Looking back to 2020: 5 outstanding moments in the game world

Looking back to 2020: 5 outstanding moments in the game world


Time to escape. Let’s take a look at 5 outstanding moments of the game world in 2020.

So another year is about to pass. Parallel to the chaos of home country gamers, the world gaming village is also in constant motion. This year, with the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, many companies have decided to delay the release schedule for the last months of the year, or even until 2021. The quality and quantity of game projects because that is also affected more or less. However, not so that 2020 lacks memorable moments for gamers. In today’s article, let’s take a look at 5 typical moments of the gaming world in 2020.

Before we get to the specific list, let’s take a look at the evaluation criteria. First, a typical event or moment that represents the face of the gaming world in the whole year must have a wide range of coverage. Be it via television, newspapers, youtube, and so on. But it has to be known and remembered by many. Next must consider its influence on the gaming community. A game with groundbreaking gameplay, excellent content, and inspiration for many other game makers to follow. An event of a large scale, carefully prepared and packed with interesting information will also be included in this list. No more wordy, let’s go to the first name.

E3 event is canceled

At times like this we can see how great the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is. The Electronic Etertainment Expo, also known as the E3, has long been a quality gaming platform for gamers. After more than two decades of development, E3 has become one of the most epic gaming events of all sizes. If Christmas or New Year are major holidays for Western countries, then E3 is the holiday of gamers around the world.

This event is an opportunity for the giants of the game industry to showcase cutting-edge hardware technologies and bring the most compelling information about future game projects. Along with this atmosphere, gamers from all over the city flock to the US city of Los Angeles to participate inside activities. Here, you will find unique cosplay competitions, epic stages that are no less than music events or exclusive interviews with veteran game makers.

Most home gamers will watch this event through the small screen. But not so that the attractiveness of E3 is reduced. Because game makers always know how to keep viewers on television. EA or Ubisoft always have splendid stages and extremely interesting performances. And Bethesda impressed when invited a rock band to introduce Rage 2 and Doom Eternal. Devolver Digital is just a small publisher, but it also reminds people of its well-invested and extremely creative presentations. It can be seen that professional organization is also a reason that makes E3 stand out from other game events like Tokyo Gameshow or Gamescom.

After each event season, domestic and foreign news sites do not forget to publish the hottest information to fans. The gamers forums and groups were also excitedly talking. All create a special atmosphere that few game events in the world have.

To ensure safety, the organizers of E3 decided to cancel this event in 2020. That’s why the gaming world had a rather sluggish summer. It was not until early August that game studios began to reveal information about new game projects. And most of them choose online platforms like Youtube or Twitch to interact with fans. However, it can be easily seen that they lack investment and cannot create the excitement that E3 brings to gamers.

The Rise of Fall Guys and Among Us

In 2017, PUBG exploded in the number of players and became a phenomenon of the gaming village. On the PC and Console platforms alone, PUBG has sold more than 70 million copies and brought the publisher billions of dollars in profits. There have been times when this game’s concurrent player count exceeded 3.2 million. Dominant of popular names like GTA V or Minecraft in the media.

PUBG’s success has created a new craze called Battle Royale. Followed by a series of names labeled this category grow like mushrooms after the rain. Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rules of Survival or Realm Royale started to get their hands on this lucrative piece of cake. Even games that are still famous for single-player parts like Call of Duty, Fallout or Tetris have also started to move into this genre. In 2017, the profit that Battle Royale brought in was $ 1.2 billion. By 2019, this number is more than 20 billion.

In the process of development, game makers are also looking for ways to refresh the genre. Fortnite, for example, gives gamers the ability to build buildings, Apex Legends has a futuristic context and design style, and Spellbreak puts magic as the main factor in the team fight. But either way, they are still unavoidable creating an uneven game rhythm. After more than 3 years “raging” on the market, it seems that Battle Royale is losing its form.

In August 2020, makers of Mediatonic announced that it would release a new game called Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Still using the motifs of the Battle Royale games. But instead of guns or magic, Fall Guys throw players into a chaotic arena, where dozens of people try to overcome extremely challenging mini-games. It is worth mentioning that the idea of ​​the game was only given in a closed meeting earlier in the year, inspired by the Japanese gameshow Takeshi’s Castle broadcast in the 90s. Funny characters combined with extremely crazy physics system, the game is geared towards a humorous and fun experience. Fall Guys is like a fresh breeze blowing into this already cramped Battle Royale genre. The game immediately emerged and became a strange phenomenon of the gaming village.

