The end of the video game makes players go crazy


Drawing the ending for a game is not easy at all. Because each player will understand the story of the game in a different way, it is impossible to please all players. However, there are a number of developers who have found a way to write the very unexpected and unique ending, making players shiver and constantly mention it in discussions. The list of 10 games below all have endings with all kinds of emotions, and most importantly, it makes players extremely surprised because they hit a very skillful psychological blow.


The ending of Journey is drawn as a perfect piece of music that can make the listener bored. Throughout the game, the brothers have only one task to cross the sandy mountains far beyond the horizon. Of course, the game looks that way but it’s also very difficult, that’s why the prospect of the protagonist going to the end, overcoming the storms to get to the last place is so beautiful.

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Along the way, companions also play a great role in helping players aspire to go to the end. It seems that after the difficulties, you will have to try to get through the last thorns door, the ending becomes unexpectedly light. It is easy to understand because despite the difficulty, the game titles take us through those difficulties with gentle music and romantic scenery. So this ending can be said to be very suitable for Journey and the ending could not be better.

Batman: Arkham City

The endings of the Batman series do not have the necessary “stability”, because sometimes it is good, but some versions are bad. One of the best is Arkham City, when this brilliant ending brings a feeling of feeling to the players. The feud between Batman and the Joker is inherently familiar throughout the series, but this time the unexpected actions of Batman somewhat surprised players but equally warm when seeing this scene.

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In this version, the Joker is about to face death when he injects himself the poison vial in the front part of the game. The only one who belongs to the prize is Batman, and he actually has this poison in him as well. After defeating all the enemies, using some of the antidote to cure him, Batman was unable to watch Joker die. But because of stubbornness, the Joker broke the antidote and died in pain, and Batman picked up the body of his greatest enemy, and walked in the admiration of everyone, he was weak when see Joker leave.

Prince of Persia (2008)

Prince of Persia 2008 is definitely not one of the best versions of this series, from pretty basic gameplay to graphics is equally blurred, but the highlight of the game comes at the end if you endure the suffering while playing this game. The story in this version revolves around the Prince and his companion Elika, on a mission to prevent the destruction of the world by restoring the power to The Tree of Life.

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At some stage in the game, Elika will die, and the Prince must make his own decision. He would have to choose whether to put his all into the mission of saving the world, or saving Elika and ignoring the destruction of humanity. In the end, the Prince was selfish and chose peace for himself, bringing Elika home without a person and watching the world sink into darkness. Although this is a sad ending, but must admit that it is extremely impressive and unexpected, isn’t it? Like the developer feels so sad to do DLC for Hoang Tu to bravely save the world, but it does not bring emotions like the end of the game.

Mafia II

Mafia II is one of the best crime games ever, but this game is underestimated for some reason despite possessing a very attractive storyline and character psychology. extremely complicated. The game tells about Vito and Joe, two vile criminals trying to survive in the gang and then become the notorious bosses.

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However, even though there are a lot of mum in the Gypsy world, the two are not respected by the other clan bosses who control the city. By the time both relatives entered the drug trafficking route, they encountered a strong obstacle from other even bigger bosses. Both tycoons make suggestions to betray each other, but they did not do so. Instead, Joe and Vito took action to destroy anyone who dared to get in their way. But because the Mafia is not simple, and in the end, Joe must watch his friend die helplessly because of the machinations of a leader.


At first glance, maybe you just see Undertale as a cute game, going to the normal killing scene, but nothing special. But things are not so simple, all your actions in this world have consequences, and the consequences are certainly immeasurable.

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Of course, playing this game you will still be instructed to kill monsters, not the type of running and killing, but it has diversity and extremely attractive. During the fight, brothers will receive experience and strength in the form of “love”. But by the time the truths are revealed at the end, these experiences will gradually turn into a ‘level of violence’, a ‘termination stat’, and the player themselves will be informed if they are causing. Unnecessary deaths in this innocent world or not. When we finally encountered the boss, a small flower, the question he was asking now was, who is the bad guy here?

