[Review] Total War Saga: Troy is a difficult game with many redundant details


The long-standing game series Total War, first appeared as Shogun: Total War in 2000. So far the series has gone through 14 different versions.

August 13, 2020, publisher Sega entertain fans of the 24-hour free downloadable series of real-time strategy games before commercialization.


A Total War Saga: Troy is set in the ancient Greek war

Just entering the game, A Total War Saga: Troy gives us 3 starting options corresponding to knowledge in the game. There are 8 generals, the leader divided equally between the two factions Danaans (Greece) and Trojans (Troy). Each general has his own story, his own land, and starts his territory in a state from easy to difficult.

The victory condition for the war was to destroy the rival country, and to occupy the colony. The game continues to let us choose the level of campaign and battle staging. There are 5 levels: easy, medium, difficult, veteran and legendary.


A close-up map of a beautiful island

I chose Odyssey (difficulty level). Due to being just playing for the first time, practically any level is difficult. I was given a map, seeing the location of my territory and the vicinity. Champions have three different states such as neutral, hostile, and enemy. Based on this data I am targeting the unfriendly group to attack. Because of being neutral, I will try to negotiate for them to become allies. The enemy is stronger than me, so I have to hoard my troops and pay first.


Odyssey floated on the battleship

My starting point – the character Odyssey came from a war ship, going to conquer a new land. Each character will have a start based on a different storyline. This is a plus point of A Total War Saga: Troy. The game will retain players longer, through 8 leaders located on two sides. Food, wood, stone, copper are essentials in this game. Used to train soldiers, upgrade weapons, exploit resources. They are complicated, I also do not fully understand.

As a strategist, I have to look at the correlation of forces before making a decision to attack. Every time a fight broke out. The game changes the scene to a vast different perspective. I am spoiled for deployment in accordance with the classic battle strategy game style. The army spirit automatically moves into action after the battle is complete. Sit back and wait for the results.


The peaceful scene before the battle of the two sides

A Total War Saga: Troy strives for sweeping vision. Make decisions in a variety of situations and other issues such as developing the main champion a player plays. Invading, conquering other lands. Resource control. There are many other things that I have yet to discover. A match contains many big, small (battles against each other). Competing each other to expand the territory. Committing to the neutral faction,… is all part of the total war.

A Total War Saga: Troy is inclined towards the marco and storyline, ignoring the micro element in the strategy game. The system of self-stats, skills, and equipment of the character Odyssey are as detailed and diverse as the real RPG. The 8 leaders in the game have their own distinct soldier types. Odyssey I choose, has a spear as the primary weapon in the military. Every time you win a battle or capture a territory. We have 4 choices corresponding to the behavior of a hero or kiss. People’s happiness index is also available in A Total War Saga: Troy.


The tiny soldiers lack aesthetics

The game has 3 main views. Extensive map so we can send troops and commanders. In this perspective, the game is quite like a turn-based chess board. Therefore, making a decision to attack an enemy hero or occupy a new land needs to be considered to avoid wasted travel time.

The second point of view is battles. I can use the mouse to observe 360 ​​degrees of the battle between the two sides. Actually, the visuals, the sound in this part is very bad. The army was crowded like ants, lacked in detail so it was not beautiful. The sound is also not epic. The third perspective is the 1vs1 battle for life and death of 2 generals. The picture here is beautiful but the fight is short. The encounter was not as fiery as it was in the commercials.


4 choices for the winner

The setting of A Total War Saga: Troy belongs to the Bronze Age. The highlight is the famous battle of Troy with Greek mythology. It is said that the Greeks could not attack Troy for 10 long years. They think of a way, using a giant wooden horse filled with soldiers to sit outside the gate of the Troy army. The Troy thinks that Greece has given up and uses the horse as a treasure to give to Troy, admitting defeat. Troy drives his horse into the city, celebrating passionately. In the middle of the night, the Greeks poured out from their giant horses to destroy Troy and capture the city.


Odyssey’s army is lined up

After more than 3 hours of hardship with A Total War Saga: Troy as Odyssey. This is really a difficult game to play. Many details, in-depth and cumbersome specifications. The game develops in the direction of leaders solving the problem of territorial expansion. I have little impact in battles. This makes me not interested in the game.

A Total War Saga: Troy is a long journey. The player must step by step step by step. It takes a lot of time to complete this game. This is its advantages and disadvantages. If you are passionate about Greek epic, like to explore the features in the game yourself, incarnate as leader. A Total War Saga: Troy is for you.