STALKER 2 has not been released yet, making gamers fidgety

STALKER 2 has not been released yet, making gamers fidgety


Developer STALKER 2 released a video that featured impressive character models and faces.

The latest STALKER 2 development update provides insights into the game’s two factions, variety of weapons and new face technology. The upcoming first-person shooter with a post-apocalyptic setting titled STALKER 2 has attracted a lot of attention since being revealed early last year at the Xbox home event. Developer GSC Game World has been quiet about the sequel to the game for quite a long time.

Fans excited to get a first glimpse of the STALKER 2 game had to wait a bit longer, but today’s developer highlight at the Xbox indie showcase shows some weapons and characters that players can look forward to as they explore the devastating and mysterious open world in the game. STALKER 2 is shaping up to be one of the most visual titles on the next-generation Xbox ecosystem. The game’s recent in-engine gameplay trailer highlights STALKER 2’s graphical prowess. The rain-soaked crumbling interiors of post-apocalyptic Russian buildings and windy desolate forests are the premise for the open world of STALKER 2.

STALKER games are known for their survival gameplay elements and STALKER 2 will be no exception. While fans now have an idea of ​​what STALKER 2 will look like, they still haven’t had a chance to see what tools in the game will help them survive in a world full of dangers. Arabian this. Thankfully, the bright spot spent through developer video today introduces some of the weapons players will come across in the game. There are more than 30 different weapons in the game, with each gun featuring multiple modifications and upgrades. Some guns introduced in the video are Hunting Rifle, LMG, Sniper Rifle,…. All of these weapons are exquisitely crafted, with realistic close-fitting textures and designs.

The developer’s latest highlight also offers a first look at some of the factions players can expect in STALKER 2. Freedom and Duty are two of the many factions players will encounter in STALKER 2 In addition to having extreme opposing views, the character models of both sexes are very unique and reflect their personalities. A bit of the coolest piece of information from this STALKER 2 development update comes from the highly detailed character model shown at the end of the developer highlights. In addition to having realistic face textures for each of its characters, STALKER 2 uses a custom tool plugin to ensure that every character in the game has a different smile.

It’s important to add that all of the weapon and character models shown in the video are still a work in progress and are subject to change as the game launches. Therefore, players should control their own expectations, avoid excessive hype. The Xbox ecosystem is quite great as a response point for STALKER 2, a game that is perfectly suited to further develop the world in the game with great hardware. STALKER 2 is also set to launch on the first day of the Game Pass, though no release date has been confirmed yet. STALKER 2 is currently in development for PC and Xbox Series X/S.