TOP 6 legendary horror games of all time

TOP 6 legendary horror games of all time


Horror games – As always, the last days of October signal a coming of Halloween.

After a year full of turmoil and stay at home, on such fun occasions, everyone is eager to go out, right?

However, if you are an introvert, like to sit at home, but still want to feel the “scary” atmosphere of Halloween, has a “strong solution” for you!

Each person’s preferences will certainly be different, so choosing the horror games worth experiencing is not easy. guarantees that, as long as you sit in front of your computer, wear headphones, turn on the maximum volume to experience the following 6 horror games, Halloween 2021 will come “sit next to you”, nowhere else!


12 years have passed since its release, but when it comes to horror games, Dead Space is always one of the names that are mentioned quite a lot.

In the game, the player plays the role of Isaac Clarke, a systems engineer stuck on the ill-fated spaceship USG Ishimura.

According to the plotline, the player must perform required quests, solve puzzles and fight monsters called Necromorphs.

The plot motif and gameplay sounded a bit “pale”, but to compensate for that, Dead Space has mastered the creepy atmosphere of the game in many ways, which is most clearly shown through sound.

Sound is an indispensable element of horror games but does not mean that every game maker knows how to make full use of them.

Quite a lot of games integrate the sound in a simple way: if there is a fight or a meeting, the music is overwhelming, the suspense suddenly pops up, and normally, there is a little murky noise in the background.

In other words, if there are no ‘variables’, or the player does not interact with the environment in a predetermined way, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Dead Space said “no” to this “bland” design.

Instead, the game uses a tool called “Fear Emitters” to control music, volume and sound based on your distance to the hazard.

So, as long as you have a strange sound faintly pass or the volume increases, you know “going to turn”!

But to know where “variable” is, you have to stick to it!

Game “for money” in how to build tension.

Instead of letting the threat suddenly come for a few seconds and then startle the player, the game gives them time to observe, to “infuse” the growing obsession, but they don’t know or can do anything else to stop them. block that oncoming thing.

Of course, the game brings elements of horror in many other big and small details, like lighting designs, interfaces, or enemies (and their disgusting appearance).

But most importantly, it is the feeling that is not sudden, but slowly, slowly but irresistibly … is how the virtual fear of the game conquers the player’s real reason.

It’s not too difficult to find Dead Space on Origin and Steam.


Talking about horror works without mentioning Japan is also a real flaw.

Movies have Ring, stories have horror stories at the Tokaido Yotsuya house, and games have Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly.

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly follows the twin sisters Mio and Mayu on a trip to discover and survive the “haunted” village of Minakami Village.

As one of the famous horror games, it is not surprising that the whole game is designed to make you lose sleep and sleep, but not sleep or eat a night or two …

The creepiness is built basically from the gameplay, that you have to defeat the ghosts by … pointing the camera at them to take pictures!

The game forces you to face your fear directly so that you can “snap” in the frames you have to capture creepy demons.

Well, not only are there creepy demons but the whole scene in the game … is creepy!

But the “money-eating” of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, the way the game scares you is through… understanding.

No alien army, no hideous zombie coms, bloodthirsty disgusting vampires, the game’s biggest fear is from ghosts, souls that once had a human life.

Face and conquer each soul, you will understand their stories or secrets, about the pain they went through.

Not only that, you also accompany Mio and Mayu and understand the feelings of these two main characters.

According to the flow of the game, you will certainly encounter extremely horror, fantasy, and painful episodes much more than normal.

However, then, when you are “led” into the flow of the story, understanding the cause of what happened, your mind is “chained” to that world.

The result is horror but fantasy, far away in the game… it is probably not too fantasy anymore, not too far away.

And then, in the end, there was an obsession for the player.

It may take you 10 hours to play, but it is unlikely that 10 years will let go of the obsession that the game brings …

It’s hard to buy old PlayStation 2 games right now, but in some places, such as Amazon, it’s still available for about $50.



Silent Hill 2 is also one of the hugely popular horror titles, but it is not easy to understand why it came to success.

Evidence is that over 20 years, Konami has tried … 15 different versions of Silent Hill, but only Silent Hill 3 and Silent Hill 4 is “on par” with its predecessor, ie this second version.

In Silent Hill 2, you have to “guide” protagonist James Sunderland through the monsters of the town of Silent Hill, after receiving a letter from his late wife.

The game focuses almost exclusively on finding directions, finding items, no sudden threats, and also not focusing on combat.

