[Review] Spiritfarer


Spiritfarer – Stella awakens in the middle of the morning on the still crimson water.

Her boat drifted behind Charon, the boatman’s boatman, and stopped at the threshold separating earth and hell.

In the land of transparency SpiritfarerPersonal eye-catching is the “gong” that holds the travelers before the opportunity to escape at the doorway.

But Stella is not one of them.

She came here to be entrusted with the duty of bringing travelers to their final stopover.

A non-dangerous, space-strained obligation, but a lofty role in fate.

This is not a death game.




In Spiritfarer, Every time a new traveler joins Stella’s train, there are things to take care of as you take them to their resting place: a new home has to be built, a new favorite of each people must be found, and the problems of human life if there is no real end to be revealed.

Spiritfarer maneuver those busy jobs less than the promise of great rewards, which you – in the heels of Stella – will do with your own generosity.

From simple goals to difficult jobs.

First, you have to build space for each person on a small-and-then-will-grow-up ship.

If you do not care about aesthetics, you can … dispose of each house inside the allowed construction area, but if you take a little time to meticulously arrange each building to fit together, then you can Show the game’s first “human fold” challenge.

In addition, there are two other reasons for you to be interested in this “puzzle” minigame: placing houses and structures secluded will help resource activities (such as meteor shower, “picking” lightning, catching fireflies) which requires jumping quite a bit becomes easier to breathe; And the hedgehog old lady Alice would be pleased if you put her dwelling near the orchard.

Outside the accommodation, the inside travelers Spiritfarer I am just like the author in that… loves to be hugged and like food, which can fortunately be unconditionally fulfilled.

If you want to hug, approach them and press the X button (not recommended to try in real life) to express your infinite affection.

With food, you just put the ingredients in an oven, wait and it will be ready to satisfy customers.

This try-and-do process only requires choosing one or two available ingredients, not too complicated, and maybe you will be surprised to know that some “free” grandfather invented the Cocktail. Lobster.

Each of them also has their own taste, prompting players to discover new recipes.

Each person’s status and personality also reveal what foods they like, such as Astrid who loves rustic food because she is a proletarian, or Summer teaches Stella the gonet to help plants grow. so it can be concluded that: she is only vegetarian.

These mere meanings are small in action but great in xinxing.

As each person’s story gradually unfolds, Spiritfarer it is officially revealed that it is not just about death itself, but also about surrender, despair, and sometimes even waiting for your destiny to erase the pain that life brings.

Spiritfarer not only talking about death itself, but also surrender, despair, and sometimes even waiting for your own destiny to erase the pain that life brings.

Gustav’s story left the biggest impression on the author, with the image of a poppy flower adorned with a life that once lived a free, refreshing life, until being clamped down by his own body. me.

Then there will come a time when you realize that these travelers are not strangers.

They were relatives and were the ones that existed in the turning point of Stella’s life.

They are more than the appearance of frogs, porcupines, snakes, and eagles inside the boundless beauty of the world. Spiritfarer.

The reason they boarded Stella’s ship since then had no meaning, because once the moment to say goodbye had come to an end, all memories, happy or sad, whether anxious or calm, will always remain in the mind of the rest.



Spiritfarer rich in two things: emotion and time.

If it gets the first with natural chorus in its content circuit, then with the second, it “robs” the player freely.

To be able to meet the needs of building / upgrading accommodation for travelers, making dishes, or any other requirements arising in their own quest chain, the player will need quite a lot of resources.

Food raw materials are grown or purchased from a bear shop, the log must be sawn from a tree and then brought into the sawmill to be made into wood, metal can be dug from ore (or picked from… from the sky. dropped) and thrown into the furnace to form ingots, or combined with limestone / lime powder to make metal sheets.

In short, the player’s job is generally to find or invent these resources for the purpose of pleasing travelers.

However, with work Spiritfarer can last up to 35-40 hours of play and 5/6 of which only includes rotation between these jobs, the game accidentally loses the tempo and stops the player with too many focus mechanisms quantity instead of quality.

Style play Spiritfarer there are many inconvenient “but” ones.

You have a list of discovered recipes, but you can only view it in the kitchen, you cannot select a recipe to make that dish immediately, and you cannot view your favorite food. List each recipe if you forget it.

Bar cooking and laminating metal plates are two true “extreme” activities because you can only make up to 5 bars / sheet at each time using the machine.

Smaller activities such as fishing, watering plants, crushing stones, grinding starch… interrupted the playing rhythm unnecessarily by the slow movement of Stella.

These activities do not require high judgment or reflex skills, but building upgrades and the ship itself require significant amounts of resources, making the “mobile farm” of Spiritfarer Sometimes it’s no different from plowing and hoeing in phone games.

The game accidentally loses the pace and stops the player with too many mechanisms focusing on quantity instead of quality

And yet, the time consuming “flows” into the explored aspect of the game.

Set sail in the clear world Spiritfarer brings a sense of peace in foreplay, but as later, even with fast-shift bus stops open, you’ll either spend time while the train windsurfing to gather resources, or knock finger on the table to wait for the game to end.

And finally, the remaining “overdue” period of time Spiritfarer perhaps it would be less annoying, if the other half of the game’s content was well designed like the moment where Stella said goodbye to the travelers.

Although the author is keen to acknowledge that the characters in the game are adorable and pitiful, but actually their appearance on the ship is not only not equal, but their story will wake up your feelings. based on your experiences in real life, not based on their own character-building style.

Among the little tales they revealed to Stella after she had fulfilled each request, it was not difficult to complete. Spiritfarer with the impression that the traveller’s nuances consist only of the main story, the food they like and are over.

They did not communicate with each other other than Stella, did not comment on the societies or landscapes of the places where Stella went, they did not recognize the new buildings that Stella built unless it was directly related to the request. their.

If you have to compare with another game with the same goal is “sending people to the other side” is Pyre, then Spiritfarer really lacks of accompaniment between the main emotional climax.

The conversations of Spiritfarer not only one way, but also… Difficult. Swallow. Because. Because. NPC. Just. Great. To speak. Like this.

The conversation style is written in a very stylish, sometimes witty way, completely ruined by the way the words want to blow their ears because Thunder Lotus thinks it helps the player to concentrate, but in fact it only makes the button. X was tortured mercilessly by those who read quickly …


  • Manufacturing: Thunder Lotus Games
  • Released: Thunder Lotus Games
  • Category: Adventure
  • Meeting day: August 18, 2020
  • Machine system: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


  • OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 SP1
  • CPU: Dual Core 3.0 GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB RAM
  • VGA: 1GB
  • HDD: 7GB


  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 3.7Ghz
  • RAM: 16GB
  • VGA: ASUS AMD Radeon RX 570 ROG Strix 4GB
  • SSD: Crucial BX500 960GB