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Vampires (vampires) have appeared in many media for a long time, and including games. Because it has an almost limitless potential, the developers have continually exploited the topic of vampires and transformed it into many different game genres. On the other hand, gamers are also very interested in the feeling of confronting or transforming into a character that is both strong and sinister like a vampire. Here is a list of the 10 best vampire games of all time.

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines

It is impossible not to mention Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. Although the development of the game has many problems, Bloodlines is one of the titles that does not look so good on the outside, but inside it contains extremely valuable things. What makes this game on the list are the role-playing elements that are incorporated into every aspect of the game. From the extremely diverse character creation screen to dozens of choices when you have a conversation with someone, not to mention the game also encourages you to explore many different gameplay, in general, extremely content. period rich brothers sir.

The graphics quality is a bit … poor, the combat element is quite poor, but in return the highlight of this game is the story and characters. The characters in the game are very interesting and lively, the voiceover stage is also done very carefully, leading you to go into the secret palace with lots of details for you to dig. In addition, the game has many different ways of playing: sweeping the gun from the beginning to the end, using persuasive skills to avoid violence, or acting in a stealthy style, you just play along. Like that, the game doesn’t forbid anything.


At first glance, Vampyr’s gameplay is quite cumbersome, the combat is repetitive, generally quite boring. But the fascinating element of this game is that it allows you to kill any NPC (non-player character) character, even kill the person who assigns the task to the brothers. The game takes place when the Spanish flu took place in 1918 in London, players will play the role of Doctor Jonathan Reid – a person who has just been turned into a vampire.

After waking up, he discovered that he was the one who killed his brother Mary in bloodlust. So Reid begins his journey to find the answer. The story takes place then is very cleverly arranged and attracts players from start to finish. However, the “money” point of this game is that the player can kill anyone, and the story will change to suit that development. The more you kill, the stronger Jonathan will be, the easier the game will be. However, if you keep killing innocent people like this, you will miss out on some really interesting characters, or some landmarks and quests worth exploring.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dawnguard

Skyrim itself is already a game with extremely rich content, when the first DLC release, Dawnguard, the game is expanded even more. However, instead of focusing on the dragons, this DLC will change the theme to a group of people specializing in vampire extermination. The vampire theme has appeared in the Elder Scrolls series before, but when it came to Skyrim, it was “upgraded”.

This DLC allows you to make a choice: either fight the vampires, or join the guild and do the work of blurring the sun. If you choose the second option, it will open a new skill tree, and you will also be able to explore dozens of quests and use many different skills, such as transforming into smoke to sneak past enemies, or summon a gargoyle mascot to fight alongside him.

Infamous: Festival Of Blood

Infamous 2 revolves around the main character Cole MacGrath has the ability to control electric current, so when the developer Sucker Punch announced the Festival Of Blood version with MacGrath turned into a vampire, many gamers were skeptical. It sounds pretty funny, but when I play it, it’s great, bro. The story is told from the perspective of the minor character Zeke, and the brothers will see how interesting MacGrath’s superpower when combined with the vampire is.

At this time, MacGrath has the ability to fire electric sparks and summon a swarm of bats flying across the New Marais. Not to mention the plot of this version is also quite unique, and the surroundings are also designed according to the vampire theme. Fireworks were shooting, people gathered, put on their vampire costumes, all of which helped create a very unique version of Infamous.

The Sims

You are no stranger to The Sims, and the vampire character appeared for the first time in the 2003 Makin ‘Magic expansion. Since then, vampires have been around. is an indispensable element in this series. Because The Sims is an open game, when there is a vampire added, there are even more interesting content.

You can create an ocn of vampires to scare and even eat your neighbors. Or if you like to build a gothic mansion, sleep in an attic crate and raise a bunch of little vampires, The Sims will make it possible for you to realize that wish too. Although not too gore and disgusting like the other games on this list, but overall, The Sims allows players to do a lot of things with it, which is also quite fun.

Legacy Of Kain

It has been a while since the last Legacy of Kain series, but those who have been fans will still be loyal to this game. The game has a quite attractive storyline, new characters, and groundbreaking gameplay, so it is not surprising that Legacy Of Kain has become popular in the community for many years. The first version, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, was released in 1995 and has won much acclaim for its captivating storytelling, elaborate setting, and sound. So the series continues to release the post-production parts, although a little “backward” a bit, but generally still warmly welcomed by gamers.

The game often focuses on dark and sublime topics, so it’s a bit confusing. It explores the topics of morality, free will, good and evil under the prism of … vampires. Legacy of Kain encourages the brothers to think, not to lead each move, and that is why players do not feel bored when exploring the world in the game.


This is considered as one of the most popular game series in history, blending scene elements, solving puzzles in a very convincing way. It also helped popularize the Metroidvania genre thanks to its open structure, allowing you to freely explore that few games at that time could do. There have been many versions of Castlevania released and almost every version is well received by gamers.

The game incorporates elements of pop culture, horror, mythology, and more, and it has also helped Castlevania break into other areas, such as on Netflix, the Castlevania show brother. However, Castlevania is best known for its “unforgiving” difficulty and rich storyline, proving that the game is always sticking to its core values.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002)

Game on the default TV show will be badly labeled, but Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2002) is an exception. The game takes place in the third season of the TV show, following the story of season 1 with the returning villain The Master. Sunnydales’s dark atmosphere, quirky cast of characters, and most importantly, the extreme combat element of the protagonist Slayer are all perfectly recreated. In addition, most real-life actors also participate in voice acting for this game.

The gameplay from a third perspective is also nothing too special, but thanks to many moves for the brothers to perform, Buffy The Vampire Slayer has attracted a lot of gamers, making it famous as no less than a TV show. . The developer already knows how to press the right spot with a cheerful yet stimulating atmosphere, guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding fans.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has a rather novel gameplay, allowing players to play the role … the son of the legendary vampire hunter Van Helsing. In addition, the game also has more role-playing elements with a top-down perspective that make the game even more special. You will be able to destroy countless enemies, loot items and upgrade your squad. What makes this game so attractive is its unique setting and the cast of characters that are very interesting.

The game takes place in the country of Borgova with a gothic-noir color and with it many enemies are designed extremely meticulously. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing has a fast tempo, contributing to the gameplay appeal and the voiceover and storyline are also properly invested, so the game has become more prominent than the opponent.


In the context that every first-person shooter (FPS) game focuses on exploiting the theme of World War, games like Darkwatch naturally attract the attention of gamers. It combines elements of horror, steampunk, and vampires to create a very unique game. The plot of this game is also very unique, revolving around the character Jericho Cross and the struggle between fighting vampires for the Darkwatch guild, while he himself is also transforming into a vampire.

The gameplay is quite attractive, there are even some dramatic passages. The game has a Western context and the storyline converges all elements related to vampires, that’s why it has captured the hearts of many gamers. Simply put, this is Red Dead Redemption combined with Call of Duty, combined with vampires in it too, into Darkwatch.

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