Meanwhile, Among Us is a multiplayer game that places heavy elements on interaction between players. Among Us’s gameplay is somewhat similar to the famous Werewoft boardgame. Among Us’s game round allows a maximum of 10 people to participate. The task of each person is to find the Imposter randomly selected in each round, along with doing the chores that the system assigns you. The Scammer’s job is to mingle and destroy other players while making sure no one finds out about his true identity. Every time you find out that a player was defeated, you can report it to others to “board meeting” to find the Cheater. From here, bad and funny situations begin to arise when people try to present “alibi”, as well as arguments to find out the Hidden Scammers …

I don’t need to mention more about the success of Fall Guys and Among Us. The rise of these two games serves as a reminder to us about the true meaning of video games: It is to bring fun and refreshing moments with friends.

The new generation of consoles officially begins

The moment of transition between the two console generations always gives gamers a very special feeling. I still remember the first time I touched Sony’s PS4. The configuration, performance, experience to the controller’s design are all comprehensive upgrades compared to the old PS3 machine. Killzone: Shadow Fall is the name Sony “chose to send gold” to show off the PS4’s hardware power. Meticulous environmental design, advanced lighting effects, epic cutscenes, controllers vibrate with every movement of the character. PS4 taught me what a true next-gen experience is. Throughout the life of this console, Sony has always known how to please fans with quality exclusive titles. Uncharted 4, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us, and so on and so on. As a result of these efforts, more than 100 million units have been sold worldwide.

The PS5 machine launched in mid-November is expected to continue the success that the man built before. In interviews with Sony, this big man showed a lot of confidence in his brainchild. Using advanced Ray-tracing technology, the ability to render at 4K resolution, 60 frame rate or even 120 FPS is extremely smooth. Along with that, is backward compatibility with most PS4 titles. I was fortunate to have a chance to experience this console at a friend’s house. And to be honest, what impresses me the most is not the cutting-edge graphics technology, but the extremely fast game loading speed thanks to the SSD drive, along with the great experience that the DualSense controller brings. . With a diversified and attractive exclusive game list, I believe that PS5 will continue to bring great entertainment to gamers.

As for the Microsoft house, if at first glance, it seems that this big man is out of breath in the race with Sony. But do not deny the company’s relentless efforts with Xbox One series. This big man always strives to bring the best user experience. Xbox One X is a worthwhile performance upgrade. Project X-Cloud is a promising cloud-based gaming project. As of September this year, Xbox Game Pass has attracted more than 15 million users worldwide.

In addition, Microsoft’s acquisition of a series of game studios, large and small, most recently Zenimax with Bethesda, as an affirmation: this big man will compete fairly with Sony. Xbox Series X possesses features and performance not inferior to PS5. Even the Xbox Series S is also a great choice for those who want to experience the ultimate games at an affordable price. One thing that makes me admire Microsoft is that the big man bravely delayed the Halo: Infinite release date to the following fall after complaints about the game’s graphics quality. Hopefully, Sony and Microsoft will create a dramatic race. Then, the beneficiary will definitely be the gaming community around the world.

Cyberpunk 2077 and post-launch fumbles

One of the games that received a lot of attention this year was Cyberpunk 2077 by CD developer Projekt Red. This is a first-person role-playing game, set in the fantasy city of Night City in 2077. The feature of the game is the selection of the dusty, thorny Cyberpunk genre but no less charming. shaking. In the movies, Cyberpunk is known as a sub-branch of the Science – Fiction genre. Some typical names of this genre can be mentioned as The Matrix, Blade Runner or 2 famous anime series, Akira and Ghost in the Shell.

Cyberpunk 2077 promises to inherit the bright advantages of “the man” The Witcher 3, as well as create its own features with attractive Cyberpunk genre. As one of the most ambitious projects of the big CD Projekt Red, after nearly 8 years of development, along with many ups and downs in the production process, the game finally launched to fans. last December 10.


So this game is worthy of the fans’ expectations. Personally, I don’t. Cyberpunk 2077 succeeds in building an engaging and in-depth gaming world that sticks to the original work of author Mike Pondsmith. The graphics of the game are very well completed, but it did not make me admire like the first time experiencing God of War 2018 version or Red Dead Redemption 2. The gameplay and especially the gun battle arena just stopped. at a fair level. Also, the weak AI system significantly reduced my immersive experience. That is not to mention the bugs that appear with dense frequency during experience.

