[Review] Cyberpunk 2077

[Review] Cyberpunk 2077



Cyberpunk 2077  Since the first concept photo was announced, at that time in May 2012 until the end of 2020, Cyberpunk 2077 has officially reached the public, that journey is “long” 8 years and 7 months.

During that time, we saw CD Projekt RED’s cousin The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt fluttering and stepping on the status of one of the most beloved games in history.

We have a series of names such as: God of WarRed Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Serkiro: Shadow Die Twice … Besides, the giants gradually lost their position in the human eye. fans like Bioware, Naughty Dogs, Bethesda …

At the same time, Watch Dogs had 3 parts to step out into a separate trilogy, 8 official Call of Duty parts were released, and a total of 14 different versions of Assassin’s Creed, big and small, to the player’s hands. one more part “Viking’s Creed”.

Only then can we know how long Cyberpunk 2077’s journey is and the burden of success is not small when many mirrors are conceived for too long to become disappointing products like Duke Nuken ForeverGhost Recon Future Soldiers …

There is a little peace of mind because the famous CD developer Projekt RED with “heart” with the product is also the name that receives the most sympathy at the moment.

Accompanying that is the undisputed “hype” of the community that gradually increases with each trailer released, culminating in the appearance of Keanu Reeves at E3 2019.

Cyberpunk 2077 theoretically held hands in everything to be able to step into the arena of fame.



Do not let the first images fool that: Cyberpunk 2077 will be an action-heavy game about bombardment.

It can be said that it is a product for those who like the feeling of dropping into the world and seeing things in their own ways, slowly, without rush.

The way of building the game’s storyline is similar to that of The Witcher line of the same house or many other pure role-playing games, it is very focused on conversation and will sometimes make the player feel dragged and long. necessary, needs.

That’s fine because 60% of the average duration of a task is all about speaking – speaking and speaking.

But for those who do not feel “bored” with this formula, then “feel” all that Cyberpunk 2077 brings.

It is an extremely large-scale scenario that is spread throughout with a constant array of incidental arrivals arranged in a juxtaposition.

Before entering the “long” action sequences are all “a bit long” breaks for players to shape and find out what’s really happening, the amount of information like the matrix can cause. players are confused and disoriented if they do not pay attention to the dry dialogue.

Cyberpunk 2077 feels almost like sitting enjoying two parts of Blade Runner – two works are also set in Cyperpunk and inspired CD Projekt RED to develop the game.

Those who have the patience to follow and pay attention to each message that this movie brings, hidden behind the shape of long lines, can fully appreciate the beauty that the film brings.

And just imagine the content of Blade Runner is multiplied many times in length, we will have Cyberpunk 2077.

Le Le to some people but attractive to others!

This is definitely not “fast food”, this is a dish for those who enjoy in a slow way to feel all the spices.

CD Projekt RED is really still a “cool hand” developer in building scripts, scenes, characters and also creates a very own atmosphere.

The entire story in Cyberpunk 2077 will be complicated when viewed from the surface with too many conflicts, contradictions and even political stories.

But with a very CD Projekt RED formula, players in turn uncover the secrets about V guy, giant military corporations like Arasaka, Militech … and many other related characters.

The feeling will be a bit overwhelming if merely interacting through stories without digging into each branch of content that the game allows players to touch.

Each problem posed in the game is thoroughly and cleverly answered with sub-dialogues so that other details are expanded, finally we get the best picture from the original to top.

Unlike the choices that will result mostly in favor of players like in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with Cyberpunk 2077 things will be much different even if you have a choice and keep your opinion. No matter where you go, you are not sure to “drive” the storyline as you wish.

From there, the way to solve the task in the player’s mind will have to change a little bit compared to the original orientation.

Most commendable, CD Projekt RED has created a script with many details beyond the player’s expectation, in details, experience it yourself to get the best feeling!

Please rest assured that the deeper you get into V’s story, the surprise will be indispensable and the developer also knows how to use that surprise to push the climax to the climax.

This is a dish for those who enjoy in a slow way to feel all the spices

Each character is meticulously invested so that they truly “live” in the cycle of Cyberpunk 2077.

You will easily recognize each person’s personality through their past, their dress and of course their actions, all of which happens naturally, without feeling ridiculous. that certain games have shown recently.

With Cyberpunk 2077, if the main missions have the effect of expanding V’s story to the world around them, the side quests are then a way for players to really understand each companion character.

Even Delamain’s artificial intelligence has its own set of tasks, to see that sometimes machines have different emotions of love, anger, fear, and hatred.

The feeling of longevity will lingering a bit in these scenes, in return, the connection between the character lines becomes more pronounced, so that the player can understand and feel that these are “humans. “Really living under the sky of the city Night City.

At E3 2019, the appearance of Keanu “John” Reeves created an emotional explosion for the audience, CD Projekt RED brought a huge surprise by bringing the actor who likes to play roles. John’s name to transform into a character named … John too, that’s Johnny Silverhand – a rock singer with a great grudge against the mighty Arasaka corporation.

Johnny’s cool look and careless demeanor is the biggest highlight of Cyberpunk 2077 ‘s already very impressive cast of characters.