Marvel’s Spider-Man

This Spider-Man part has many different branches, so the final part of the developer needs to deal with all of that. However, in the main ending of the game, it opens with Aunt May’s death. Peter sits in the room with his only family member, tormented between his decision to save Aunt May, or to save the millions of people out there who are also fighting the disease Aunt May is facing, under the reins you are a superhero.

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This is enough to make players feel pain in their hearts. But Insomniac Games has not stopped there, specifically the farewell dialogue is what deals a fatal blow to gamers. At this time, Aunt May revealed that he knew Peter was Spider-Man for a long time, and wanted Peter to take off his mask to give his grandson one last look before leaving forever. And yet, after that, the brothers also learned that Miles Morales had the same superpowers as Peter, and what Harry Obsorn’s fate was really like before the game ended.

The Last Of Us

Throughout The Last of Us, most gamers told themselves that someone would die, especially the main character duo Joel and Ellie. However, Naughty Dog has surprised the players because at the end, Joel and Ellie still … lived with teeth. In the world of The Last of Us, death is an extremely easy thing, survival is difficult. And that is exactly what Joel chose in the end: killing the whole hospital complex was all “good people” to save Elle – whom Joel viewed as his daughter.

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Not only that, when Elle asked what happened, Joel lied to draw a pink future right before her eyes. What makes gamers shudder is that Elle knows Joel is lying but still automatically accepts it, just plainly saying “okay” and the game is over. What happens after that depends on the inference of the gamer.


It can be said that SOMA is one of the games with a twist at the end of the classic in history. This science-fiction game takes you as a character with the mission to launch a large ship into space. The idea here is that the world is on the verge of destruction, and the only way to save humanity is to transfer the consciousness of some lucky character into a computer and launch it into space. Then these “people” can live in an extremely perfect virtual world.

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The plot has a lot to explore, but one thing that remains constant is that the brothers cannot transfer one’s consciousness from to another body or database. Instead, you will upload another version parallel to the existing version, and depending on the luck that the original or copy will be transferred to the new body. In the middle of the game, when the brother is transferred to a new body, he will have the right to destroy his previous version, or to let it live forever in solitude.

However, at the end of the game, the player will realize that he is being deceived, and the bad luck is just fiction because the main character will never destroy himself and launch the ship if he knows he does not. on that ship. The game ends with your clone stepping out into the light, and the previous version – who did everything – lived in an ocean floor madness.

Bioshock: Infinite

Bioshock: Infinite is a controversial game. Its plot is pretty pointless in many places, not to mention that the developer depends too much on the shocking factor and the twists that make many holes in the plot confuse. However, the end of Infinite is quite convincing and fits the Bioshock “universe” in general. Most of Infinite’s plot and the first two parts are not related, but at the end it is cleverly connected.

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With her ability to travel through space, Elizabeth has led both the protagonist Booker and the player through different variations of the story. One of the universes that brought people back to the city of Rapture, connecting the three parts in a way no one would expect. Elizabeth recreated what the brothers experienced in Bioshock 1 & 2; At the same time, it summarizes the philosophies that the series revolves around: there will always be a lighthouse; there will always be a man; and there will always be a city there.

Nier: Automata

This game has 26 different endings, corresponding to 26 letters. In it, ending E is said to be the most “stable” with the main character sacrificing himself after completing the mission. After that, players will have the right to revive the main character and continue with the mini-shooter screen. This section is extremely difficult, and you will quickly find out that you are overwhelmed in terms of numbers and firepower. If not over, the brothers will continue to receive the right to help from those who “cleared” this game. If you agree, the brothers will be shoulder to shoulder to fight with them, making the game more exciting when you see the increasing number of points.

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But the game still does not allow you to rest your hands When shooting is finished and seeing right before their eyes is a happy ending, the brothers are faced with another option: delete all the save games and join the ranks to help other players complete the game. Or keep savegame and turn a blind eye to those who fell to help you win the final victory. At this point, you will feel the great sacrifices of other players to help you accomplish the ultimate goal of this game.

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