[Review] Dreadlands


Dreadlands Post-apocalypse is probably no longer a topic that is too unfamiliar to the masses because in about 15 years it has been overused in most areas. entertainment – from movies, books … to videogames.

“The apocalypse” is a rather abstract concept, and the causes are endless – from the “combo” of the earthquake disaster, Earth warming/freezing endlessly … to nuclear war or global translation …

In general, it is a certain event that led to the destruction of most of humanity, accompanied by the collapse of civilizations.

The few humans that have survived have to face immeasurable dangers such as climate fluctuations, food depletion, radioactive pollution, monsters/zombies, wandering on the streets …

I myself have never experienced the end of the world, but it seems that most filmmakers/games believe that humans will have a way to adapt to a new life, no matter how fierce they are. can also survive.

So the post-apocalyptic world is sometimes portrayed in a way that everything becomes “YOLO” (you only live once), non-governmental, strong and weak – while humanity is “setting the numbers, back to the level of awareness on the ruins of an ancient civilization.

From Blackfox Studios, Dreadlands also chose the post-apocalyptic theme to show, with the context due to the mutation caused by radiation, people have to accept to live with different mutant races, on the psychology of dividing into gangs, factions and seeking How to survive by scavenging for the resources left in the apocalypse, or plundering each other, is similar to the image of the game Mad Max what year.

This topic is not new, and the game format is Dreadlands choosing an instance isn’t new either – but by accident when you combine them, Dreadlands becomes something relatively novel again.

But strange is one way, or not is another, then Dreadlands to which category?

Please read with MarkGame.com to learn through the following review.



Poor, weak gameplay

To put it simply, in short Dreadlands There are many similarities with the turn-based strategy game series XCOM.

Players will choose 1 of 3 factions to “start a business”, each faction has unique gameplay and characteristics.

Each level is distributed on an isometric map divided by grid squares, and on the screen, there are obstacles/walls for the character to hide.

The problem here begins with Dreadlands There are mechanisms for action points (Action Point – AP) quite… stupid!

Each turn, each character only has 2 AP, and the interesting thing is “do anything” also costs 1 AP at all.

How do you feel if taking 8 steps also costs 1 AP, but taking 1 step also costs 1 AP?


The player cannot have the option to “move, attack, move”, since this consumes up to 3 AP – so the only option can be to “move and attack” in one AP. This leads to greatly limiting the player’s tactical decisions.

Next, there is the “close combat” mechanism.

Dreadlands Divide characters into many careers, with all kinds of attacks from far – close, but almost from half the game on, everyone mainly plays melee.


Simply because Dreadlands there was a bizarre mechanism, causing two units to stand close together in close combat… no one else could hit that far into “these two”.

Dreadlands There are mechanisms for action points (Action Point – AP) quite… stupid!

This makes ranged units pretty useless in most cases.

Not to mention that it costs ammo to shoot long distances, but bullets have to be bought, while the finances are in Dreadlands it is quite limited.

Referring to finance, it is impossible not to mention the internal currency balance Dreadlands Really badly done!

On average, after each battle, players only earn from 50 – 100 $, while to recruit more soldiers costs 500 – 1000 $ depending on quality.
The story of buying an ambulance and ammunition continuously to replenish also makes the player’s pocket always in a state of “alarm”, leading to about a third of the feeling of playing at the beginning of the game. Dreadlands It’s actually quite… discouraged, due to the lack of first and next.

Errors, errors, and… errors

The biggest problem is Dreadlands, and hardly any words to justify, it is a blatant… scam on the part of the developer.

The game started running Early Access on 10.03.2020, and “officially” released on November 6, 2020 – or at least that’s what the publisher advertises.

In fact, even after exiting the Early Access state, in essence, Dreadlands is still just a game somewhere in pre-alpha, with loads of flaws from petty to macabre.

It seems that Blackfox Studios QC (quality control) team is on a “vacation” to avoid Covid-19 translation, so this step is done extremely sketchy and flawed.

First of all, the game has extremely poorly optimized resources.

In 2020, the graphics of Dreadlands Not too bad, but the erratic fluctuation of the frame and the CPU almost always in the state of “running down the pants” with a fairly high configuration PC is unacceptable!

Next, crashes are quite frequent, although the scenes don’t require heavy processing at all in graphics or memory.

Sometimes the game does not crash, but the screen goes black even though I still hear the normal sound.

These are fairly obvious errors and the reproducibility rate is almost 100%.

Internal control mechanism Dreadlands Not really a bug, but it is quite cumbersome and slow, making the player not really comfortable.

Dreadlands still just a game somewhere in pre-alpha, with loads of flaws from petty to massive

There are certain interruptions in the selection of personnel, orders, positions, etc., making the game stagnant and less seamless.

After all, the relative difference between our side and the enemy side does not belong to the category of “error”, but the consequences it brings really make the experience. Dreadlands got pretty bad.

The enemy has always had “prosthetic” skills such as rooting, bleeding … they are not really dangerous to the point of losing balance, but they make a game become unnecessarily long, like a machine. know where to lose, but still have to “troll” players first!


  • Manufacturing: Blackfox Studios
  • Released: Fatshark
  • Category: Strategy, Role Playing
  • Meeting day: March 10, 2020
  • Machine system: PC


  • OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7
  • CPU: Dual Core 2.4GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • VGA: Nvidia GeForce 8xxx, AMD Radeon 2xxx
  • HDD: 16 GB


  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • CPU: Ryzen R7 1700 @ 3.7 GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • VGA: Gigabyte Rx 560 OC 2GB
  • HDD: Samsung 950 Pro 256GB