[Review] Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales


Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Spider-Man, no longer a strange name globally, especially for those who love Marvel superheroes.

Spider-Man not only appears in comics, movies, merchandise (toys, hats, shirts, etc.) but also in video games.

But since the version Spider-Man 2: Video Game, the games released under Activision’s hands are always underrated and their quality is erratic.

Until 2018, when Marvel officially regained the game development copyright of the Spider guy and was chosen by Insomniac Games to “revive” development. Marvel’s Spider-Man, resonating with the movie’s success momentum “Spider-Man into the Spider-verse” By Sony Pictures, trademarks Spider-Man’s Officially extremely successful return.

One day, at an online event called “PS5 – The Future of Gaming Show”, the spider suddenly returned, but it was not Peter Parker but his student – Miles Morales.

So whether after nearly 2 years of development, was introduced under the eyes of the curator that “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales“Is a spin-off version (side story), can that expectation and eagerness be paid off?

Will the quality of the game compare or have any improvement compared to the 2018 version?

Let MarkGame.com read the following review to find out!



The main story of the game revolves around the guy Miles Morales has to manage alone when “master” Peter Parker is away from home … going out with Mary Janes.

Still taking the theme of a fledgling superhero, encountering many surprises and turning points to fight the enemy.

But not because of that, the story becomes old because the beauty of the game is the way the company develops the main and secondary characters not only in the main storyline but also inside quests, recordings, and items collected from the beginning to the end of the game.

When the experience is over, we can feel an unexpected warmth from family and friends and the times Miles learned on his way to become the second Spider-Man in New York City.

The beauty of the game is the way the company develops the main and secondary characters that are not only in the main storyline but also in side quests.


At first glance, with a shorter development time, even a multi-system release (PS4 and PS5), the amount of content invested in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales nothing really new is going to be difficult.

If just in general, everything retains the general “standard” of open-world games: storyline main missions, side activities including side quests, capture, loot collection, etc

Not to mention, version Marvel’s Spider-Man Previously, many players “gossiped” quite similar to Ubisoft’s open-world design style Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, then whether that Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales What more will I do?

But no, I was wrong!

The first is the straightforward game that removes the “unlock the towers” mode, with an improvement in all of the aforementioned areas thanks to the refinement and addition of enough diversity for each array.

Next, the activities of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, according to the writer’s assessment, the specific focus is on encapsulation, with enough content to elaborate.

Not too hugging, but which one comes out!

The most improvement is in the side questlines, such as the Miles quest helping an uncle on the rails, just go to the location and “clean” is done, but no, Young Spider The new “light” quiz is called complete!

Or another scenario: watching a bunch of looters take the goods and then use stealth skills to take pictures to analyze who actually took the goods so that the task can continue, etc.

Activities of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, according to the writer’s assessment, focus specifically on encapsulation, with enough content to embellish

This sub-mission system also reminds me of the recent blockbuster game: Ghost of Tsushima – where these sub-lines all have one or more other minor interconnection tasks before they are supposed to be completely completed.

Naturally, they won’t be as long as 4-6 sub-glands or too deep The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales still know how to refine to create enough depth for us to enjoy.

Insomniac Games also applies many of Miles’ signature skills to other activities such as challenges and the collection of items scattered throughout New York City, to create more variety in approach.

The completion and income are not just to “mark” the end, but they have stories to tell, another part is also descriptive and has a strong emphasis on the background story of Miles.

As in the 2018 version, every time you complete challenges, collect, or quests, players will be given experience points or “Tokens” to unlock skills upgrades or equipment for Spider, including pages. costumes – with different support features.


The combat system of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales dynamic and fast-paced than 2018 thanks to electrical skills like Bio-Electric, Venom Strike, Venom Blast, or stealth with Camouflage.

Looks a little bit, right?

But when combined with the skills of wall swing, punching, swinging to return blow, the battle becomes more “energetic” with many extremely eye-catching combos!

The combat with the enemy is also richer when the player can completely return to the state of “stealth” thanks to the stealth skill (if any missed).

The combat system of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales dynamic and fast-paced in 2018 thanks to electrical skills

Machine intelligence (AI) is also more sophisticated, knowing constantly groping or expressing suspicions when unable to contact a teammate who was sneaked by Miles, but no longer dumbfounded or ignorant.

There are many enemies that also have the ability to fly to find and observe, creating more unexpected initial situations when exposed.


The theme of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales reworked, beautiful, stylish, and easier on the eyes than its predecessor, with clear visuals for each skill that wants to be upgraded.

The things that the writer mentioned above will be very difficult to “sublimate” if there is no eye-catching investment from the background of graphics and sound is woven into the context of New York City.

Although it is still a bustling city, thanks to “put on” the winter atmosphere, the excitement of the residents here is very bustling on the Christmas holidays!

The density of active residents seems to be more crowded, some people wearing coats, people skating on the frozen lake surface are all “thrown” in by Insomniac Games to increase the taste of vitality here.

The scenes are thus meticulously decorated and decorated, carefully added with details and motifs, not just reused, and then added a layer of snow!

Not to mention, players can see how Insomniac Games really invests when it brings new scenes inside New York City, the Harlem neighborhoods (where Miles lives), Chinatown, or another secret underground study area of ​​new organizational forces, etc.

Miles’ movements changed significantly, because he was a Spider “apprentice”, so the collection and very little “hip-hop” are shown here and there in the form of swinging, sitting on the roof or even hanging on. walls and many other “sprung” designs if the player is hard to find.

Light and shadow effects are one of the improvements compared to 2018, even enhancing environmental interactions such as mixed footprints on the snow, snowflakes on the shirt, thick to light snow types. all exist.

I also noticed… the trash bag when Miles stepped up was also slightly flattened!

Matches in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales now is also extremely happy thanks to the intense fire effect, with a more “collapsed” environment, continuously “shuffling” the whole screen!

The atmosphere was very “enthusiastic” and even more energetic with the songs that could not be criticized for moving, combat, or cutscenes.

If you are tired of listening to background music, there are still radio stations “war”: one side is bad, the other side “loves” the new spider.

Sometimes, hearing them “anti-damage” is also extremely funny!

If I do not want to anymore, sometimes just going to a few park locations, listening to the male street musicians will feel more comfortable before starting to work as a superhero.



This is also obvious, no game is perfect.

Throughout the writer’s experience with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, sometimes players still make small mistakes – not really affecting the overall experience.

It can be said that the “drop” of the frame if the PS5 runs sweetly from 4K 30fps with ray-tracing turned on, or 4K 60fps, the PS4 version (specifically the PS4 Pro version) is in love. “drop” the frame when the scene is quite snowy.

Frame drop occurs most when using Venom skills: the system has to both process AI and deals with collapsed objects in battle, so when continuously using skills full of these effects, PS4 Pro has the phenomenon of “drowning”!

A few other trivial errors such as sometimes the writer saw theft from afar, whipped again … he “sunk” into the game screen or disappeared suddenly!

Frame drop occurs most when using Venom skills

There was even one main quest, do Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales So many things happened so the camera could not “keep up”, causing my Spider to fall directly under the water and the screen “Mission Failed” appeared.

Not to mention, because it’s a side story so Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales there is no playing time as large as the potential counterpart, this was the same with Uncharted The Lost Legacy.

The time that the writer plays to complete nearly 100% of the game falls in the range of 14-16 hours.

However, for the writer, this is a reasonable time to play and thanks to the limited time, everything in the game is just right, fits and well, so this is not necessarily a drawback, especially with the price of $ 50. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.