These video games let you be a Tyrant


There are many games on the market that encourage you to do good deeds, eliminate cheating, and bring peace to the world. Or like games that allow brothers to make their own choices, they will often punish the player for going in the wrong direction. It’s fun to play the hero role, but sometimes you will want to try the feeling of being a villain, see if it is good or not, or play a game to give him a good mind. Here is a list of 10 games that make you a virtual world tyrant.

Tropico 6

If you like to set up a totalitarian government, but don’t want to put everything to a standstill, you can try this game. You will play the role of El Presidente to manage every aspect of a government; And in this section, your main goal will be to expand and develop your civilization on an archipelago instead of a large island like the previous ones. Large cities also mean it will have more problems, forcing you to find a balance between the needs of the people and the desires of the political factions.

With enough support, the brothers will be declared independent and become the sole leader of the islands. And so you will have full power to decide whether your society will be a paradise, the people will be equally provided, or will use the brutal dictatorship to oppress the people. Whoever resists will be executed immediately.

Lord Of The Rings: Conquest

This section will allow the brothers to participate in the famous battles as Gimli, Gandalf, and Aragorn. However, in parallel, you can follow a different storyline from the original, in which Frodo will refuse to destroy the ring and be controlled by it. In the Rise of Sauron campaign game, the game will allow you to play one of the four character classes (Scout, Mage, Warrior, Archer) but on the Dark Lord side. At this point, you will be given the right to “unleash silk”, destroy humans, dwarves (dwarven), and elvish in the form of an orc, giant troll, or even control Sauron. destroy everything. If you don’t like being good hobbits anymore, you can try playing Lord of the Rings: Conquest.


At first glance, Tyranny may not seem much different from other classic role-playing games, but in fact, the world in this game is very different from those games. The main character in Tyranny will be wielding the power of the evil lord Kyros. At the beginning of the game, Kyros will send the brothers to quell a civil war between two different parties. Along the way, you will gain the strength to complete your work more efficiently, supporting the rebel army; or consolidate your power to take control of the lands in the Tiers as one of the Archons of Kyros. If you explain the story too much, the game will lose good, but Tyranny is a very interesting game because when you explore, you will know what doing bad things in the game will make the player feel.

Scarface: The World Is Yours

If Grand Theft Auto V still can not satisfy you, then Scarface: The World Is Yours will be a suitable game for you to try the feeling of doing bad things. This game will break the plot in the movie gangster directed by Brian De Palma a bit. In the game, Montana does not die, but instead, he plans to take revenge on those who “played” him while building his own criminal empire in the process. You will control Montana to complete missions to regain your position in Miami.

There are a total of 4 districts for the brothers to occupy, and you will regain your reputation by buying and selling opium, winning street car races, destroying opposing gangs, and some other activities too. In return, you will have new weapons and means to expand your identity. At the same time, Montana’s “Heat” level will increase, and the local police will begin to pay more attention to him, similar to the GTA side. For anyone who wants to hold power in hand like the infamous Al Pacino, Scarface: The World is Yours is an extremely suitable game.

Evil Genius

Evil Genius is a real-time strategy game that allows you to freely execute their evil schemes at home. You will play the role of a villain like Blofeld or Goldfinger in the 007 Spy series. Of course, you will need to build your own mansion, where you can safely hide in it. The gameplay of Evil Genius is easy to understand. You will directly manage the construction of your hideout and hire some henchmen and set traps around to protect it.

At the same time, you also need to look through the World Domination screen to send some stowaway soldiers to do some work for you. These guys can complete tasks like stealing artifacts to decorate your lair; capture and interrogate agents from five different special forces to find ways to cope with their attack strategies. Through these things, your notoriety will increase and you will be closer to the goal of creating a bomb with tremendous destructive power.


Prototype is not only known for its murky graphic style and its fast-paced combat mechanics, but it is also known for its surprising storyline. The brothers will play the role of Alex Mercer, a medical researcher infected with the BLACKLIGHT virus. This virus has changed Alex’s DNA and thus our protagonist has an incredibly powerful ability to turn his arms into weapons with enormous destructive power.

By the end of the game, the brothers will learn of the fact that Alex was the leader of the team responsible for synthesizing the new virus, and that he allowed the virus to fuse with him to try to survive after Gentek. the drug company responsible for this virus) murder because they want to cancel the BLACKLIGHT project and kill the clue. Since then, Alex lost faith in people and in part 2, he planned to make the world infected with this virus. So basically, our protagonist is not a good person.

Dungeon Keeper

In Dungeon Keeper, the brothers will manage the construction and protection of their vaults through a tool called “Hand of Evil”. You will use this hand to collect resources, items, and creatures in the game; Or you use it to slap your henchmen for fun. Initially, brothers will be assigned a location on the map to “work”. Gradually, the brothers will be tasked with protecting their lair from the heroes who intend to destroy Dungeon Heart (and you will die as well). In addition, you must keep an eye on other Dungeon Keepers because a forest cannot have 2 tigers. In addition, there are many very funny tricks in the game that make the game even more interesting.

Black & White

If you were god, it couldn’t be stronger, and that is the same power that Black & White will give you. Of course, you can get people to worship you by supporting them and responding to their needs, but what else is fun? You will use a hand to interact with the world in the game, namely creating fires or summoning lightning, causing people to panic; or “blood” more can lift them up and then throw around to show their power.

The game has 2 directions to play, but it seems that the direction of throwing people is still happier than in the first stated direction. In addition, the brothers also had to confront another evil god, Nemesis. He wants to dominate the world and destroy the rest of the gods. Of course, you will have to stop his conspiracy, not that there will be no more chance to call the rain to call the wind and make people run wild.

Fable 3

If you sit on the throne, you will rule in a peaceful, benevolent way, or you will become a brutal emperor who always raises the money and wealth of the people, instead of helping out. surname? This is also what players need to decide on Fable 3. In the first half of the game, the brothers plan to dispose of their brother for declaring themselves a traitor. On the journey, you will learn the reasons why your strange brother Logan becomes more and more a tyrant. That’s because he wanted to take all his money to protect Albion from a supernatural force called The Crawler from the land of Aurora.

The brothers, along with the rebels, will attack the castle, take the throne, and now you will have to decide how to prepare for the defense of Albion. At this point, you can still go around Albion, but it is to get more money to build weapons for the job of protecting your kingdom. Sometimes you will also begin to understand the suffering of your brother.


Overlord is an interesting action-role-playing game set in fantasy land. You will play a character who has just been revived by a group of goblins to worship this person as their new master, called the Overlord. The player will travel through various locations and use hordes of goblins, along with their weapons and magic, to fight 7 “heroes” in the neighboring lands – who have killed Overlord before. . The most interesting mechanism is how this game measures how brutal brothers are.

At certain times players have to make a choice: either to help the villagers in need or to slaughter innocent villagers and strip their gold coins. If you play in the second direction, the Overlord’s appearance will become even more devious, and by the end of the game, you will get some extra spells of great destructive power.