Security technology is controversial: Denuvo is coming to PS5

Security technology is controversial: Denuvo is coming to PS5


First launched in late 2019, Denuvo Anti-Cheat is Denuvo’s new anti-cheat solution for titles and esports. Denuvo Anti-Cheat’s goal is to prevent fraudsters from manipulating and extracting data or resources. Utilizing advanced security features from Intel and AMD, combined with an algorithm to track game metrics and developments, Denuvo Anti-Cheat ensures extreme fraud detection. precision period and minimize errors.

However, it seems that Denuvo security technology soon did not receive love from the gaming community around the world because it was too resource-intensive. However, it cannot be denied that Denuvo is at the forefront of anti-tampering and anti-fraud technology. So it’s no surprise that Denuvo and Sony are working together to solve the hacking and cheating problem on PS5 consoles. Irdeto (Denuvo’s parent company) today announced that “they have joined the” PlayStation 5 Tools and Middleware “program to bring Denuvo security technology to the next generation console.

“Denuvo, a leader in video game protection, provides anti-fraud solutions through an advanced security program for publishers and developers of titles available on PlayStation 5”, the release writes. Denuvo believes its tools will allow developers to secure revenue and profits.

Irdeto says that Denuvo’s technology allows developers “secure both online games as well as keep offline progress safe” and mentions that the tool has been used in some of the newer PlayStation 5 titles (though it’s not clear which titles). The company reiterated that their technology “No negative impact on in-game performance” and note that they are protected “over 2 billion game installs” on all backgrounds.

Although Sony’s PlayStation console is a closed platform managed by Sony, the system can still be attacked by hackers. Typically, the PS3 and PS4 consoles have been hacked, making it easy to play games for free on the two systems. Gamers just need to buy a PS3 or PS4 Hack available to play the game completely free. To prevent this, Sony will naturally have to find the best solution they have is Denuvo, to be able to protect the PS5 from hacking.