[Review] Wartile



Wartile Nowadays, videogame has become an all too familiar concept, if not to say that it is an inevitable part of life.

If you take a rough calculation, the game industry has only approximately 40 “green spring” – but so many people will come up with the question “in those old days, what did people play for fun?”

To have the answer, it is also necessary to reiterate that today’s role-playing game (RPG) was the original “board game”, played with only paper, pencil, dice, and fascinating stories. or in law books.

Illustrations are very much in the more “luxurious” variants, people are exposed to “fine” board sets, including colorful multi-sided dice particles, or tiny but sophisticated character models.

There are also extremely expensive types of board games that push things further, allowing players to play wits against each other through a large detailed chessboard and rugged terrain, as close to the level of “fall” ( diorama).

Indeed, games lasting several hours will not be a pain if players can indulge in a miniature, sophisticated world, nestled on a table.

If, having clearly separated board games and videogames like that, what happens when someone tries to “fuse” these two categories into one – and specifically … make board games? In which players will play board games in a game?

Let’s join MarkGame to find the answer through the review Wartile – A unique and strange game from Playwood Project Aps company!


Flower style “table” extreme!

The reason said Wartile It’s a game in which people play board games because it’s the same truth when Wartile recreate the environment in an extremely delicate and meticulous way.

With game screen is the “array” cut out from the terrains commonly found in fantasy games such as mountain passes, dragon caves, or cliffs close to the sea, etc.

Wartile Take the player from one surprise to another, with his melancholy tectonic tactics.

Actually, the writer always wonders that, if in real life, is there anyone who can afford to create sophisticated models that art, to the point of “manipulating the public” like this? are not?

Each screen plays in Wartile It is a re-enactment of a battlefield, in which the player controls an army of character models against the enemy.

Set in Viking, so the characters in Wartile is quite familiar to those who love the Nordic epic, the same harsh land all year round.

The Viking warrior models are also designed to be extremely detailed and sophisticated, fit, to express the nature of each character class (ax warrior, shield sword hunter, spear hunter …) but still keep get the quality of his “plastic model”.

If in real life there are detailed tables as in detail Wartile, the price of them must be calculated by $500 poured up

In particular, each table in Wartile All are meticulously constructed at all angles, creating both tactical for the player to take advantage of, but also have a very high visual art with beveled corners, delicate slices, and selection.

The writer assures that if in real life, there are detailed tables as in detail Wartile, the price of them must be calculated by tens of millions of VND poured up but cannot be lower!


Disability overwhelms pros

Wartile is able to win over players, at first sight, thanks to its unique and so excellent graphics – but unfortunately, the praise that goes to the game just stops there, because of other aspects of the game. Wartile are just … below average!

First, let’s talk about the gameplay Wartile: instead of taking the classic turn-based strategy, the game chooses to present itself as real-time action.

Yup, you didn’t get it wrong.

Every one of the characters in Wartile Either I or the enemy can be controlled in real-time, and they have a certain delay when attacking or moving.

The problem here is, characters can only stand on a hexagon on the table, not move freely.

This results in players often encountering paths blocked by erroneous layouts (by player mistake or by dumb layout).

Even if key items appear on the screen, the player still has to destroy all enemies, then move each character to take the empty way, to touch.


This is not too big of a deal if Wartile There is a smarter control mechanism.

Unfortunately, in both Steam and Switch versions, I have to endure over-necessary “sida” controls: choose a character, choose a destination, move – or, choose wrong, try to reselect.

Again, if Wartile is a turn-based strategy game where players can leisurely “drink tea and eat cake” while discussing the army, things might be different – but when choosing for themselves real-time gameplay, where every action goes wrong Mistakes come at a high cost, well Wartile has “screwed” the whole.

Next, is the card system that supports the game.

When choosing for yourself real-time gameplay, where every wrong action comes at a high price, well Wartile has “screwed” the whole

It would have been a good idea if the player’s deck was more diverse and less random – or the player had a more convenient method of manipulation than… select the cards, then try to draw the desired character “ buff ”, then drop.

Warehouse of the Wartile can also be considered a “masterpiece” of … catastrophic when it is both difficult to manage and cumbersome, but in fact, the items can be bought in the shop … “corn pulp” than toys that players pick up. are after battles.


After all, the game has a too short playing time, less than 10 levels, encapsulated in 6-7 types of tables.

This not only makes the value of enjoying the game fall short due to the “give-to-have” storyline but also erases the replay value – what strategy games are all about, to help players exploit more. Features are hidden in the game over.

And with a few characters and not really much different, there is almost no reason for players to “fall in love from the start” when finished playing. Wartile both.


  • Manufacturing: Playwood Project Aps
  • Released: DECK 13
  • Category: Tactic
  • Meeting day: October 22, 2020
  • Machine system: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch


  • OS: N / A
  • CPU: N / A
  • RAM: N / A
  • VGA: N / A
  • HDD: N / A


  • OS: N / A
  • CPU: N / A
  • RAM: N / A
  • VGA: N / A
  • HDD: N / A