So it is understandable that after 20 years, Konami still cannot achieve what Silent Hill 2 has done, because what the game has done well is difficult to “weigh, measure”.

It’s the game that “plays” with your mind!

Imagine your character is picking up an item.

If the item is placed in a pot of boiling water, for example, and your character has to reach for it, he will probably suffer severe burns, pain … those are familiar elements in horror games, right?

The way Silent Hill 2 does, however, is to place the item in a dark hole and force you to reach it.

No direct threat exists.

However, in your mind, you will constantly think about the worst scenarios, because who knows, what might happen.

That’s how Silent Hill 2 became a horror game.

It does not pounce, it does not try to startle you.

It just puts you in a state of tension and anxiety.

You really don’t know what’s worth going on and don’t really know what’s going to happen.

game kinh dị

Everything just revolves around the character James vaguely but equally creepy, making your subconscious always infer in all directions.

James’s entire journey is a vague illusion of real, but unrealistic things.

If James’s wife is dead, why is she able to send a letter to him?

Are the monsters James meets really monsters?

Even until the end, the game does not let your imagination “relax”.

Depending on which game you play, the total game has a maximum of 6 different endings, and Konami did not reveal which is the right ending.

In a nutshell, the way that Silent Hill 2 records itself into the history of horror games is to make sure that every game progression is bizarre, creepy, but not in the visual description, but in the mysterious direction. box, unpredictable.

This is also the reason why it is not easy to recreate a creepy but vague game like Silent Hill 2.

To find and buy Silent Hill 2 is very difficult today, even Amazon is also scarce, and sold for sale for … 140USD!



Although there is also the old game, launched from six years ago, but compared to the three titles above, Outlast of Red Barrels is a product still “nascent”.

The game follows Miles Upshur in his life-and-death journey at a Mount Massive psychiatric hospital in Leadville, Colorado, where the worst patients have “escaped” and murdered doctors and nurses.

Contrary to the Japanese style of horror games , Outlast is probably the product that causes the horror element from many unexpected scares.

However, if it was simply using intimidation to cause fear, the game would not be as popular.

And Outlast is successful because it forces the player … to endure!

game kinh dị

From start to finish, the game does not give you the opportunity to actively fight back and attack the enemy.

Things you can do include crawl, climb, crawl, and hide like a hunted animal.

Outlast is essentially a “prey simulator”, and does a great job of giving you the experience of thrill, stress, and powerlessness because there’s simply nothing you can do.

This is also the reason the scares in the background are so great!

Outlast is an example of a horror game product that can integrate surprise effects in a positive and meaningful way, which many current horror games have overused.

You can easily experience Outlast on Steam, for about $8.15.



Of course, when it comes to horror games, we can’t help but mention the Resident Evil series.

Referring to a bit of history about this series, Resident Evil 2 is really a very successful name for Capcom, and that splendor continues to continue with two more copies.

However, Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6 are two products that have not received much acclaim, for having “broken the way” of what’s familiar with the game series.

Therefore, when Resident Evil 7 released, the game was considered a “confession”, rediscovering the origin of Capcom’s horror – survival.

game kinh dị

It can be said that Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2 Remake are two different games, but have quite a few similarities.

First, both games use the RE Engine game engine.

This allows Capcom to bring a modern, beautiful playing experience, all kinds of effects or a way of thrilling psychology.

Therefore, these two games have a solid point in the graphics segment, and of course, with a horror game, the graphics refinement is never a redundant factor.

Second, both bring just enough of the engaging elements to get you caught up in the game’s flow.

The two games are always “smashing you in the face” with strong, aggressive, creepy enemies, enough to make you feel yourself at the “lower door”.

Then combine the gloomy atmosphere, unexpected stunts, and plot mystery to draw you closer to the experience.

Third, the game gives you the ability to fight.

game horror

You are not completely useless as in Outlast , nor do you have to experience a new mechanism like in Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly , which you have in hand is a gun, a familiar ammo.

This, though not too disruptive, but is more familiar to many people, and especially loyal to the Resident Evil series .

In a nutshell, both Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 7 are two prime examples of manufacturers not trying to do something out of the way, but only need to make a few available templates, with a little name. Age or luck, is enough to create a game worth the experience!

It’s not too difficult to buy these two Resident Evil games in online game sites like Steam, PSN, and so on…

And now, the rest of will give you back: turn on the device, install the game, experience the mysterious worldviews that the 6 games above are waiting for, buddy!