But what disappoints me the most is the fact that CD Projekt Red has removed a slew of compelling content from the game to be able to keep up with the release schedule. Advanced AI system, more attractive combat, in-depth RPG system, player’s choice directly affects the fate of the characters, the world operates in an interesting day and night cycle, optional system diverse and detailed characters, corporations play a more important role in the main storyline, and so on and so on. The game would have been a lot more appealing had CD Projekt Red not shortened its progress and rushed to release.


According to CD Projekt Red, more than 8 million gamers have pre-ordered this game on all platforms. This also partly shows the great expectations that fans have placed on Cyberpunk 2077. On Metacritic, the game received a score of 53 for the PS4 and Xbox One version, along with a disastrous user score of 3.4. . Besides, a large number of gamers have also issued refunds due to dissatisfaction with the quality of the game.

After 8 years of development, along with countless promises of a game with outstanding quality, CDPR probably owes the gaming community a sincere apology. Hopefully, this developer can fix the above shortcomings so that they are no longer an obstacle for those who intend to try this game.

Honorable Mentions – Moments to be honored


Before coming to the top of this list, let’s take a look at some other memorable milestones this year.

The game Animal Crossing: New Horizons released on the Nintendo Switch on March 20 has quickly sold over 26 million copies worldwide. With the gentle and relaxing gameplay, the game has conquered gamers of many different ages.

In mid-September, Sony released the first trailer for God of War: Ragnarok. An icon of the warrior appeared on the screen, followed by the words “Ragnarok is coming”, which made millions of fans excited. It is known that the game will be released in 2021. Let’s wait and see, how Santa Monica will take advantage of the powerful hardware of the PS5 in this game.


Genshin Impact – the game that is still said to be a “plagiarist” version of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has an extremely spectacular debut. Earned more than 100 million US dollars after only 2 weeks on the market, thereby dispelling all previous doubts about the game.

League of Legends is a mobile version of the famous League of Legends game that has dominated for many years. Because of the unique mobile platform, League of Legends has to change many mechanics from the PC version. The average length of a match in Speed ​​War has been shortened to about 18-20 minutes. That is also the origin of the name Speed ​​Chien. Riot wants to deliver the most complete League of Legends experience but still has to be consistent with the habits of mobile users. At the same time, the game also launched in the home country on December 8 after a long wait.

The Last of Us Part II won the Game of the Year award


The Game Awards is an annual event that honors outstanding titles that year. First held in 2014, this award has grown to become one of the world’s most iconic gaming icons. The success of The Game Awards is partly due to the professional team and continuous innovation from the organizers.

Famous guest cast is a tradition of The Game Awards for many years. Although translating Covid-19 has a bit of an impact on the organization of the event, in general the quality delivered to the audience is guaranteed. In the past, we have seen Christoph Waltz or Vin Diesel appear on the award stage, this event also featured actor Keanu Reeves, who blew the soul of Johnny Silverhand in Cyberpunk 2077. In addition, talented director Christopher Nolan and actor Tom Holland also greeted the audience in time. A character very much loved by gamers is Reggie Fils-Alimé – former director of Nintendo appeared as a guest with an Innovation in Accessibility award.


In general, the gaming community is quite satisfied with the quality of this year’s program. Although there are still some points to blame, but this has been a successful year for the team preparing the program. As every year, the music is still praised by many people with the quality music from the game they love. Most of them expressed regret for Ghost of Tsushima when this game only brought home the Best Art Direction award.

The Last of Us 2 is still the focus of public opinion when this controversial game wins with 7 major categories: Best Narrative, Best Action / Adventure, Innovation in Accessibility, Best Game Design, Best Audio Design, Best Performance. and Game of the Year.


Before that, Naughty Dog’s brainchild had created an extremely outcry from the gaming community. A few months before its launch, the game’s entire script was widely circulated online by a former employee. The cause is a conflict of money. This developer immediately intervened. But everything was too late, all Naughty Dog could do at that time continuously reassured the fans.

After its launch, the game suffered from terrible bomb reviews from fans. Contrary to the perfect scores from the professionals, there have been times when the user score of The Last of Us Part II just stopped at 3.3. Even Metacritic had to change its scoring policy to partially salvage the situation. After this year’s awards ceremony, the gaming community had the opportunity to fight each other fiercely on social networking sites. Putting aside the weak plot or quality of the game, it can be said that The Last of Us Part II will definitely be mentioned, not only this year but also many years later.


And you, what impresses you most in 2020? Don’t forget to leave your comments in the comments section below.