[Present] Samudra – Journey in the sea of ​​trash


Try Samudra – The pollution of water sources in particular and the environment in general on the Earth is becoming more and more serious, along with a series of reports and warnings from environmental protection and research parties.

However, the indifference is still there and cannot be awake yet.

Therefore, there have been many different forms of joining hands to offer methods to strongly reach out to many target groups, in order to gradually improve awareness of environmental protection.

So is the gaming industry, especially in video games in the “indie” segment, there have been many developers offering various forms of interaction with gamers, with related topics about the environment, such as games FLOTSAM.

And copies try it out Samudra continues to contribute and send players to one of the heavily polluted worlds.

try samudra


The first point will get you excited Samudra surely will be an impressive art direction style, with murky color schemes intermingled with well-hand-drawn and elaborate scenes.

You will see thick, dark, and lifeless air as the consequences of heavy pollution in the environment.

Thereby Samudra creates a stronger impression of the world in which our protagonist wakes up.

For example, it is scary to see jellyfish swarms replaced by trash bags floating in the clear water!

And the specification also appears more factories working with machines replacing humans, blocking the natural living environment with industrial landfills.

try samudra


Samudra is an adventure game but has minimal controls for almost everything.

Different from the “familiar” names in the horror adventure genre (somewhat “sensational”) like Limbo, Inside good Little Nightmares With the freedom to freely control the character with buttons like jumping, pulling is quite comfortable.

Samudra Eliminate all, even… not for the mouse-like traditional adventure games!

Perhaps due to the aim of being a game that focuses on interpretation and plot description through the environment, the controls are also reduced to relax more, although the game also possesses some sensational details such as the games listed above.

For example, if the player wants to jump now, only when there is a signal, the player just needs to press the “Space” bar on the keyboard, the interaction to solve the puzzle is similar, all by moving to then press the Space button.

And of course, as an adventure game, there will definitely be some tough puzzles involved!

try samudra


Copy try it out Samudra Only less than 30 minutes, but it also makes me quite worried about a few things!

First, the puzzles are also very easy, do not make the player difficult even a little.

There are obstacle-solving puzzles that make the writer feel that perhaps because the interaction is limited, everything goes in a way too linear!

Some of the puzzles contained no hints, like puzzles about rotating snails.

All I do is guess and … turn around, somehow less than 10 seconds to solve it!

A feeling is not “already” at all!


In version try it out Samudra there are also some sensational details like running away from chase, these segments do quite well.

But it is also funny that there are some passages that act like QTE (contextual button press), although the only thing is to press the Space bar (no other button); and accidentally did not know it was due to a game error, but the QTE parts often showed a “delay” when pressing the button, leading to a couple of times the writer was “injustice” even though he pressed in time, forcing the next time to press the “Space” bar. 2-3 times to look forward to it!

The more free control system was removed, somewhat confined to the writer.

The interactive display buttons are also ineffective, forcing them to stand in the “right” place a little to press.

This also aroused another thought of the writer: currently the puzzle array is limited by buttons, simplified by default interactions too, there will be other challenges like how. Limbo good Inside Ever done well?


Samudra Nor, unlike in games that use an interactive mouse to find objects, there is also no puzzle matching system.

So will the developer of Khayalan Arts (from Indonesia) make the game more in-depth?

In return, the plot details and how to build a mysterious atmosphere in the environment are quite good, attractive enough to wait for the next development when the game officially launches.

The character movement is not really smooth but does not affect the playing experience.

The graphics platform is generally good, and the sound is just right.

When is it released?

Not much is known about the game right now, only a release scheduled for 2021.

According to the developer information, when launched Samudra There will be a total of 6 chapters to explore through many beautiful areas, a series of challenging puzzles, and bizarre characters that players will meet throughout the exciting journey!