[Review] Disgaea 4 Complete+


Disgaea 4 Complete+ – If we compare the Japanese game series such as food, then we can say game series Disgaea as a specialty of mountainous regions.

At first glance, each game in the line looks like a mess, not good with layers of ingredients piled up.

However, when we taste it, they are harmoniously combined, they enhance and complement each other to create an unforgettable taste.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ Is no exception!

First released in 2011 on PS3 under the name Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten9 years later, the game only landed on PC, in its fullest form.

So let’s see what this “dish” has to offer (hint: sardines flavor).



The story of Disgaea 4 Complete+ revolves around the vampire lord Valvatorez when he was exiled in Hell and on a mission … preaching to a bunch of Prinny penguins, teaching them to eat sardines, and always ending sentences with the word “dood”.

In order to “fulfill a promise”, Valvatorez vowed not to drink human blood, thereby giving up all his “terror” powers and being exiled in Hell …

The beginning seems very normal and promises a thrilling thriller about Valvatorez’s path to regaining his power until the narrator’s voice starts talking about… sardines !!

For readers who don’t know what sardines are, sardines are a nutrient-rich fish, especially vitamin B and nervous system omega-3 fats, with white, lumpy flesh, usually available. Many eggs, and can dispel evil spirits thanks to the “unique” scent …

Roughly so, instead of introducing the story, world, or gameplay, the first part of the game will “stuff” you with a lot of information about this fish.

Valvatorez, during his last lecture, promised the Prinny penguins to feed them sardines …

However, shortly after, Corrupternment, the government agency of Hell decided to organize a population restructuring, as Hell appeared to be getting too crowded, and unintentionally harmed the dear Valvatorez penguins.

So the lord Fenrich’s valet came up with a plan to “coup” Hell to “rectify the evil” Valvatorez and put him as President of Hell, and of course, Valvatorez strongly agreed. to avenge his students, and because of that promise, feed the Prinny and the sardines.

As the story goes on, the story becomes more and more crazy and amusing.

I do not remember how many times I “laughed off my chair” with humorous lines, story details that were both “comedy” and really did not match, or the character names “oh my god, My land “like” ZZZZZZZZ “or” Money money money “.

As the story goes on, the story becomes more and more crazy and amusing

If you’re looking for a game with a deeply moving story, or a game with a dark story, or even just looking forward to a serious storyline, then for sure. Disgaea 4 Complete+ Will not be a good option.

But if you are bored of thinking too much and just want to laugh, then this game is a “new wind” to help you relax after hours of stressful work/play.

By the way, you don’t need to play versions Disgaea before to understand the storyline Disgaea 4 Complete+, because each version has a new story.

Disgaea 4 Complete +


The plot of Disgaea 4 Complete+ seems to be just for comedy, but the gameplay is a different category: complex, diverse, and deep (very, very, very deep – NV).

The gameplay of this game is a turn-based strategy, divided into players’ and opponents’ turns (like lines Fire Emblem such as).

However, different from Fire EmblemWhen the character receives an order to perform an action (such as an attack), the command will not be executed immediately after receiving the command, but all characters will execute their command at the same time as the play option “Execute”.

For ease of visualization, this mechanic consumes the mechanics of the card game Yu-Gi-Oh, when the turn is split into Main Phase 1 (stacking session 1), when the player puts the character in proper poses, then to the Battle Phase (battle session), the characters perform their actions. then to Main Phase 2 (placement 2), where characters with extra action abilities like moving or “lifting” can perform this extra action.

Referring to “lifting”, this is a quite unique mechanism of the whole game series Disgaea, when a character can lift another character, and “throw” that character away.

Not only one lift, but the characters can also lift a stack of other characters, forming a… character tower!

Players need to cleverly use this “character tower” to be able to put the character in a convenient position, or push a character to an impossible height, or even … “throw” the enemy at him. to ease the “council”.

In fact, the player can lift … almost anything with a height of one unit, from the character of his side, the character of the enemy, to … the bricks in the game screen, or … the treasure chest.

From there, just a simple mechanism, countless interesting new abilities are opened up for players, making turn-based combat without getting boring.

the gameplay is a different category: complex, varied, and deep (very, very, very deep)

The screenplay in Disgaea 4 Complete+ sometimes bring … puzzle, with the appearance of Geo Block blocks and Geo Panel cells.

The player can “lift” and “throw” the Geo Block blocks like raising and throwing characters and can attack and destroy these Geo Block blocks.

Different color Geo Panel cells will create different effects (like attack increase everyone standing on that tile, or reduce the defense, or even … swap the position of two bars HP and SP), and When detonating a Geo Block on a different Geo Panel cell, the whole seamlessly connected Geo Panel will change color (which means change the effect) and explode all other Geo Block blocks present on the Geo Panel range there.

