[Intro] Breaking Gates Role-Playing Game has many nice combos


Breaking Gates just hit the market in Early Access last week. This game belongs to the genre of scene, role-playing, cutting, and cutting powerful.

Role-playing elements and skill combos are focused a lot in Breaking Gates. Usually, the games for the scene focus less on these two areas. That will delve deeper into adventure, solving more puzzles. If you enjoy playing as a trainee soldier, fighting monsters, developing yourself through skill. And the equipment is getting better and better thanks to the upgrade. Performing epic combos yourself, without having to interact with others, Breaking Gates is very suitable for you.

Breaking Gates

Breaking Gates is a quality role-playing game

According to the introduction, you are a new soldier sent to a barracks to forge yourself, against foreign invaders. They come from mysterious space portals. You must find the power source (crystal) of the gates and destroy it. That is why this game is called Breaking Gates.

Igro (created from an alchemist) is a character who always accompanies you, it looks like a rock that can fly and can talk. Igro’s job is to absorb crystals, destroy the enemy’s gates. Captain and Talion at the warrior training camp, giving out quests and training you to become the real knight. You must be strong to protect the kingdom according to the Captain’s commandments.


Equipment upgrades are a very interesting part of the game

Weather effects in the game are also quite diverse, with sunshine, rain, dark weather, and different mild winds. The jump up, glide forward, your shadow is not lost, but only long blurred looks very nice. Damage numbers jumped on the screen. The addictive material for fans of the role-playing genre is displayed very beautifully. The background music and the sound blended into a very exciting sound that fostered a strong warrior spirit.

Equipment and items upgrade equipment up to over 100 different types as introduced by the game maker. Currently, the gamepad is supported so you can play if you like instead of playing on your PC. Breaking Gates is the result of 3 years of development of Ylun Game Studio, they are gamers who like the role-playing game genre that makes this product. Maybe in the future, the game will be played on many mobile devices and consoles as well.