Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda has been “green-lighted”

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda has been “green-lighted”


The deal cost 7.5 billion USD between Microsoft & ZeniMax has been “green-lighted” by the European Commission & the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Specifically, following an antitrust investigation that lasted nearly a year against the deal, the SEC posted a notice to authorize the two companies to communicate this transaction, along with the prospectus. Department of Trade,

The prospectus stated that this $ 7.5 billion will take the form of a 3-decade term debit note, divided into two parts, one part consisting of $ 6.25 billion of the “new 2052 promissory note” and a $ 1.25 billion “note. 2062 new vote ”of the American technology giant.

Along with that, the European Commission has no complaints about it either Microsoft acquired parent company Bethesda, when “the deal does not raise any serious concerns about the market as a whole”, and licensed the two companies to perform this billion-dollar deal.

Of course, these two do not guarantee a successful deal, but now there are no big obstacles for Bethesda to return to the team of Microsoft again, and maybe this will happen soon.