Window 10X: A “pure” Microsoft operating system

Window 10X: A “pure” Microsoft operating system


PC World has experienced a Windows 10X version that can be considered the most complete. And the first impression is … “boring”. This operating system is designed by Microsoft in a very simple, no-frills and cluttered way like traditional Windows. Or can consider Windows 10X is a “pure” operating system from Microsoft.

Compared to the first leaked version a year ago, when Microsoft envisioned Windows 10X as the future of dual-screen devices, little has changed. The graphic and icon design foreign word has been overhauled. But there’s one big difference: Windows 10X is now designed for computers with a single screen.

Windows 10X by Microsoft

The latest leak is version 20279, which can only be run by one of Microsoft’s Hyper-V virtual machines. Remember, you probably won’t get a chance to manually download and install Windows 10X yourself. Because Microsoft’s intention is to pre-install this operating system on low-cost PCs, which is meant to be provided only to computer manufacturers.

Start Windows 10X

Simplicity begins from the very first set of settings. However, Windows 10X will require you to have a Microsoft account to start. There will be two options: personal computers or computers of organizations or businesses.

Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system

Then comes the privacy options section, it seems like privacy has become a very controversial topic lately. Windows 10X allows you to choose whether or not to provide personal data for targeted ads.

Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system

There is a privacy option available

The main interface of Windows 10X

Admittedly, the main interface of Windows 10X may shock many users. Because it’s so simple, at the top is the search bar, followed by a list of apps and below the recent documents.

There is no familiar Start menu in the lower-left corner. There are no vivid and colorful Live Tiles. The Start menu is now just a monochrome icon at the bottom, when clicked will slide up and appear an “app drawer” quite similar to a Chromebook.

Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system

Main interface, top search bar, middle apps and recent documents below

In this “app drawer” you can see items Settings, Calculator, To-Do, News, Weather, Photos. It seems that users will not be able to customize the applications in this drawer.

<imgclass=”aligncenter” style=”max-width: 100%;” title=”Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system” src=”” alt=”Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system”/>

Not all apps will show up on the home screen, expandable to see all apps

Edge seems to be the default and only browser. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft also restricts the apps you can install from downloading only the apps available from the Microsoft Store. When trying to download and install software 7Zip without going through the Microsoft Store, it just disappeared without leaving any trace.

Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system

When the app is launched, it takes quite a while to complete the update process

The search bar at the top proved quite helpful. You can enter keywords and the search bar will display results from the web, store and also data stored on the computer if there is a match.

Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system

Applications can run in half screen mode or full screen. Microsoft also retains Windows 10’s Task View, allowing you to switch between apps using the familiar ‘Alt + Tab’ key combination, or click on the app’s little icon at the bottom.

Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system

Task View is like Windows 10

Windows 10X retains the Action Center in the lower right corner. Action Center can display email notifications or messages, have many quick settings, access Settings, restart or shut down your computer.

Window 10X: A pure Microsoft operating system

The Action Center is familiar

In short, Windows 10X is enhanced by Microsoft for the one-screen PCs with low-cost and low-profile, instead of for two-screen devices as before. But it can be seen that the interface and design of Windows 10X are exactly like a tablet, and it is too simple. Maybe Windows 10X will be suitable for learning devices and office work, a small competition with Google’s Chrome OS affordable.