Launched Unto the End


The game Unto the End will be available on the market on December 10, 2020, after 4 years of hard work of the producer 2tonstudios.

The game takes care of a lot in the combat phase. For the perfect experience, players have chosen Unto the End as a winter relief 2020. This is not a casual adventure game. In some situations, you just need to run away instead of killing or trading items instead of competing high and low.

Unto the End

Unto the End with image quality will be released to the market in 9 days

Developer 2tonstudios has filmized a game with a horizontal perspective through the in-game color and lighting. In the dark cave, flames of yellow flames and the sounds of the silent battle between the player-played protagonist and monsters of the unknown form appear. Outdoors, the vast snowy space mixed with black trees, the crimson streaks of blood on the snowy background reflect the harshness of life. The sound of the wind blowing from the forest, the heavy breathing of the characters, and the sound of weapons colliding, hitting the flesh were very detailed and complete. In general, the player seems to be watching a survival movie, set in Northern Europe.

The characteristics of the opponent are quite diverse, the developer 2tonstudios emphasized, players need to observe closely to see the strengths and weaknesses of the person standing in front of them. To reduce the difficulty for those who do not want hardcore, the Combat Assist mode will give players more time to learn about the enemy. The gameplay is very fair when the strength and defense of the player are similar to the monster. There is even an occasional one-hit-one-kill depending on the attack style and weapons of both sides. Don’t worry, if you lie down, you’ll be shown a few seconds before that challenge so you can do it again.


Producer 2tonstudios has created a product with open and attractive gameplay

Unto the End is playable on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. Go on your own adventure. Where you have the option to fight, run away, or trade an item with the NPC in the game. Each of your actions will lead to subsequent situations that only you will experience.