Sly alchemist!


Try it out Alchemist Adventure Sometimes a good action role-playing game doesn’t necessarily have to follow a formula, a default path: a “hands-on, eye-catching” combat system, or a storyline that is stressful and choking up to the minute. in the end, or unexpected surprises …

An action role-playing game can have a “comedy” storyline, a free and comfortable fighting mechanism, and still attract players.

And Alchemist Adventure, from Bad Minions – a Brazilian game development company, is such a game!


The gameplay of Alchemist Adventure in a real-time action RPG (Action RPG), as players freely move around the map and take action.

With a fixed top-down perspective (isometric), players can visualize a gameplay like Diablo IIIBut in fact, the fighting style of this game is not heavy on the amount of skills, but mainly … solving puzzles.

You play the role of an alchemist named Mya, when she gets lost in the “hoofbuckle” Isur, and here, along with a beast “homunculus”, she will have to find her way to discover Isur through your ability to alchemy.

In this world there are four types of elements: fire, water, air and earth (sounds exactly like it Avatar: The Last Airbender So), and Mya can combine elements together with other materials to create potions of “concoction” with different abilities.

Alchemist that is!

However, there is no single recipe, you will have to research and make your own potions with different effects.

Experimenting and making potions will greatly contribute to the game’s “puzzle” mechanism, as you will have to make the most of alchemy to overcome various obstacles.


In addition to discovering new recipes, you can freely explore and interact with the world using potions.

Mya can burn off almost anything on the road and collect materials, or freeze water on the surface of a lake to cross, or shock objects to activate or destroy them!

The game will challenge your creativity with interesting interactions between ingredients, and interactions between potions and the world, opening up a variety of new combat options, not being followed. Conventional “action game”.

For example, if you want to deal massive damage to the opponent, make up a pot of flare to throw in the barrels of explosives.

Or is the enemy too crowded but there is a lake nearby? Lure the enemy closer to the lake and use electric shock all the time (be careful not to startle yourself).

As you use the potions, time slows down, allowing you to freely choose where to throw the pot and come up with the best fit (almost Final Fantasy VII Remake).

With 4 elements and countless materials, the only limit is probably how creative you are.

Try out Alchemist Adventure


Surprisingly, this game has a co-op mode, if you have two handles, one controller will be for Mya, and the other player will control … the homunculus to go to the tournament. quiz for it.

I just tested this feature… alone with 2 handles, so don’t know what the actual experience is like, maybe it will be fun if controlled by two people!

Try out Alchemist Adventure


Through the village Try out Alchemist Adventure As can be seen that the game is more about exploration and puzzle, so if you are someone who expects a hand-picked “chopping” system, then the game probably won’t satisfy you.

However, if you want to experience an action role-playing game where you can freely control the world around you and experiment with some “oh my god” plans … for fun, then this game is meant to be. body is a very suitable name!


Alchemist Adventure currently available on Steam as Early Access, with a price of 140,000 VND.

The game is also available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One,