Top 10 bosses thought they were so powerful, but being defeated by gamers was as easy as walking

Top 10 bosses thought they were so powerful, but being defeated by gamers was as easy as walking


Usually when fighting bosses, gamers will think that it is very powerful, buffalo blood, pain in all kinds. But few people think that there are some bosses that are weaker than a normal enemy, sometimes with just a few punches, or even just watching a cutscene, it is back to heaven. In addition, there are some games that deliberately create such weak bosses to surprise gamers, create funny situations in the game, or to leave repertoire for the next game. Here are the top 10 bosses that thought they were so powerful, but they were defeated by gamers as easy as walking.

Doormouse and March Hare Mech – Alice: Madness Returns

When you see Doormouse and March Hare for the second time in Alice: Madness Returns, it looks disgusting then. Instead of just friendly, gentle creatures, now they have turned into bloodthirsty monsters, and it always wants to devour you five in turn. The interesting thing here is that the first 2 times, you have to scratch your skin to stop their conspiracy; But by the 3rd encounter you will… don’t need to do anything.

Both appear in a cool robot, control it against the main character, then … hit by a teapot and destroy the whole robot, and kill both the Doormouse and Hare. According to the original developer’s plan, the game will let you fight this robot, but due to limited development time this plan was abandoned and replaced with the cutscene above.

Clumsy Robot – EarthBound

EarthBound is a rather strange game, but the boss Clumsy Robot is a weird one. The reason is because this boss will not really “fight” with you. Every once in a while, it attacks you a few times is quite painful, but in general it is just “riding a horse to see the flowers” is main, not worth anything.

After a few turns, it could be said that this boss didn’t seem to be dangerous, then Runaway Five broke into the room and… turned off the robot. It was quite a bit of a loss since I didn’t know what was going on, if this robot was doing something wrong, the war was over. In this game, there are still many other bosses that are difficult to defeat, but this particular Clumsy Robot sometimes does not know if it is a boss or not.

Blaine – Pokémon Red / Blue

Blaine looked like an elder, looked like he exuded knowledge about all kinds of Pokémon in the world. He specializes in fire-type Pokémon, and since Kanto is an area that does not have many fire-type Pokémon, it is obvious that he will be a master of this type. However, Blaine’s gym is on Cinnabar Island, and you can only get there by using the ability to … swim (surf) – a move for water-type Pokémon.

As you know, water can … put out a fire, so as long as the water-type Pokémon you use to “swim” to Cinnabar Island has a high enough level, a little strong enough ability is just one that weighs the whole room Fire gym is fine. Generally, this ginger is old, but spicy is… already available to drink.

Harley Quinn – Batman: Arkham Asylum

Harley Quinn, at first glance, also seems to play, fighting must be good, so when you encounter this boss, you are pretty “sure” that there will be a beautiful duel. For those who are fans of the Batman series, Harley Quinn is a famous character, and I am about to fight this female character, so I am even more excited.

However, when it comes time to clash with Harley Quinn, you will see her rushing to you, then Batman grabs Harley on the ground and throws it straight into the cell. Worse still, you can’t do this, you have to watch a cutscene. It seems that the developer Rocksteady Studios realizes that this is a mistake so in Arkham City, you can hit Harley back every time she hits her.

The Reaper – Persona 5

The Reaper is one of the strongest bosses in the game, which is nothing wrong, but that is the case when you fight it the usual way. However, in parallel, the game also has suggestions for you how to win in just… 3 notes, that is to take advantage of the season.

If you go into Mementos – where the Reaper is hiding – on certain days during the season, the Reaper will be infected and will get a “debuff” called “despair”, which is quite useful for the player. Despair will kill Reaper in only 3 turns, which means you only need to survive those 3 turns to be done.

This is not the perfect way, because Reaper sometimes plagues, sometimes not; But you can re-open the savegame until he gets sick, and after killing this boss, you will also receive the trophy so it’s worth it unless a gamer’s conscience prime doesn’t let you do that. Unfortunately, when it comes to the Royal Edition, this trick can no longer work.

Dolzaev – Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Most Metal Gear games have a very epic boss battle, for example having the first stage with a female character “octopus” with the ability to stealth will make you impressed for a long time. So when it comes to Revengeance, as a ninja robot, you are confident that you will be involved in dramatic battles. Besides, the game also has its own mechanism, allowing you to slice enemies into as many pieces as possible.

Therefore, many gamers felt extremely surprised when faced with the terrorist Dolzaev. Instead of having to fight him, you will listen to Dolzaev chatter in Russian that you should die, and then… kill yourself. This scene is quite interesting calculated, but you will not get the feeling of cool, happy like other boss battles in the game.

Harry McDowell – Gungrave

After shooting down a series of giant bosses in the game, the player’s mood will be extremely excited when he is about to face the final boss in Gungrave – who is also the one who murdered Grave. However, things are getting pretty weird. Instead of a fierce gunfight, you will have to confront Alien Head – a “plot twist” and a giant, ferocious creature at the same time.

It would be strange to confront this guy, but in the end the battle took place very quickly: McDowell surrendered, and you would get a shot in the head of him. Literally, this battle is only encapsulated in 1 time … squeeze the trigger only.

Doctor Loboto – Psychonauts

Although this is the main villain in Psychonauts, you will never get to fight Doctor Loboto – dentist and brain surgeon. Towards the end of the game, when the cutscene is running, you will realize that the “battle” with Doctor Loboto is only a scene where he is shot out the window by a turtle brain in the water tank. It sounds weird, but it’s true folks.

It seems the developer was doing it intentionally so we can continue to face him in part 2; But since half of the game you have spent time searching for Doctor Loboto and then in the end you let a turtle “change the way of practice”, it is very moody.

Songbird – Bioshock Infinite

Almost everyone who played this game also wanted to play against Songbird. Every time you get chased by this iron bird, you want to come back to fight a game. However, this battle can be said to not exist in the game. The reason is that you do not do much, just ask Elizabeth to approach it, then “speed” all 3 to the city of Rapture under the ocean, only the other bird is outside.

Of course, birds are usually only able to fly and breathe air, not live underwater, and so Songbird suffocates and sinks into the seafloor. After all, this was a reasonable death for this bird, since Songbird was not calculated to be an enemy.

Professor Nakayama – Borderlands 2

Professor Nakayama is quite funny in Borderlands 2 but somewhat … worth dying. The character is slim, appears in Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt expansion, and always intends to kill the Vault Hunters to avenge his idol, Handsome Jack.

Therefore, Nakayama seems to be a very challenging and “difficult” boss, but when he just appeared, about to fight, he … slipped down the stairs and broke his neck, died immediately. All the while, the player didn’t have time to do anything. Nakayama died too quickly and too soon, just “to the top” just slipped down the stairs and broke his neck, making gamers a little bit lost.

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