Lady Dimitrescu’s Height revealed in Resident Evil Village

Lady Dimitrescu’s Height revealed in Resident Evil Village


Official Twitter’s account Resident Evil revealing the height of Lady Dimitrescu, sexy vampire ladies in Resident Evil Village.

If you follow the latest game of the long-standing horror game series Resident Evil, you will surely know Lady Dimitrescu, a sexy lady with a height … amazing.

Indeed, in the game’s latest trailer, Dimitrescu is taller than most of the female vampires standing around, and her head should almost reach the ceiling.

A lot of people have been wondering, exactly how tall is Dimitrescu?

Journalist Ash Parrish from the newspaper Kotaku had estimated her height to be 96 inches (243 cm) by bizarre measurement methods, but it seems that that number is still “too modest”.

According to the official Twitter’s account Resident Evil, including hats and high heels, Lady Dimitrescu has a height of … 290 cm, which is nearly double the average height of women.


More specific:

  • Dimitrescu is taller than the tallest man in the world, Robert Wadlow, when he “only” is 272 cm tall.
  • She can be taller than a few elephants, when elephants are usually between 250 cm and 400 cm tall.
  • She is also taller than most ostriches, as this species is usually 270 cm tall.

However, it’s not clear if Lady Dimitrescu What is your remaining height if you take off your hat and high heels?

Perhaps only experience Resident Evil Village, we have the answer.