Nintendo Switch prototype leaked

Nintendo Switch prototype leaked


Have you ever thought what the first design of the Nintendo Switch would look like?

A prototype of the Nintendo Switch has been leaked all over the network, giving Nintendo fans an early look at the new system. On Twitter, a gamer who loves and loves Nintendo products, Forest of Illusion, recently revealed that they confirmed that there was an early Nintendo Switch version from a Hong Kong seller from April of the year. 2016, almost a year before the Nintendo Switch release and not long before it goes into production. And as Forest of Illusion pointed out, it was the first Nintendo Switch model to be found so far. As you can see in the images below, there isn’t much difference between this final product and this prototype, although it has different volume buttons and machine-mounted screw positions completely different, together.

When designing new systems, companies rarely do initial blueprints during development. Usually, those console designs have to be changed over and over again before they can achieve the most satisfactory design and functionality they desire. Microsoft dismantled the PS2 to help develop the first Xbox, taking its inspiration from its hardware design to revamp the original Xbox, which was essentially a giant silver machine with an X on machine body. So is the Nintendo Switch when they go through some experimental design versions before officially choosing a design that suits their Nintendo Switch. Are known, The Nintendo Switch was released in 2017 with the aim of being a unique gaming console that can be used for portable handheld gaming as well as for home entertainment on a larger screen like a regular console device. Its first launch was met with skepticism from some journalists and game developers due to its hefty price tag and the list of console-exclusive features available at launch.

“We have secured a Nintendo Switch system under development (EDEV) from a seller in Hong Kong,” the Twitter post revealed the finding. “This device dates back to around April 2016, making it the earliest Switch ever found, before hitting the retail market for almost a year is really pretty hard to believe but this is truth. The data initially entered into the machine is confidential, but all files have been backed up securely and the system has been sent to someone to preserve this information. Some other things to note are the screws on the camera, the volume up button is different, and it’s called DPRD.

At the time of release, it was not clear how much the prototype would cost, and it was unclear if the games were playable on it. Although Nintendo itself has yet to acknowledge the device through any official information. However, if not mistaken, it is likely that this design will be applied to the upcoming Nintendo Switch Pro version. The fact that the machine has a strong configuration will also come with a rather bulky design. We have seen a number of products with a similar bulky appearance in the past, similar to this Nintendo Switch Prototype. If it’s true, perhaps Nintendo has hidden this information very well, making its image up to now still quite mysterious. What do you think about the prototype design of the Nintendo Switch, if Nintendo launches this one, will the version be willing to pay for it? Don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us know.