Serious Environmental Harm caused by Gaming Garbage


In recent years, the phrase “climate change” is being interested and searched by many people. Climate change not only has a negative impact on people’s life on earth but also threatens the human environment in the future. There are many causes of climate change such as emissions from factories, cars, daily electricity consumption, etc. However, gamers have never considered their PC, laptop, gaming console to be factors causing climate change or not?

Serious environmental damage caused by gaming waste - photo 1

Specifically, according to a recent study by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the number of PCs, laptops and consoles alone in the US has annual carbon emissions equivalent to 85 million refrigerators. or 5 million cars. That is a pretty scary number when many gamers never think of playing games, using a PC can create such a large amount of emissions.

Serious environmental damage caused by gaming waste - photo 2

Over time as technology moves forward, Evan Mills, lead author of the study, said: [hệ thống chơi game] becomes more energy consuming. Gaming consoles from the 1970s, for example, used only about 10W of power but today, each Xbox One X uses about 108 electricity in gaming. PCs, laptops are not inferior when most PCs today consume about 500W to 650W of power, although today’s gaming laptops have less consumption but also about 120-230W of electricity. Just a popular graphics card used for gaming, can also consume about 300W of electricity. There is no specific figure on the amount of power consumed by console systems like the PS4, but this device also consumes a lot of power to be able to operate.

Serious environmental damage caused by gaming waste - photo 3

Even if a gaming system becomes more energy-efficient, the overall power consumption of the devices can still increase. As games become more technically complex and beautiful, devices also require more processing power and use more power. Monitors, TVs, speakers and other accessories also add to demand for electricity. (UK researchers estimated that game stream YouTubers consumed the equivalent of 10 million tons of CO2 worldwide in 2016.)

This is something that Microsoft has warned about and now the technology company is also fighting to combat climate change. The company has a lofty goal of reducing the amount of carbon created by 2030 to a minimum and the future zero emissions by 2050. Microsoft is already seeing a lot of the real environmental impact of devices. electronic equipment in today’s life, including PCs, laptops and consoles.

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