The Sinking City was stolen and then illegally posted on Steam?

The Sinking City was stolen and then illegally posted on Steam?


Developer Frogwares accused publisher Nacon of stealing the game The Sinking City then illegally posted on the Steam platform.

Specifically, the company alleged that Nacon bought a copy of the game from a certain store, then hacked into the game’s source code and uploaded it on the Steam platform.

According to them, this is also the third time Nacon has tried to release a pirated version of The Sinking City on Steam, with plenty of pretty plausible evidence like missing logos and interface elements, even Frogwares was able to view the configuration file on his own using their security key, something Nacon doesn’t seem to fix.

“This is clearly a blatant act of stealing when you use other people’s efforts to make money. To complete this project, we had to hire developers with real skills and familiarity with the Unreal Engine, rather than a small home-made project. ” – quoted the studio.

Frogwares believes that Nacon will try to release this pirated version to more platforms as well.

Nacon also “retorted” that “Frogwares himself came to them to apply for investment in the development of the game, and to this day more than 10 million EUR has been ‘poured’ into this company”, according to the announcement they stated above. the homepage of the game.

According to the writer who has just checked on SteamDatabase, the game has just been completely removed from Steam at 4:50 pm, and players can no longer buy this game.