Mac Gaming will cost up to 5000 USD


Not just creating a gaming machine, Apple also hopes to break the Mac’s non-gaming moniker, opening up a new market for Macs.

A rumor from the supply chain suggests that Apple is more likely to launch a gamer-specific MacOS computer in the near future. Moreover, a report from Economic Daily shows that the price of this machine for eSports world will cost about 5,000 USD – a price not too expensive compared to recent Apple devices.

The report also said that these gaming machines could be an All-in-One desktop, similar to the iMac, or it could also be a large gaming laptop similar to the Razer Blade 17 Pro.

Mac Gaming will cost up to 5,000 USD, sell kidney only Apple fans - photo 1

In terms of release time, this Mac gaming machine could be introduced in June of this year, during Apple’s annual WWDC developer event and officially launched next year.

This was probably an unexpected move for Apple as gaming PCs were a relatively new area for the company. However, this is quite reasonable given Apple’s current situation.

The iPhone maker is the strongest gamer in 2019 when it launches Apple Arcade, a subscription service for $ 5 per month, and allows users to access more than 100 games on iOS, MacOS and Apple TV. With hit titles from companies like Sega, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. and Capcom, Apple has established relationships with AAA game publishers.

In addition, Apple is no stranger to high-end desktop hardware. Most recently, the company launched a new Mac Pro with a starting price of $ 5,999 and can go up to $ 52,199 if you choose the maximum configuration with 28-core CPU, 1.5TB RAM, dual Radeon Duo GPU and 4TB SSD.

Mac Gaming will cost up to 5,000 USD, sell kidney only Apple fans - photo 2

Currently, many major games, such as Rocket League, Fortnite and World of Warcraft already support macOS, but current emerging games like Apex Legends, Red Dead Redemption 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are not available. . However, a Mac gaming machine will be the drug to stimulate many game developers to participate in the MacOS playground, overcoming one of the biggest weaknesses of a Mac before a Windows computer.

Apple is currently one of the only few laptop manufacturers not involved in gaming computers. Meanwhile, competitors like Dell, HP, Acer and Asus all offer their own gaming laptop products at different prices. Launching a gaming Mac would destroy its reputation for non-gaming support, forging Apple into a whole new market.

Of course this would have the consequences of increasing sales for Apple’s line of Macs and MacBooks, as it entices more people who are hesitant to look for these devices for lack of game support. A Mac gaming machine is a strategic step that Apple is cherishing for a long time.

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