Thus, not only is the calculation of the appropriate move, but the player needs to “squeeze the brain” to calculate, take advantage of the Geo Panel system, bring advantages for his side and disadvantage for the enemy, add one more Depth floors for players.

In the midst of intense battles, players return to their base, where they can choose to buy items, upgrade weapons, use the Evilities system to increase character’s blessings, or create new characters, etc

Although the tension mechanism is so, fighting in Disgaea 4 Complete+ still not forgetting his “circus” mission, when the skills, though extremely … inferior and even inflicting 0 damage, are also sketched as … the ultimate move, when the main character “gathers “Then shoot into the air and plunge into the heavens, or a counterattack can lead to a counter-counterattack, then to a counter-counterattack, and so on.

Another important mechanism is the Senate in Hell!

Here, you can propose laws to increase abilities, such as increasing earnings when winning, or opening some rare items, and senate members vote for or against. , and you can… bribe, or even… kill, to pull the ballot on your side.

Those are just some of the main mechanisms in Disgaea 4 Complete+.

There are also countless other mechanisms, such as combining monsters into super monsters, or the Magichange weapon-turning system waiting for you to explore the ferry and research, thereby creating new tactics. and variety for your screenplay.

Disgaea 4 Complete +


With the battle mechanics of various colors and patterns mentioned above, players can devise all kinds of different strategies to be able to cross the table.

Not only diverse in tactics but Disgaea 4 Complete+ also offers a mechanism… random screenplay with the Item World system.

Every item you buy, big or small, is hidden inside a random world, and you can… get in there, fight through different floors.

When you reach the last floor, you will upgrade the item and at the same time level up your character, a double job.

The rarer the item, the greater the difficulty, and with the randomly generated level, players won’t get bored using completely different strategies.

Not only diverse in tactics, but Disgaea 4 Complete+ Also offers the mechanism… random screen play with Item World system


Compared with the original version, the complete version Disgaea 4 Complete+ adding many improvements to make the game more accessible to new people, and new to the old.

For example, the resolution has been upgraded to 1920 × 1080, increased battle speed, added event playback mode, etc.

The most important is probably the addition of Cheat Shop, which helps you “cheat” by … changing the parameters of the game, such as increasing the experience gain, changing the level of the enemy, etc.

Graphics are also significantly improved, sharper, and more vivid, ensuring a smooth experience for gamers.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ adding many improvements to make the game more accessible to new people, and new to the old


Disgaea 4 Complete +


If you plan to play Disgaea 4 Complete+ You must definitely be prepared to spend the time to “plow” the level and character, depending on what you want to do!

If you just want to watch comedy and storyline, then you can just “plow” a few hours to reach the level.

But if you want to explore all the mechanics of the game, defeat the super monsters after the game, or simply reach the maximum level, then you will definitely have to transform into a genuine “farmer”.

Without saying that, if you don’t “plow” it is almost impossible to get past the low-level Item World system, let alone a high-level Item World, and diving into the Item World system can be costly. hundreds, even thousands, of plowing hours.

if you do not “plow” then it is almost difficult for you to get past the low-level Item World system

There are no times when the maximum health is 9999, the level is 99, but in this game, the maximum level is … 9999, and the maximum health is … 399,999,996 (you don’t look wrong, 4 hundred million HP), enough to envision the game’s near-endless plowing possibilities!

Of course, if you are someone who likes to immerse themselves in the gaming world, then maybe Disgaea 4 Complete+ This is a great choice, but if you are someone who likes “quick victory” then surely you will not be happy when you “cut” 30 levels in the next battle.

Lack of directions

It seems that Nippon Ichi wants players to discover the functions themselves rather than introduce themselves because it is clear that the tutorial only briefly talks about the most basic functions, the rest invites players to … curious.

If you have ever played one version Disgaea otherwise, you will very quickly grasp the new functions, but if you are a “wet feet” in this game, you will have a hard time exploring and research!

The tutorial only briefly talks about the most basic functions, the rest invites players … to find out for themselves


  • Manufacturing: Nippon Ichi
  • Released: NIS America
  • Category: Role-Playing
  • Meeting day: October 29, 2020
  • Machine system: PC


  • OS: Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 3.1GHz
  • RAM: 4GB
  • VGA: GeForce GTX 560 Ti
  • HDD: 10 GB


  • OS: Windows 10
  • CPU: i7-7700HQ
  • RAM: 16GB
  • VGA: GTX 1060 6GB
  • SSD: SanDisk X400 M.2 2280 128GB