Young people change their lives by opening extremely rare cards worth up to $60,000

Young people change their lives by opening extremely rare cards worth up to $60,000


A lucky young man opens up a Black Lotus card worth up to 60,000 dollars in Magic: The Gathering card pack.

Starting playing Magic: The Gathering from the moment this game was launched, Michael – an associate of law firms – has invested a lot in this subject. Michael and his group of friends felt that collecting cards in Magic: The Gathering and reselling them was more profitable, as the cards in them were always of very high value and did not go up and down erratically. share. And then one beautiful day, after making “a few bottles for fun” with the group of friends, Michael decided to accumulate money to buy cards Magic: The Gathering Beta version, and the miracle happened.

The rare cards in the Alpha and Beta suite of Magic: The Gathering have a horrible price tag, usually at least $ 10,000 and sometimes up to a hundred thousand dollars. They are on the limit list and will never be reprinted again. Michael’s Beta set is likely to contain a Black Lotus Beta that costs $ 60,000 and is still increasing. There is even a Black Lotus Alpha in perfect condition for sale for $ 500,000.

The package was delivered to Michael’s house and he tried to see through the packaging to see the card inside. Michael told himself: “If you don’t come up with a rare card, at least you can still keep the set of cards fully sealed as a souvenir, or at least sell them in perfect condition.” However, Michael accidentally broke the seal, and so he had to open the entire pack. Suddenly, from the bottom of the deck, a strange black lotus was revealed, and Michael screamed in delight because it was the Black Lotus Beta.

He ran around the house and found a container to keep the Black Lotus from getting dirty. Black Lotus Beta panels usually cost about $ 5,000 if they are in bad or bad conditions (partly because the print quality was inconsistent at the time, partly because the players were not careful), $30,000 if they were scored “Very Good 3 “according to the PSA site, and can be up to $ 60,000 if in” Gem ” or ” Mint 10 ” status.

Some people believe that Michael is cheating and trying to fake the Black Lotus to push the price for these old decks. No one dares to confirm, just know Michael has kept this card in the bank and is waiting for collectors to come pick up this Black Lotus Beta.

Source: PCGamer