PUBG Global Intivational.S (PGI.S) takes place on February 2021


PUBG Corp, the developer and organizer of esports tournaments for survival shooter PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG), has just announced a new international tournament called PUBG Global Invitational.S (PGI.S). According to PUBG Corp, PGI.S is an 8-week e-sports festival inherited and developed from PGI 2018, in which PUBG players from all over the world can gather and compete with a base prize up to 3.5 million USD.

PUBG Global Intivational.S - PGI.S - took place in February 2021

It is expected that PGI.S will last for 8 weeks, starting from February 1, 2021 to March 28, 2021. This tournament will be played offline in Korea, with a total of 32 PUBG teams invited to participate in this tournament. In addition to the initial $3.5 million in base prize money, PUBG Corp will add 30% more profit from the prediction event to the tournament’s total prize pool.

Out of 32 teams participating in PGI.S, there will be 7 European teams, 6 Chinese teams, 5 Southeast Asian teams, 4 North American teams, 4 Korean teams, 2 Latin American teams, 2 Japanese teams, and 2 Taiwan teams. The full list of the teams will be announced later.

Unlike the previous PUBG tournaments, PGI.S will be divided into two categories: Weekly Survival and Weekly Finals. The preliminary format for this tournament will be as follows:

  • During the first week, all teams will participate in Ranked matches to determine their positions, the top 16 teams will be given priority to participate in the first Weekly Survival match.
  • There will be a total of 16 Weekly Sinh Tons matches to select 16 teams to win Chicken Dinner.
  • Once a team has won a Chicken Dinner through which a ticket to the Weekly Final is available, the team with the next highest ranking from the waiting list (the list obtained after Ranked matches) will take their place in the match. Next match at Survival Weekly.
  • 16 teams that win this Chicken Dinner will be able to participate in the Weekly Finals for a chance to receive bonuses.
  • The Weekly Final will consist of 10 matches with bonuses that will be increased each week, teams will win a bonus amount depending on their performance after 10 matches.
  • The team with the highest prize money after 8 weeks of competition will be the final champion of PGI.S.

Because the COVID-19 translation is still complicated globally, teams participating in PGI.S will have to come to Korea from January 2021 to conduct a quarantine 2 weeks before the start of the competition. PUBG Corp’s announcement states: “We have established two weeks of isolation in the teams’ schedules as soon as they arrive, and we will provide a variety of services to ensure everyone feels comfortable during the quarantine. In addition, we will also comply with all government safety guidelines and measures while implementing our own enhanced safety measures whenever possible ”.

Next information regarding PGI.S will be updated by MarkGame in the next newsletter. If you are interested, please keep an eye out!