Riot simplifies the promotion streak as you rank up


The promotion chain – one of the things that most inhibits League of Legends players has been simplified a lot after Riot’s recent decision.

Accordingly, from the 2020 season, the promotion chain between ranks (for example, from Gold 2 to Gold 3) will be removed. Meanwhile, the promotion chain between different rank levels (eg Silver to Gold) will remain.

“In the best case scenario, you will feel relieved if you win, and in the worst case scenario, you will be extremely tired and depressed when you lose 5 consecutive times in the promotion chain”, “We wanted to reverse the previous decision to help players avoid that fatigue and depression,” said Riot.

Ranking up is the joy of all League players

Now, when advancing to a new rank, gamers will receive the extra points directly from the previous rank (eg you are in Silver rank 2.90 points. A win gives you 20 points, you will have 10 Silver rank 1).

However, now when you drop 0 points at a rank level, you will fall straight to the lower rank instead of playing a few more matches like before. Anyway, gamers in general still appreciate this as a reasonable thing, because when rank up is easier, down rank must also be correspondingly easier.

As mentioned, this change does not affect the Bo5 rank chain between ranks such as from Silver to Gold, from Gold to Platinum … Riot wants to keep a certain level of competition, “difficulty” is certain because this is considered to be a much bigger change in level from Gold 2 to Gold 1.

Now the rank system will be much simpler

The promotion chain is one of the things that makes gamers the most inhibitory in League of Legends. Many people complain that they are unnecessary things, designed to “make it difficult” for gamers. For many years, the community has repeatedly petitioned Riot to improve this system, but it won’t be until season 11 that their wishes come true.