The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay


Bring in your bloodstream category warship shot, but Azur Lane to build character path towards anime beautiful and HMS Illustrious (μ) [SSR] is 1 sister should ask in the title game this.

Azur Lane is considered to be a mobile game that brings a new wind to the gaming village with content revolving around beautiful female characters. Sea battle game Azur Lane offers a different character development system, each warship will have 5 equipment styles, players can through matching icon stickers or using magic multipurpose boxes to help them. complete this work. After receiving the hot girl, the player must take her to the academy to practice skills and increase the combat power of the army.

Characters in Azur Lane are super beautiful anime girls representing different types of ships. Among the characters of the game, HMS Illustrious (μ) [SSR] possesses a charming and elegant beauty, so it is very popular with gamers.

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 2

In real life, HMS Illustrious (87) was an aircraft carrier of the Royal British Navy during World War II, the fourth British warship to bear this name, and was the leading ship in the world. the carrier-class bearing its name was the Victorious, Formidable and Indomitable. It has been active in various battlefields during World War II: the Mediterranean, the Indian and Pacific Oceans. After the war ended, she served as a trainer until decommissioned in late 1954, and sold for scrapping on 3 November 1956.

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 3

Illustrious was built at the Vickers-Armstrongs shipyard at Barrow-in-Furness, launched in 1939, and commissioned on April 16, 1940. The new carrier had a turning weight. water is 28,000 tons and has the capacity to carry 52 aircraft, a number significantly reduced compared to contemporary aircraft carriers due to its armored flight decks. It was nicknamed Lusty by the crew.

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 4

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 5

Coser 星 È43; 迟迟 Hoshilily had an excellent transformation into HMS Illustrious (μ) [SSR]. In this series of photos, the cosplayer skillfully showed off her long, long legs and full of soul.

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 6

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 7

In particular, Hoshilily has shown the cold but provocative emanating from the original character in the game.

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 8

However, every time you see pictures taken by coser Hoshilily, many fans feel confused. Not due to the image quality when being beautiful or ugly, but on the contrary, the Hoshilily cosplay characters are very beautiful. However, even with the same person, sometimes she owns “rolling hills”, sometimes it is as flat as a plain.

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 9

The Beauty Azur Lane Cosplay - Photo 10

Temporarily setting aside that question and just looking at the girl in this set of photos is really charming in every detail. Bao Star fan base is female coser Chinese origin very large jog!

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