Zombie Army 4 Adds Left 4 Dead DLC Characters

Zombie Army 4 Adds Left 4 Dead DLC Characters


Zombie Army 4 Adds Left 4 Dead DLC Characters

The Left 4 Dead cast is used to shooting zombies in a group of four so it makes that they jumped right over to Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Rebellion announced today that all four Left 4 Dead survivors — Bill, Francis, Louis, and Zoey — would be added to Zombie Army 4 for free. The free characters are out right now.

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Keep in mind that this only includes the survivors from the original game as Left 4 Dead 2‘s four new characters are not in Zombie Army 4 (yet, at least). Left 4 Dead, while not having an official release since 2009, has crossed over with other games in the ensuing years. Bill was also in Dying Light as well as Dead By Daylight. All eight survivors from both games were also added into Zombie Army Trilogy in 2015.

This DLC drop coincides with the game’s newest expansion, Abaddon Asylum. This is the second part of the game’s third season, which kicked off with the Terminal Error level in May. Players will have to fight their way into the cursed Asylum “before tracking down Baron Umbra and taking him out once and for all.” The DLC also comes with a handful of player and weapon cosmetics and a gun.

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There are still more parts to this third season. The next drop will include a campaign mission, some cosmetics, and weapons while the next two updates will contain mostly all cosmetics and guns. Rebellion has yet to detail when these pieces of DLC will come out or what exactly will be in them.

Source: ComingSoon