[Review] Watch Dogs: Legion

[Review] Watch Dogs: Legion



Watch Dogs: Legion – The first agent to join DedSec’s writer is Elise Buckley, a yoga assistant who travels the “dark web” in his spare time, has a pet being a black owl and often jogs to Hyde Park. at 12:00 to 2:00.

Who is crazy and jogging in the sun?

That’s not good, it’s against the obvious social norms, so she needs to be… eliminated!

The first task – to find the whereabouts of the trafficking shipment at a Kelley gang cargo terminal, is an “intentional suicide” mission.

The laptop containing the target information was tucked inside a hut that had previously been a dozen heavy gun mounds, a reconnaissance drone and a few Kelley’s hands with machine guns.

Even if Elizabeth was enchanted, her ability to fail this mission was somewhere in the Christian books “self-help”.


Her wand, mistakenly, her phone disables drones easily with the Q button. She penetrates the gun emplacements from afar, “delete” half of the Kelleys there before they are broken.

The last few Kelley’s hands remained, one was hit by an unmanned truck, the other “flew like a hawk” when he entered the explosion range of a gas pipe, the other could barely see his knee. Elise before measuring the soil.

It turns out, thanks to her job, she has the trait “increased melee damage”.

Elise reported the results to Alex Mook, who assigned this task to DedSec and also an officer with the Albion force that was occupying London.

Alex agrees to join DedSec, and the good state party consisting of the office secretary, mime artist, loading staff, sack girl, the troubadour and my therapist in Watch Dogs: Legion suddenly instantly has a weapon as powerful as the 7.62mm bullets!


Watch Dogs: Legion


When your city ​​is dominated by a private military corporation, roads begin to sprout with digital blocking, drones filling the sky, soldiers mistreating pedestrians bluff, who will Stand up against those dictators?

Of course only the DedSec hackers … were eliminated by Albion in the first 15 minutes of Watch Dogs: Legion!

The remnants of the group, including leader Sabine, were hiding outside London with an AI Bagley with the same level of speech as Stephen Merchant.

Their job?

Train those who love “cartoon violence” and like punk rock.

Their motto?

We live in a society.

Their goals?

Turn any page of 1984, read out any quote and you will find it.

The DedSec hacker branch in the UK brings together the people … you want, literally, really!

The “hacktivist” teens in San Francisco may be “punk” enough to dislodge the super conglomerates at the Silicon Valley, but for a London in a “blood every second” situation, then the lower book also becomes the upper policy.

The usefulness of a Hooligan will be on par with a politician because at DedSec everyone is equal, only some people are more equal than others.

Get rid of the paperwork, it’s time to drive the BMW M3 across the Picadilly strip at 150km / h, get some Albion soldiers hospitalized, push some trailing cars straight into the public bus, and maybe ” lightly wipe ”some of the pedestrians.

Don’t forget to turn your radio over to the Metal playlist, as surely the traumatic lyrics about the death of former member of the Architects band in “Hereafter” are completely uncoordinated with the mess you just caused.

And right there, we were run over by Watch Dogs ‘ first stop: Legion.

On the one hand, it really wants to express its attitudes on the flip side of technology, authoritarianism and superhumanism.

On the other hand, once the player picks up the handle, it becomes a funny cartoon that plays on a Saturday morning, with an 80-year-old woman jumping on top of a guard and… hugging until he fainting!

If you had to ask Watch Dogs: Legion to choose to press two of the four “bleak”, “carefree”, “humane”, and “whimsical” buttons, then it would be so perturbed that it would randomly hit all four. it likes.

While there is an obvious goal of toppling Albion’s yoke, the actions the player performs no longer carry the same weight as before.

It was not like a desperate struggle, but simply a parable of ants crawling into an elephant’s internal organs.

Where is the stress when Albion soldiers, machines and technology are too easy to cope with just one handheld device?

Squeeze like when surveillance cameras in every corner of London exist to help players, but not for their “miserable”?

How is resistance when 90% of the missions in the game put the player on the initiative, with the goal always to break in / eliminate/destroy, and the enemy is always one step behind?

Watch Dogs: Legion

The afternoon of the following day by Elise Buckley was as usual. She broke into a warehouse located on the corner of Lambeth Street, paced Albion’s wrists around, turned off the alarm strip from a distance, then copied the address that contained a car containing prohibited goods on a nearby PDA.

That mission took 15 minutes. From after 3:00 pm, she walked around Carnaby Street, looked up the profiles of about 50 people, distracted some soldiers, punched some others, entered a darts bar, climbed onto the roof of a building. Get equipment upgrades, hop on a transport drone, sabotage traffic on London Bridge, sabotaging some parcel drones, vandalizing ships on the Thames.

90% of the missions in the game take the player on the initiative, with the goal always to break in / eliminate / destroy, and the enemy is always one step behind.

A digital magician suddenly becomes a digital village destroyer.

I wanted Albion to come right here and grab this Chi Pheo, but with the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) genre, I could only stand still when Elise was holding her ass on the transport drone I named herself. is CDV (Creator of Domestic Violence, or Can Dau Van), they deserve to be pitied rather than “get” harmed.

But… wait, that’s what fascinated me four years ago!

Marcus Holloway may not have a much conflicting story, but his resourcefulness is the explanation for the big turning point in Watch Dogs 2 ‘s gameplay.

I used to feel like a “Vietnamese prodigy” when successfully inserted malware into the Nudle server with just a jumper, but in Watch Dogs: Legion, the most ingenious thing you can do is … use one drone with a flashlight to light the way in a dark prison?

