The China Game Conference 2020 raises many problems in the game


INTERNATIONAL_ China Game Conference 2020 (or Beijing International Game Innovation Conference) took place in the Chinese capital from September 25 to discuss many important issues.

The Beijing International Game Innovation Conference (BIGC 2020) aims to take full advantage of Beijing’s technological resources, talent, and other creative elements in the production of game content. like innovation and creativity. Gathering international corporate headquarters, exchanging and cooperating internationally with a wealth of experience in international exchanges, inviting game publishing platform leaders, famous game makers, leaders Game technology, manufacturers of game hardware are further promoted.

Mr. Wang Yefei presided over the opening ceremony of the 2020 China Game Conference in Beijing

Mr. Wang Yefei presided over the opening ceremony of the 2020 China Game Conference in Beijing

At the conference, guests and speakers also discussed topics of interest to come up with ideas and solutions for the creative development of the global gaming industry to create a game industry. integrating high-end, leading, advanced, innovative and international technology. This facility will be based in Beijing. Mr. Wang Yefei, Vice Minister of Propaganda Department of Beijing City Party Committee and Director of Beijing Press and Publishing Department, presided over the opening ceremony.

Speakers participating in BIGC 2020 emphasized that the game must have a purpose that is higher than entertainment and positive value enhancement, while enhancing technology integration and innovation, and deepening cooperation to enhance exchanges. cultural. Beijing has a responsibility to take the lead in the game industry is an important content. Beijing International Game Innovation Conference will be committed to building a platform for innovative collaboration and exchange in the game sector, while working to bring the world’s latest technology and game products. to Beijing.

Mr. Yuan Min, Vice President of Tencent Group, speaks at China Game Conference

Mr. Yuan Min, Vice President of Tencent Group, speaks at China Game Conference

Here, Report on Chinese game development and innovation trends in 2020 has also been announced. The report shows that from January to June 2020, the Chinese game market’s business revenue growth has increased significantly, and the growth rate has returned to more than 20% with an increase of 25.474 billion yuan, a record high. Revenue of China’s overseas independent game market reached 7.589 billion US dollars, an increase of more than 2 billion US dollars.

The development trend of Chinese games mainly includes games as a segment of culture and entertainment, game products with different characteristics from other entertainment products, the game industry focuses on social values. positive association. The conference also emphasized that 5G technology promotes the development of cloud games and the future will enter a period of growth in business models; Chinese companies’ global investment will be more common.

Chinese games are confirmed against the international game market

Chinese games are recognized by the international game market

Famous Chinese and international game makers such as Tencent, NetEase, Perfect World, 37Games, Microsoft, Sony, Unity, Zhongchuang Cultural Tourism have made active contributions at the BIGC 2020 conference. Others include Bilibili. , Kuaishou, Zhixingtong, Sohu Changyou, Xishanju, Giant Network… came up with many of their game creation ideas.