Like A Dragon requires low configuration for PC users


The role-playing game Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be played on PC in November 2020, does not require a huge machine configuration to battle the game.

This is a game in the role-playing genre. Developed and released by Sega Company, it is part of the long-standing Yakuza series, which was first introduced to the market 15 years ago. The Yakuza went through seven editions, Yakuza: Like A Dragon was the eighth version and is no longer numbered as before.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Turn-based combat characters

In the latest version, Yakuza: Like A Dragon has been a success in terms of revenue and highly appreciated by experts. Within the first four days of product launch, more than 150,000 copies were sold. By March 2020, more than 400,000 game copies have been sold in Japan and Asia. At the Tokyo Game Show 2019 event, this game is honored to receive the Excellent Game award. Other games that have the same prize are Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Persona 5 Royal…

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

The Jobs system evolved in many directions

Yakuza: Like A Dragon can be viewed as Japanese Grand Theft Auto. Players will play the role of Kasuga wandering the streets of Yokohama in Isezaki Ijincho district. Find answers for your life, make friends, and clash with other vampires. Do sidequests in the game to earn extra income.

Players will play the role of Kasuga

The remarkable point of Yakuza: Like A Dragon is the turn-based combat system. You will enjoy the game gently by choosing turns and attacks. When confronted with thugs on the street. Colorful visual effects of the arena arena, bringing a little nostalgia to the old Street Fighter.

Another good thing about the game is the Jobs system, which is a character class like many other role-playing games. You can develop your Job or change it to have a squad of your choice. There is also a Bond index to show cohesion among members. Although it is a single player game, you always have your teammates side by side, you can even call a guild to fight if necessary.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon

Minimum and recommended game configuration

Yakuza: Like A Dragon will be playable on many different platforms. Including Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S. Products will be on shelves on 10/11/2020. Gamers who are about to own Play Station 5, are expected to approach this game on March 2, 2021. Interestingly, this game requires extremely modest configuration. This will help the eighth generation Yakuza reach a lot of players around the globe.