The Witcher movie replaced the actor in the character Eskel


Season Two of the popular movie The Witcher performed by Netflix, has returned and started with … replacing the actor playing the witcher Eskel.

According to Deadline, actor Thue Ersted Rasmussen (plays Sunday, The Way to Mandalay and Fast & Furious 9) has left the role of Eskel.

On Instagram, he stated that the reason for not being able to continue the role was because “the filming schedule was reversed due to the translation of COVID-19”, and “believed that season Two of the series will be a good movie”, and he “will sit at home watching as a fan instead of a witcher.”

Rasmussen’s replacement was a Swiss actor, Basil Eidenbenz, who had previously played in Victoria and X Company.

Season Two’s The Witcher production was restarted in mid-August, after Kristofer Hivju tested positive for COVID-19 and the entire crew was quarantined in March.

Hivju played the role of Nivellen and it is a blessing that he has completely recovered and is able to take part in acting again.

Eskel is friends with Geralt, and both are from the “training furnace” Kaer Morhen. Player The Witcher 3 will remember this guy when the witcher get drunk and wear Yennefer’s clothes to “make a comedy”!