Silent Hill’s director is collaborating with a famous author in Japan

Silent Hill’s director is collaborating with a famous author in Japan


The game Silent Hill is still in the works and will definitely match with someone who is very good at horror genre.

This will be the first phenomenon that has never happened before in the gaming industry. The director of the Silent Hill project shared that he is excited to be able to work with this person. Specifically, Silent Hill director Keiichiro Toyama, Siren and Gravity Rush said he is currently collaborating with an anonymous “creator” in Japan.

In December, Toyama announced his departure from SIE Japan Studio to found Bokeh Game Studio, the company he founded with Junya Okura, the lead designer of the Gravity Rush series, and Kazunobu Sato, the lead designer of Puppeteer exclusively. on PS3. Toyama’s next game will be a horror action-adventure title, targeting a cross-platform release by 2023. Many of the designer’s former Japan Studio team is said to have followed him. Bokeh, before SIE studio stopped working.

Speaking with Al Hub in a new interview, the creator of Silent Hill teased that much more needs to be revealed about who he is currently collaborating with. Eager to ask for some interesting information that they have never been allowed to mention before, Toyama said: “Obviously we’re still in the early stages of development, so I can’t really say much, but we are looking to create an experience that can be widely known and get more of your attention, ”he said. “For example, we plan to have our game set in Asian cities. “One thing can be said, we are currently working hard to collaborate with a famous creator in Japan and that is something we have never made public before.”

Last year we saw rumors surrounding developer Konami’s horror game project, and maybe they are preparing to get ready for the announcement of the gaming project’s identity. This weird. Last month, VGC reported that a well-known Japanese developer is currently working on a series of hit projects according to new private sources. And Silent Hill’s composer Akira Yamaoka has hinted to fans that his next game project will be one that gamers hope to hear more about in a video interview news, has finally released this rather important interview. Silent Hill’s publisher, Konami, later declined to tell VGC that it did not request to remove Yamaoka’s video interview.

In a video released last month, Keiichiro Toyama thoroughly explained his decision to leave Sony and discussed the inspiration behind his next game. “Games have become larger and more complex over the past few years,” he said. “The audience has become particularly interested and wants more interesting things, especially for companies like Sony, where I have worked with and collaborated. However, instead of reaching out to as many audiences as possible, my game chooses which audience to approach best. I myself have a lot of confidence in my style of making games and do not want to have to compete with big projects.

I aspire to create titles that fans can enjoy 10, 20 years after they are released. Since I want to continue to achieve this under the right conditions, I feel that having my own studio is essential for future projects ”. Obviously, the race to big projects today has made the games no longer retain the same soul, until now if we play Silent Hill 2 or Silent Hill 3 again, you will still have to be quiet. admire the people who make them. Let’s hope that the person Keiichiro collaborates with will be Junji Ito, because only he is the one who can pen the most horror ideas and create a new wind for the new Silent Hill game being developed.