Resident Evil Village fans beware of fake Early Access emails

Resident Evil Village fans beware of fake Early Access emails


Capcom recently sent a warning to all Resident Evil fans about many hacker groups impersonating them and sent many malicious emails as an invitation to test Resident Evil Village.

It is true that Capcom has been and has a Beta test for Resident Evil Village but this is a program for their employees only. All emails inviting to participate in Early Access are currently being sent to gamers who are impostors to serve illegal purposes. Specifically, they sent an email with the following message:

“We are sending this email to you to warn you about the emergence of many emails with content inviting you to attend the Early Access of Resident Evil Village game. The address of the sender of these emails is displayed as no-reply (at) capcom (dot) com. But they are not sent by us, these emails appear to be sent by a third party for nefarious purposes. Please do not reply, download or do anything that this email requires to avoid unnecessary annoyance. ”

Many people have been lured by emails to invite to participate in Early Access of Resident Evil Village that lose many important information

This is also not the first trouble Capcom caused by Hackers in recent times. They have had a large amount of information stolen by hackers regarding the projects they are cherishing, including Resident Evil 4 Remake and Street Fighter 6. It seems that their client list has also been somewhat exposed. . This has led to hacker groups targeting Resident Evil fans, gamers who cannot resist the temptation to enjoy the horror game as soon as possible. Thinking to play early is very attractive, but it is not worth the risk of personal information such as credit cards, bank accounts, or letting personal computers become infected with viruses and suffer financial losses and time so beware of these tempting messages.