What gamers say about this year’s event?


The race to the Best Game of the year is finally over, let’s see what the gaming community thinks about this year’s award.

So the most anticipated event of The Game Awards 2020 has ended. After this morning, the gaming community in the country must have gone through many mixed emotional frames. It can be a pleasure to see the game you love to win, or disappointed because the final result is not as expected. One of the most controversial names this year is The Last of Us 2 overcoming many other famous names such as Doom Eternal, Animal Crossing: New Horizon, or Ghost of Tsushima to touch the prestigious title Game of The Year.

Either way, everything is now history. So, let’s put aside all the regrets and let Game4V walk through the internet to see what the world gaming community thinks about this year’s The Game Awards.

On its youtube page, GameSpot polls gamers with a “small” vote. Out of the five titles that appeared on the site’s list, Ghost of Tsushima overwhelmed the other names with 55% of the votes. As can be seen, many people are expecting an exclusive Sony game to win the Best Game of the Year award. The Last of Us 2 is second with 20% of the votes. Among more than 600 gamer comments, there are still a lot of people who believe in Animal Crossing, Doom Eternal, or even the indie game Hades that will do wonders at this year’s awards.

Best game of the year

The point that makes the community complain the most is still the frequency of advertising too much. Agree that there will be a lot of interesting game projects revealed at events like this, but the abuse of advertising also has a lot to do with the experience of the audience. This problem has been around for years, but sadly it tends to worsen with each year. Some new trailers introduced at this event such as Ark 2, Scarlet Nexus, NieR Replicant, Monster Hunter Rise, or the mobile project of Just Cause game also make many people excited.

Best game of the year

The famous guest cast is a tradition from The Game Awards for many years. Although translating Covid-19 has a bit of an impact on the organization of the event, in general, the quality delivered to the audience is guaranteed. In the past, we have seen Christoph Waltz or Vin Diesel appear on the award stage, this event also featured actor Keanu Reeves, who blew the soul of Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077. In addition, a series of famous gamers also had the opportunity to greet the audience. A character very much loved by gamers is Reggie Fils-Alimé – former director of Nintendo who appeared as a guest with an Innovation in Accessibility Award.

In general, the gaming community is quite satisfied with the quality of this year’s program. Although there are still some points to blame, this has been a successful year for the team preparing the program. Like every year, the music is still praised by many people with the quality music from the game they love. The Last of Us 2 is still the focus of public opinion when this controversial game wins with 7 major categories: Best Narrative, Best Action/Adventure, Innovation in Accessibility, Best Game Design, Best Audio Design, Best Performance. and Game of the Year. On the youtube channel, the video receiving the Game of the Year award by The Last of Us 2 received dislikes which is much higher than the number of likes. Most of them expressed regret for Ghost of Tsushima when this game only brought home the Best Art Direction award.

And that’s all about the trivia surrounding the 2020 The Game Awards. In addition, readers can see the details of the winning categories in the article below.