Top 10 genius way hidden loading scene tricks to help gamers not lose patience

Top 10 genius way hidden loading scene tricks to help gamers not lose patience


No matter how good the game is, every time the loading screen appears, many of you will be “out of mood” because the tempo of the game screen is interrupted. Today, the game is getting heavier and heavier, making the game load time increase as well. Understand the suffering of gamers, some developers have created a way to hide this loading screen to “fool” gamers that the game screen is still happening normally, helping you to continue immersing in the world. virtual. Here are the top 10 creative hidden loading scene tricks to help gamers not lose patience.

Play the octopus minigame – Splatoon (2015)

Normally, Nintendo is supported by a lot of gamers because it knows how to care and listen to the feedback from the fan community. One of the good examples of this is the colorful Splatoon shooting game. This is a multiplayer game, so before you can find a room to enter the game, gamers need to wait a while. This is where the Wii U’s dual-monitor feature comes into play.

When the main screen is waiting for the match, on the GamePad screen, you will be playing and the minigame revolves around a tiny octopus. The default game is Squid Jump, which requires the player to quickly jump to the upper platforms before the water can rise. If you have additional Amiibo accessories, you will unlock 3 more games: Squidball, Squid Racer, and Squid Beatz. These games are so engaging that you may even forget the game that started on the main screen. Unfortunately, Splatoon 2 doesn’t have this game anymore, since Nintendo Switch only has 1 screen.

Forced to go slow to call the radio – Gears Of War series

As an elite brave warrior, always burning with blood and fire, but sometimes you will see the main character … slow down, step by step to communicate via radio to gather more information. news about the mission ahead. And this is also the time when the game prepares to load the next area, ready for you to battle.

In the Gears of War series, you will have to regularly contact your superiors to update the situation. During times like these you won’t be able to run, shoot, or even roll. Instead, you will walk slowly, walk and talk, and the game will take advantage of this time to load the next scene, avoid making players uncomfortable when looking at the loading screen.

Watch the skateboarding video clip – Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (2006)

Since this is a skateboarding game named after the famous Tony Hawk character in this sport, it is not uncommon for the game to be inserted with live-action clips, showing off skilled skateboarding. of professional people. The first part of the Pro Skater series inserted these clips right before the main menu screen, and as of Project 8 (2006) it also had these clips, other than that it added a few more things. minor tweaks.

The first change that is most noticeable is that the video has been made with computer-generated techniques, with Tony Hawk and other characters all re-drawn in a graphic style in the game. Even more interesting is that on PS3, these videos will play the first time you insert the disc. It seems like the purpose of it is to get the atmosphere energizing, to get you excited before you start skateboarding. But actually, at this very moment, data is being copied from the disk to the hard drive in the machine. Instead of looking at the loading screen, Project 8 shows you some awesome videos; After watching all of them, just after the game was installed, so just go in and play.

Travel back in time – The Talos Principle (2014)

For puzzle games, the “Restart” button will be quite familiar because you will need to use it many times. Being stuck in the road is already annoying, now having to wait for the game to reload the game screen is even more frustrating. In The Talos Principle, you will play as a state-of-the-art robot equipped with many interesting toys. On your arm will be a device that lets you go back in time from the moment you start solving a puzzle. This process only takes 2 seconds, and you do not have to do the steps to launch the menu, select “Restart”, then wait for the screen to reload.

No matter if you’re stuck somewhere you can’t get out, lose an important item, or just want to start over, just hold a button and everything will be. is reversed as originally. This way, you will not have to suffer from the hassle of having to see the loading screen, and at the same time gives you more control over the main character.

Let Kratos run through a deserted area – God Of War series

There are many games that use this trick, but God of War has the best application of this technique, and it appears throughout the whole series. Basically, whenever you go through a long and empty road, climb a towering wall, or climb endless stairs, then the game is loading the next level. guys. Anyway, Kratos is not really the person who likes to wait long.

Agree that these won’t be too interesting, if not quite frankly boring, but between climbing a slope and staring at the loading screen is of course the first method. will be chosen by more gamers.

Watch the clip of the spaceship soaring in space – The Ratchet & Clank series

In the Ratchet & Clank sections, you will discover a lot of planets, making you feel like an explorer. Of course, you won’t be zipping from planet to planet, it will have a decent travel time.

In the early parts, every time you move between the planets, you will see clips with pictures of the ship traveling soaring through the universe, and usually only need to watch 3 sections to get there (all Of course, each segment has a completely different effect). The length of these segments is also adjusted just enough, making gamers feel like they are really traveling through space.

In particular, every time the spacecraft is upgraded, this is also an opportunity for you to admire it while soaring to a distant planet.

Watch animation when opening the door through the curtain – Resident Evil (1996)

As a breakthrough game, Resident Evil must have some great tricks. There is a game so good that you will see it in the early game, even later remakes are still available. Thanks to the fixed camera angle mechanism, when entering the rooms in the overcast mansion, you will find everything quite uncomfortable. And many times you have to go through a door to get to the other side of the room.

When the player interacts with these doors it will trigger a pre-written animation. At this point, the door will open slowly and a dark space behind it. When the camera goes through you will find yourself in the next room. The purpose of this animation is to make the player feel nervous and anxious about exploring the next area, but in parallel it also takes advantage of this time to load the necessary data for the chunk. next.

Use the elevator – Bloodborne

Almost every FromSoftware game has an elevator scene to eliminate the feeling of having to wait when the next area loads. In it, one place where you will easily recognize this trick is Chalice Dungeons from Bloodborne. If not to mention the exhausting work of the ears, you must admit that you can go from start to finish without having to look at any loading screens at all.

At the deepest point, Chalice Dungeons has 4 levels, each level will be separated by an elevator after hitting the last boss of that area. These screens will load in real time, and the time standing in the elevator will be long enough for the lower floor to load in time and the lift will also stop. Chalice Dungeons is an extremely large place, and it is very welcome for the developer to find a way to keep the game from being interrupted.

Mega Man (1987)

The Mega Man series saw that, but it was quite difficult, guys, especially boss battles. Before confronting these animals, you will have to go through a corridor, signaling the upcoming area will have a very strong opponent. At the same time, the game will also take advantage of this time to load the boss battle screen.

This corridor will be designed differently depending on each level, and will often be full of thorns, abysses, and enemies jumping wildly, making you feel that the enemy ahead is aggressive and “difficult. swallow “to the extent. But the purpose of this song is not only to make gamers feel nervous, but it is also to “buy time” so that the game can load the boss battle.

Using the Star Map – No Man’s Sky (2016)

Game load times in No Man’s Sky aren’t necessarily the fastest, but at least Hello Games has tried to hide it so gamers won’t be bothered. First, the planet map that appears when you first open the game is not just a video, it is a clip that renders 18 trillion planets in the game in real time. You won’t be able to set foot on all of these planets, but it still gives you the feeling of traveling across the galaxy.

Each planet will be randomly generated the first time you set foot on it. And the flight into the atmosphere from outer space will take place smoothly, smoothly, without having to wait for a loading screen. However, sometimes you will come across some little flaws, such as the planet’s landscape suddenly appearing all of a sudden, looking pretty weird. In addition, the use of the portal from the space station to return to the base is also a form of “disguising” the loading time of the game, it just takes a little time.