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Melody of Memory – Since the launch of the first version in 2002, Kingdom Hearts always keep a stable performance and become one of the main names in the house Square Enix, next to other brothers like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Tomb Raider …

Over the past 18 years, thousands of fans have been crazy about the adventures of young Sora traversing the familiar lands between the two worlds. Disney and Final Fantasy.

However, the problem is only calculating between two timelines Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2 then there are … 13 other game versions squeezed between them!

The prequel, the post-story, the prequel of the after-story, the post-story of the pre-story, the pre-story of the post-story … For a long time, the fans of the game had the most confusing timeline in the game world. This seemed to have “sighed” when Kingdom Hearts 3 launch.

Yet, how can the “tradition” stop so easily?

And here, the “prequel” part of Kingdom Hearts 3 Name Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is ready to “eat away” your money.

Do we have anything to expect in our latest title Kingdom Hearts?

Let’s find out with MarkGame in the following article.


Melody of Memory

Memories and Present

If you are a “crazy fan” of the series, you should play Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory If you are a toddler learning about this confusing universe or just played 1 or 2 copies of Kingdom Hearts “Beginning” the more you should play Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

Can call Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory A brief summary of the entire series is fine, or you can take it from a different perspective on the series, depending on how you approach the game.

If you wonder why then stay Kingdom Hearts: Melody of MemoryYou will become the “memory” of Kairi – Sora’s friend/lover.

After Sora went missing at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3, Kairi asked the Wise Ansem to help her enter her dream world, in order to find clues about Sora.

Here, every story of the game’s dozens of versions of Kingdom Hearts listed in a more “systematic” way but from Kairi’s point of view.

For new players, you can grasp the past 18 years without having to “spend the youth” to play again from the Kingdom Hearts first, 30 hours is enough.

As for veteran players, it is not just “a summary” anymore, it is memories, memories, things to look forward to after the “trick”. Kingdom Heart 2.9.

But of course, if there is only one thing for players to see “memory”, then no one wants to buy a list of “cutscene” (when Youtube is both free and more complete).

All the reasons a longtime fan will decide for Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory The shopping cart is when they know what will wait for them at the end of the game.

“An outside world”, “a real full moon”, “a new Organization 13”, “Sora will be back” … All confirmed after 30 minutes of a grueling fight with Xehanort in Kairi’s world.

So what else attracts you if you exclude the plot of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory?

Definitely must be the gameplay of the game.

Slash, repeatedly press the button, shoot the magic power, fly in the sky, and shout Blizzaga… according to the music.

That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong, instead of following the immersive style of the previous versions, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be a music game with completely different gameplay.

More than 345 screens equivalent to more than 145 different tracks ever appeared in the series.

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory It will be a long (and very long) way to take you from the first steps from leaving Destiny Island to the shattered memories in Twilight Town, the fiery battles in the Keyblade Graveyard …

Along with the huge number of levels of gameplay, the number of characters you can control is equally diverse with more than 20 different characters.

The “trio” is divided into four main groups named after their own game: Classic includes Sora – Donald and Goofy.

Days 358/2 Days including Roxas – Xion, and Axel.

DDD group (Dream Drop Distanceincluding Riku – Meow Wow and Komory Bat.

The BBS group (Birth By Sleepincluding Aqua – Terra, and Ventus, in addition, you can use King Mickey as a fourth companion (when using the special item).

Some levels will have the presence of Disney characters such as Hercules, Aladdin, Mulan, Beast …

Melody of Memory

But unfortunately, the same Kingdom Hearts 3, the characters from the world of Final Fantasy also did not appear in Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (maybe they are “busy” enough to have to “run number” between the inner worlds World of Final Fantasy already).

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be a music game with a completely different gameplay

Going back to the gameplay of the game, to be honest, Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory As a music game, it is not “right”.

If you are looking for an alternative to Deemo, Project Diva, Cytus… then you should think again before entering the wrong choice.

Basically the gameplay of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory more like a string of QTE (contextual keypress) longer and according to the beat of music than an authentic music game.

But also because of that Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Becoming special, it still retains the cutting-edge style that the original series tried to build and still lets players know that they are “playing a music game”.

If you are a fan of the Rhythm genre – Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will be a “fancy food” (and also full of challenges), if you are just a fan of it Kingdom Hearts You will not feel too out of place when enjoying your favorite game series.



Quite a few features of the original game have been bluntly and unfortunately dropped out Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory.

The most obvious of them is the KeyBlade system, the “key to punching each other” has become an indispensable part of the history of the game series.

Although it is possible for Crystal Snow, Olympia, Three Wishes … to appear as outfits, Square Enix says “no” and the characters can only use the default KeyBlade.

The skill system is also minimized, each character can only use a single skill like Sora is Thundara, Roxas is Firaga …

The upgrade options and shops also become a convention as the only thing useful is around the potions and Mega Potion (or you can use up the ice to satisfy Mickey running around at each level).

Melody of Memory

And of course, along with the omitted features are retained ‘redundant’ features, such as the leveling system, which comes in the case of you using up your Exp Boot and then recognizing your team. You level 1 or level 10 are no different (sorry ad Mafia).

The screen system also proves to be quite “forced” when you want to quickly get to the level you want (to the writer is 358/2 Days), the game forces you to complete a sufficient number of fixed levels to open the next world.

And it also means that you have to listen to music you don’t want to hear and repeat, repeating the freaking beat (according to music) with words that reassure yourself that: after this level will be a cutscene has some meaning …


  • Manufacturing: Square Enix
  • Released: Square Enix
  • Category: Action, Simulation
  • Meeting day: 11-13-2020
  • Machine system: PS4


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