered. He picked up the gun and gently inserted it into the hand of the policeman. “Squeeze the trigger and all your troubles will be gone” – Sousuke leans in his ear and whispers.

The old policeman looked back, he saw the other kids clinging to his legs, trying to reach the Gameboy machine he was holding.

“My son, my wife, I will follow you all.” The policeman pulled the trigger. DAO !!! His brain was splattered on the wall, mixed with the red blood that was spilling from the floor.

It took several days for the old policeman’s body to be found. Around him was a large pool of dried blood. On the right hand side is an empty gun. The other hand is holding onto the Gameboy machine with the Pokemon Red tape.

This is also the last murder related to this game. It was decided to destroy the remaining video tapes so that they could not harm anyone anymore.

However, the story of the haunted tape probably isn’t over yet. It is said that the source code of the game was retained by someone, and distributed on the internet. If you are a fan of the Pokemon series, consider giving Pokemon Red a try. Maybe it is possible to find the secret in it.

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