Worms Rumble returns after 4 years long


Worms Rumble is in a series of games with an age of 25 years, will launch gamers in early December this year. The trailer is really fascinating.

Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble is part of a long-standing series of games, each year with a new version at its peak

This is a shooting game with a horizontal perspective in the modern context. Fun 3D animated graphics combined with the sharp, powerful sound of gunshots. This will be a formidable opponent to the Fall Guys game because the shape of the beans and the worm is quite similar. Two modes of play have been identified: Deathmatch (split factions, see which team gets the required points first) and battle royale (survive, find the last survivor), survival has two types: alone or a team of 3.

There are many types of weapons mostly guns and shields. The Shotgun, for example, deals twice as much damage to crates and targets and spreads ammo suitable for you to use targeting distant or close targets. Rocket shield blocks damage from bullets and grenades. Baseball Bat hitting melee and hitting the oncoming bullet looked pretty funny. Sheep Launcher launches a sheep running at high speed to find the enemy and explode. Hand Cannon pistols, Assault Rifle automatic rifles …


Although they are just worms, they are quite large compared to the landscape

A number of options are available to help gamers comfortably play in a more fun way. Adopt from the toolkit and skill. Med recovery kit. Energy Drink increased armor. Grenade exploding. Grapple Gun shoot swing to swing the rope … From the features, weapons of the game, Worms Rumble suitable as a survival game, war promises to be very fun. Beautiful graphics, horizontal viewing angle like a slice of X-ray through the wall, unfortunately, the terrain of the game is not broken, so it lacks vividness and does not create turning points in the match. The developer has also not revealed how many maps the gamer can experience. If there are few maps, the feeling of boredom will come very quickly.

32 players in the same level with multiple ammunition was terrible chaos. Worms Rumble is only playable on PC and PlayStation 4/5. This is a product developed and released by Team17. Worms WMD is the most recent version released in 2016. When people have almost forgotten this cult brand once. Then it reappears, for gamers to storm the battlefield, satisfy the rebellion in the game.

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