[Research] Women are more likely to be addicted to games than men


According to a recent study by scientists at Clutch, female gamers may be more susceptible to game addiction than male gamers. This study will surprise a lot of people as women are generally perceived to be less interested in games than men.

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This study is based on the concept of “game addiction” that the World Health Organization (WHO) pointed out last year and officially recognized game addiction as a mental health disorder. Game addiction is classified as an international disease with criteria for recognition as daily excessive gaming behaviors (both online and offline). The three main criteria in the ICD-11 include gaming time, increasing priority for gaming, and continuing to play despite the negative impact on life performance. Depending on the severity and duration of these behaviors, a diagnosis of game addiction is made.

Going back to the issue of gaming addiction among female gamers, research shows that women outnumber men in all three ICD-11 criteria: hours played, percentage of daily gaming and overall addiction score. “The average of women is 36.4 while men are only 33. Women in this study spend 240 minutes playing games every day, while men are 221 minutes. And finally, 70% of games. The female gamers report that they play the game every day while 68% of the male gamers report the same, “the results of the study said.

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These statistics are very interesting given the fact that the sample of 1570 people is almost 90% male, only about 7% are female (the remainder is listed as “the rest” or “do not want to disclose”). So, even though there are more men, women produce more results.

Perhaps the simple reason why women are more susceptible to game addiction than men is gender. Men in general and male gamers in particular are attracted to entertainment, creativity, and tinkering things like games, sports, technology, etc., and women are often attracted to beautiful, aesthetically pleasing and easy. That is why men care and play games more than women. However, once women have played the game, understanding how the game works and the creativity that the game offers, they are more attracted to the game than men. When the statistics show that professional female gamers are more likely to play games, be active, and practice gaming than many professional male gamers.

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In addition, there is another simple reason that nowadays, game makers are developing many easy online games, especially the rise of mobile games, making it easier for women to access games.

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