The chaotic fabrication reel in the game not only removed many of the hacking functions from the previous installment (no “power off”, could not change street lights, could not stop Albion from calling for reinforcements), but the scale in the DedSec’s performance has not improved much.

5 main storylines corresponding to 5 villains with uneven priority, stretching for 25 hours, with the biggest challenge being a … boss fight, boss standing still, you have to run around the tournament chain hacknet links to open “weakness”, shoot the weak point with your gun and run out!

Basically, the hacking aspect of Watch Dogs: Legion is as important as the Brexit British people would like it to be.

Watch Dogs: Legion

The next day, Elise takes on her next mission: breaking into the police station to save David Ailes, a member of DedSec who has just been kidnapped.

This mission was “a bit tense”, she was discovered while strangling a guard on the second floor.

The shooting pushed her to the rooftop, where a mound of machine guns was waiting. Elise was shot down. DedSec member list with less than one person. David still hasn’t escaped the station, it’s time for Alex to step in.

Under the Albion uniform, Alex stepped straight through the checkpoint, passed the first floor, stepped onto the second floor, entered the interrogation room, and knocked unconscious a former colleague. Both were discovered while exiting from the balcony. David successfully left, but Alex was chased until Trafalgar Square.

Leaving the ragged self-driving taxi, the first of the protesters he “looked at” on his personal page was Harding Poole, a female boxing athlete.

DedSec needs someone who can punch pain like Muhammad Ali, so… welcome Harding to join!

Leaving aside the Ubisoft-bold side activities, ignoring mission design and drab content, the only bright spot about Watch Dogs: Legion is the 8.98 million-man legion the game is proud of. Potty that: you can “role-play anyone”.

And aside from some specific characters in the main storyline, it doesn’t break any promises!

Who they are, what do they do, where they are from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. all within the Deep Profile function.

Personal information is that gold is silver, and now it becomes a weapon.

Ask a stranger along the way, claiming to be part of a secret hacker organization undercover in a massive bombing, and the likelihood that they open up to you is always 101%.

They will ask you to rescue this person, take that, destroy that.

Their finishing and fists / stun guns/batons / AK-47s / spray paints/loudspeakers will belong to you.

For the first time in Watch Dogs, you didn’t play the part of a Jack-of-All-Trades that knows all.



The only bright spot about Watch Dogs: Legion is the 8.98 million-man legion that the game prides itself on that you can “play anyone”.

It’s not hard to see Watch Dogs: Legion’s attempt to put logic into this million-dollar system and I would appreciate any game that lets you play into a homeless guy with a Vector gun. .45.

Each person has its own characteristics depending on the profession (in the UK, “profession” is slang for “class” / “character class” ).

Tools like robot spiders, stun guns and drone hacks make useless people useful.

So in theory, most ordinary people are also a “weapon” when it comes to DedSec.

During this “guerrilla recruitment”, anything is possible.

It was a fine day in Westmington. Walking out of the subway line, a therapist suddenly wants to lose enough with Harding because another member accidentally hits her patient.

Yes, there’s an invisible attempt inside Watch Dogs: Legion is trying to prove that everything is natural, everything is connected, merged, and once those little moments happen. , the short-term fun will hit you, and you’ll immediately brag to your Facebook friends how much attention this game pays off to minutia!

But it just goes so far: interesting enough for you to tell your friends.

Dig deep inside Watch Dogs: Legion and it’s like a lax security system waiting to be attacked by the push of a button.

Want to hire a lawyer that hates DedSec?

His sister could be the main link!

You spend 15 minutes taking the sister into the group, talking to your brother, then… they communicate like two strangers.

Want to hire an Albion employee?

Their demands will certainly never be associated with their profession, and in every conversation between you and them, the fact that they used to be Albion will never be mentioned.

The craziest thing, is that even though Ubisoft loves to include the “super superfluous” character progression system in its titles, the only time they should apply it, they won’t!

Those who’ve played XCOM of Firaxis will understand the emotions of the players for the character that the game automatically creates random unrelated to resume them, that it formed from the war, from the “zero to heroes ”of each individual.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you recruit anyone at any given time, until the credits show up, they haven’t changed since the first time you met them.

It was too difficult to hold any emotion for these dolls when they were the true “disposable mercenaries”.

Experience with them is not like choosing a chessboard with a car, a statue, a code, well, because pawn can turn into queen after all, and in Watch Dogs: Legion, there is no reason for players to choose. The character cannot fight for doctors, spies, or assassins.

This is also the type of legion operating in the style of “everyone’s way”.

Unbelievably, during Watch Dogs: Legion’s 25 hours, it didn’t have a single mission that allowed you to assign the role of at least one DedSec member to script support.

A beautiful London. A purposeful crazy soundtrack. A Bagley with many stories but memorable.

And those things put an end to Watch Dogs: Legion with the outdated phrase I have used to describe Ubisoft’s products for two years now: good idea, bad execution.


  • Producer: Ubisoft Toronto
  • Released: Ubisoft
  • Category: Action
  • Release date: October 29, 2020
  • Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

  • OS:  Windows 10
  • CPU:  Intel Core i5-4460 3.2 GHz, AMD Ryzen 5 1400 3.2 GHz
  • RAM:  4 GB
  • VGA:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / GeForce GTX 1650
  • HDD:  45 GB

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 3.7Ghz
  • RAM: 16GB
  • VGA: GTX 1070 8GB
  • SSD: Crucial BX500 960GB




Among Watch Dogs: Legion’s 9 million dummies filled with cockney-like voices, there are very few that deserve your attention, just like the other 50% of the game.