Sony is secretly developing the PS5 Pro


Sony developed the PS5 Pro right from the very first lifecycle of this system that was just released not long ago.

While a lot of people are wondering and finding a way to get their own PlayStation 5 right away, Sony secretly developed the PS5 Pro and plans to launch it soon in the next 2 years. Because they know that the current PS5 configuration is strong, but it is not the perfect destination in the future, Sony’s ambitions are even bigger after seeing the pioneer of the Next-Gen generation. run like hotcakes. This is also a game that will cause Microsoft to die in the next 10 years or even any competitor that intends to compete with Sony on the Console front.

Sony has been at the top of the console game industry since the release of the original PlayStation and continues to offer quality systems to this day. The previous generation, we saw the PS4 launch very early and just a few years after its launch, the PS4 Pro came out with much stronger performance. Up until now, according to a source of information shared by the stream recently discovered, it seems that Sony is working on secretly the supposed PS5 Pro system.

Sony developed the PS5 Pro even when the PS5 was still selling well.

Sony developed the PS5 Pro even when the PS5 was still selling well.

The patent in question was filed last January but it was not announced until July 2020 and filed for a system using dual GPUs, one HDMI frame output control system, and one license. Other inventions to help users first and fix any problems. This kind of upgrade will make the graphics look sharp and the frame rate stops dropping almost entirely. While this has not been officially confirmed, it means that Sony is working on the structure of the much-rumored PS5 Pro, but it takes a long time for Sony to get there anyway. announced to bring out the above information morning.

Since it’s been almost two years since the patent was filed, it is possible that this idea has been used for the PS5 and scrapped or it could just be something on another Sony platform that will be replaced. so. However, it also makes sense that Sony wanted to make a PS5 Pro when looking at the success of the PS4 Pro. According to Hope Corrigan at IGN, “On average, nearly one out of every five PS4 sold is a PS4 Pro. The numbers are meaningful and the basis for Sony to do so, although there is no official statement by the company at this time about an upgraded version for the new system.

There is even more reason for wanting to launch PS5 Pro soon because there are many games that will fully exploit the PS5’s hardware features within the first 1-2 years to assert the power of graphics. Definitely will not rule out the case, this machine will only carry at a level suitable for the mid-range configuration, difficult to reach the maximum threshold. Therefore, trying to target new hardware systems right now is a completely viable and practical solution, if Sony wants to overtake giant Microsoft in terms of hardware power. Doing this again means that the game is over, and at least in the next 10 years, the lifecycle of this Sony system will be safe.