Top 10 good games born from bad movies

Top 10 good games born from bad movies


The relationship between movies and games is often quite odd. For every hit movie out of the box, there’s usually a game that follows it. However, these games are often developed in a hurry in the fashion of kidnapping and dropping plates to keep up with the movie’s “swing trend”. On the contrary, sometimes there are still bright gems, movie titles “swing” are carefully invested, worthy for you to experience. Here is a list of the top 10 good games that are born from bad movies.

Alien: Resurrection

Roughly, this is a game that is quite similar to the 3D DOOM version with added alien monsters xenomorph. The game has a lot of powerful weapons, challenging enemies, and the gameplay mechanics must be said to be ahead of the PS1 era.

However, Alien: Resurrection failed in that the game did not release at the same time as the movie and was converted to the FPS shooter genre. In addition, the time of the game’s release (in 2000) was also the time when all eyes started to focus on the PlayStation 2. Overall, the game was released at the wrong time so it was not very attractive, but it still It’s worth playing.

Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles

The prequels of Star Wars until now are still the topic for fans to discuss, and there are many opinions that these parts are not very good because of the related factors. scripts, tempo, footage, roles, effects, etc. And it is because of this that LucasArts has exploited the prequel and at the same time fixed things that it did not do well.

PSX Longplay # 48: Star Wars Episode 1: Jedi Power Battle - YouTube

So the cult Jedi Power Battles was born, offering gamers a third-person action-adventure game with co-op from start to finish. You will be playing the role of Mace Windu swinging the sword of light to block laser bullets, transforming as Obi-Wan to sever the Droidekas, and controlling Plo Koon to explore the caves of Tatooine planet. In addition, the background music in the game is also very exciting, such as cutting the Siths while listening to the Duel of the Fates soundtrack is extremely good.

James Bond: Quantum Of Solace (Xbox360 version)

Although Quantum of Solace is not really impressive, the game version of the game is a breakthrough. This is the first James Bond game released by Activision, so the essence of the popular Call of Duty shooter series will all be gathered here by Treyarch.

TGDB - Browse - Game - 007: Quantum of Solace

Quantum Of Solace’s gameplay has many elements that are quite similar to Rainbow Six Vegas, also with a third perspective when hiding shot, the rest of the time, it switches to the first person. Thanks to this hybrid gameplay mechanism, the game has attracted a lot of players. Plus, the cast of the movie continues to be in the game, and half of the game takes you back to the most memorable Casino Royale moments as if it were two movies in one. that game. I heard that actor Daniel Craig as James Bond also enjoyed playing this game.

Friday The 13th: The Game

Movies inspired by Friday the 13th (Friday the 13th) is usually only made in the style of “instant noodles”, not well invested. But with the game version released in 2017, this was one of the best multiplayer titles at the time. Illfonic was a developer very interested in the Friday 13th theme, so he worked with film director Sean S. Cunningham on Friday The into an epic game.

Friday the 13th: The Game review - Polygon

True, the game has a fairly challenging start because of many annoying bugs, the developer even did not get a license to do more DLC, but in the end, the game still won a lot of praise and praise. from the gaming community, especially thanks to a rather unique multiplayer element, in the style of 1 person making Jason Voorhees chase after the remaining 7 characters before time runs out.

Avatar: The Game

The movie Avatar is admittedly epic, but to be honest, the characters are still one-sided, and the plot is borrowed from Fern Gully. Particularly the game version, it is better than you guys. Ubisoft obtained the license and began developing the game.

James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Review - GameSpot

Avatar: The Game is a combination of an extremely fun aerial combat element with a lot of fun, unlocking skills and weapons to make the battle more unique when playing as a Na’vi, and Third-person shooter with quick dodge moves as a regular soldier. In addition, the campaign game also allows you to choose from many different options, proving that Ubisoft has invested heavily in this version, attracting gamers to sit in front of the screen for hours.

Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic Park has dozens of versions already, but to talk about the level of investment, the Evolution version based on Jurassic World (2015) will be the brightest name. The game will allow you to build and install many different things while knowing how to make visitors happy while walking; In parallel is unlocking larger dinosaurs, attracting more people. Or if you want to drive around the park, feel free to see if any dinosaurs start to show rebellious expression, remember to take out the sleeping potion gun to “suppress the chaos”.

One interesting thing here is that Jurassic World Evolution also assigns you the task of opening the door of the cage for the T-Rex to run around in the park, devour the visitors, and you just sit there … counting the money.

Predator: Concrete Jungle

Although many disliked Predator 2, the game Predator: Concrete Jungle was well received by many players. In general, in this game, Yautja warriors (Predator) will confront gangsters on the street, hanging corpses on signs to scare the residents, just like in the movie Predator 2.

Overall, this is a fast-paced game, giving Predator fans the experience they’ve been waiting for for years. This is not really an open-world third-person game, but the gameplay of this game is designed very broadly, full of life with people walking freely to scare you and gangsters for you to “start. move hands and feet “.

The Matrix: Path Of Neo

The Matrix: Path of Neo was created to correct mistakes in the game Enter the Matrix and the movie The Matrix Revolutions. The Path of Neo version has combined all of Neo’s best scenes and the most important events of all three films into a single product.

Although the game ends quite a “troll” but in return, most of the time in the game you will be punching, kicking, shooting, and fighting with Agent Smith in the subway station. At the same time you also have the ability to use your hand to stop the bullet and “solo” with the name Smith in the air when the world gradually comes to an end. The game will take you everywhere, from the shooting scene in the lobby of the building to the castle of Merovingian, there is even a screen where you will be beaten by hundreds of Smiths.

James Bond: Everything Or Nothing

Although this is not a direct movie game, but it was thanks to the Die Another Day movie that the game version Everything or Nothing appeared. Actor Pierce Brosnan will return as James Bond, but John Cleese and Judi Dench will also play the characters Q and M. Even, Richard Kiel also appears as the villain Jaws to make the game more realistic. , more vivid.

In short, this is one of the best James Bond titles. GoldenEye 007 is the first shot to mark the James Bond series in the gaming market, and Everything Or Nothing is adding more shots to reinforce that position. The developer Visceral Games even used the Need for Speed ​​engine to create chase scenes in the game, looking great.

The Mummy: Demastered

Because the movie The Mummy reboot in 2017 was an irreversible disaster, many gamers thought that any game that “swung” with it was not worth playing at all. The Mummy: Demastered was one of the best Metroidvanias games at the time, worthy of names like Metroid: Samus Returns and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

The combat mechanism in the game looks very eye-catching, the animation is refined, and the synthwave background music creates mood throughout the game. When you die, the items will drop back there, so you will need to return to get all the weapons before moving on. The Mummy: Demastered always knows how to make valuable upgrades for the main character in the game to encourage players to explore the next level.

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