Appearing in the form is only a memory area in V’s mind and the “collaboration” of these two characters is similar to the story in the typical Buddy Cop movies in the style of “a couple of circumstances”.

But Johnny Silverhand is much more complicated than that, and one character’s violent and transformative past is his color separate from the others.

Ah of course it is impossible not to mention the personality girl Judy!


On the surface, Cyberpunk 2077 is an open-world game with a modern context and uses a first-person perspective as a way to communicate with the world.

But going deep inside, Cyberpunk 2077 does a lot more than that.

It is easy to see if The Witcher has 3 directions for players to choose from: Swordsman, Mage, and Alchemy, in Cyberpunk 2077 we also have 3 directions almost the same but less obvious. more and more intertwined: direct attack, sneaky attack, and hacking.

The branch of skills used for direct attack is further divided into long-range guns, pistols, melee combat … In order to increase damage to enemies and bring the feeling of happiness.

With the nature of the role-playing game, the number of weapons available to the player is countless from the most basic designs to unique items with separate functions.

In the space of the gun, it can be said that Cyberpunk 2077 is a pretty bloody game when each shot is fired, leaving clear wounds on the enemy, bleeding head falling, limbs “leaving branches” is something that always appears after every brawl.

And as a matter of fact, the more weapons that cause terrible damage, the more … happy to use them, right?

Guns are powerful enough to blow the enemies away and knives and swords can take away different body parts neatly.

And Cyberpunk 2077 has no shortage of places to “check” weapons with gangs, crime scenes … marked prominently on the map.

What a keen development company!

The weapon that I most impressed with was the Malorian Arms 3516 in Johnny Silverhand’s hand that appeared briefly in the flashback game of the events of 2023.

Every shot you catch will leave a huge hole in your skin and you can see… just!

Each weapon can continue to be upgraded to achieve more powerful damage through the recipe of picking up ingredients – making The Witcher‘s breath- filled item, but in the early game, for reasons unknown. What weapons are picked up are usually stronger than what is currently available, so there’s no need to worry about this feature.

Coming to sneaky, this is probably the way to bring the highest safety because it is inherently a “priority” in many situations.

It is difficult to say that the screen in Cyberpunk 2077 is designed to serve a sneaky purpose in a comfortable and varied way, but it can be ignored temporarily because CD Projekt RED also intentionally created a ” private road ”for this direction and also not too restrictive to make you laugh.

Ultimately, hacking is probably the coolest thing and it’s surprising that Cyberpunk 2077 is more complicated than Watch Dogs here – a game that touts that hacking is something powerful and then solves the problem. with just one push of a button.

Hack in Cyberpunk 2077 is almost like solving a puzzle and consequently, you will create certain advantages at each level.

Maybe because of the slightly complicated nature, it will be easy to be ignored when hacking only creates an advantage, not directly knocking down the enemy by the majority and can support the two distinct directions above, so surely a lot of people (including the writer) will not advocate using skill points in this direction.

Cyberpunk 2077 is a pretty bloody game when each shot leaves clear wounds on the enemy.

In Cyberpunk 2077, in addition to the skill version and the already familiar item system of the role-playing genre, players are also introduced to a new system called Cyberware – roughly understood as a form of strengthening the parts on the muscle. can be done by adding parts to it.

Each part is not only purchased with money but also requires additional Street Cred status from completing various missions.

Cyberware gives players quite detailed replaceable parts and from there, continues to supplement the dense system of skills, helping players create a character with unique and extremely difficult skills. to “contact”.

However, because the number of skill branches to upgrade is too large combined with Cyberware will create a sense of “suffocating” about the amount of information, so it will take a little patience to use points to get appropriate if you do not want to. get “wrong way”.

As an open-world game on a large scale, CD Projekt RED does not hesitate to cover the map with a lot of marked locations that by going there we will get quite a lot of attractive rewards. hand.

Having money will be … spending money, the top priority of the vast majority of players will be weapons or vehicles because that’s the most common thing for an open-world game like this.

Besides, there is also a small amount of money for partying and some “hard to say” things in the red light areas – a specialty of CD Projekt RED.


Cyberpunk 2077 - Game Review


Is Cyberpunk 2077 a game or not? The writer would like to confirm yes!

So Cyberpunk 2077 has reached perfection or not? Well… maybe not!

During the experience of this game, the writer still feels that the feeling of “not yet” has come from many reasons, most of which are many details that CD Projekt RED or is not cared for. , or was forgotten.

First to mention is the city Night City.

It is easy to see many people but the reaction … in heaven and on earth, if stopping to observe, many tragic scenes will take place.

If you stop in the middle of a freeway, vehicles behind will remain in place and would rather be stuck in the traffic rather than slip through to continue.

If you block your vehicle in front of a pedestrian, they will… turn around and move on the same roadway until they disappear.

Actually, residents of Night City still lack a bit of “salt” when full of extremely “old” behavior even though they are attached to many modern and modern equipment.

Each NPC has only one way to react to the world, and that creates an uncomfortable feeling every time the player wants to do something beyond the safe “framework” the game has created.

Many times the writer did not know whether to laugh or cry when civilians jumped straight into the head of the car and died, so the law enforcement force assigned the felony directly after firing and chasing.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Game Review

Referring to the police world, this is also a “sad” story that Cyberpunk 2077 brings, in many public fighting situations, they will suddenly appear from nowhere and overwhelm the number of parachutes. that before … no one was there.

Police in Cyberpunk 2077 is equipped with teleportation technology?

However, just jump close to somewhere to receive conversation or perform a mission, the police guys stand still and look at the player with passionate eyes and then… no more wanted.

Similar to that, the enemies were equally erratic with many unannounced “earth balls”.

Night City is a very huge and vibrant city, that’s true, but it’s just the graphic shell on the outside, and inside is still a place that creates a feeling of machinery and lack of vitality.

Each NPC has only one way to react to the world and that creates an unpleasant feeling every time the player wants to do something beyond the “box”.

The next thing, Cyberpunk 2077 puts players in the face with a lot of options and they all have a certain weight when applied to the task.

But apart from some “long-term” missions and only a few, many of those options only change the path to the final destination, not affecting what happens next.

In a simple and straightforward way, you start from A and go to B, the choice will tell you how to get to point B, but you can’t turn the ending point B to C.

This is quite a pity when CD Projekt RED itself did a lot better in its The Witcher series with content full of unpredictable twists …

Even the selection of Life Path from the beginning of the game looks good, but only affects a few words that are “unlocked” depending on the circumstances, not really making a clear impression when meeting people who have common origin.

And that’s not to mention the rumors about the cool features that the company has promised but has been cut from the official version.

The final question is, can Cyberpunk 2077 be more perfect?

Certainly yes and the information about the employee being “delayed” is most likely true.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Game Review


PS4 and Xbox One versions cannot be played, the game crashes and crashes as much as a meal, Sony removed Cyberpunk 2077 from the Store, CD Projekt shares dropped …

Recently, surely bad news like this around Cyberpunk 2077 has appeared everywhere, the writer will not evaluate everything just by reading the news but want to experience and experience it for yourself. indeed …

Completely disappointed!

A machine belonging to the “strong” line that the user to experience Cyberpunk 2077 is i9 9920x, 64GB RAM, RTX 2080 8GB still encounter many uncomfortable frame fluctuations even though setting only at Ultra has not enabled Ray Tracing on 1080p resolution.

At that time the writer really had to say, “Is this the truth?”

Going into the crowd – dropping the frame rate, shooting each other in flames – dropping the frame rate, driving too fast – falling again, watching the scenery… also dropped!

Cyberpunk 2077 - Game Review

That is the RTX 2080 8GB, the writer lowered a bit with the RTX 2070 equal to VRAM capacity and at High with some Medium settings, the same situation still … happened, even when updating the driver for VGA or even update for Windows.

Of course, there will still be some objections that you can lower the settings to make the experience smoother, oh it’s as obvious as when “hungry, go eat”!

But also remember, the recommended configuration for CD Projekt RED was initially just GTX 1060 6GB and this is no different than a direct slap in the player’s face.

Then there is the story of bugs and errors, gently changing the texture of the surface from one item to another, heavier than losing the surroundings, even more maddening of being stuck somewhere and could do nothing but restart the game.

Going into the crowd – dropped the frame rate, shot each other in flames – dropped the frame rate, drove too fast – dropped again, stood watching – also dropped!

What has been mentioned above is just the tip of the iceberg named “error” that the writer has encountered, only the problem of splashing the game is up to now, luck has not encountered.

A few days after the game came out, CD Projekt RED released a 1.04 patch, but there are still a lot of painful problems that have not been improved and it may take a long time to completely fix.

For the writer, Cyberpunk 2077 is a product that takes up to 8 years just to reach the player, so suffering a lot of errors like this is completely not and at best not allowed. .

All the sympathies that Cyberpunk 2077 created from the beginning, gradually smashed by widespread technical errors, should have the value of this game in a much higher position and a talented team like CD Projekt RED deserves the “sweet fruit” rather than the pain of fixing from error to error …


  • Production:  CD Projekt RED
  • Release:  CD Projekt
  • Genre:  Action, Role Playing
  • Release date:  December 10, 2020
  • Platforms:  PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS5, XBox Series X/S, Stadia



  • OS:  Windows 10 (64-bit only)
  • CPU:   Intel Core i5-3570K / AMD FX-8310
  • RAM:  8GB
  • VGA:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 / AMD Radeon RX 470
  • HDD:  70GB



  • OS:  Windows 10
  • CPU:  Intel Core i9 9920x
  • RAM:  64GB
  • VGA:  Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Gaming OC 8GB GDDR6
  • SSD:  256GB




Cyberpunk 2077 is still an extremely worthwhile game to play and buy, considering the three purest aspects: content, gameplay and graphics. But the version to the player’s hand is an incomplete product.

Can CD Projekt RED do better than it is now? Yes!

And it is clear that the staff there need more time to care for the “brainchild” named Cyberpunk 2077, rather than having to launch on time and then the stories are not good …